Angels and Crystals are perfect together

Imagine pairing Angels and Crystals to raise your vibration to the next highest frequency. That’s exactly what happens when you bring together high-energy crystals and Angels.

This is a project the Angels and I have been working with for 8 months. Channeling the Angels and Archangels who wanted very much to be with you in more than energy and to work with specific crystals to help you become a mover and shaker of your current reality.

Here’s what I mean beautiful Soul  …

*Manifest Your Desires – Archangel Uriel, Garnet and Yellow Agate activate your Solar Plexus, the power center for manifesting and attracting more of what you want into your life (tap here)

*Protection and Clear Your Path – Archangel Michael, Blue Apatite and Hemimorphite crystals clear your path and protect you from negative energy (tap here)

*Love and Relationships – Archangel Jophiel, Rhodonite and Hemimorphite help you heal your heart with unconditional love (tap here)

*Prosperity and Abundance – Angel Barakiel, Malachite and Chrysoprase tap into the flow of prosperity and abundance (tap here)

*Dream the Dream – Archangel Haziel, Iolite, Hemimorphite, Chaorite, Chrysocolla and Moonstone help you tap into that undeniable belief in the power of your dreams, trust and faith (tap here)

*Chakra Balance – Archangel Metatron and 7 Crystals help you balance all 7 major Chakras, clearing blockages and increasing the flow of energy (tap here)

*Intuitive Gifts – Archangel Jeremiel, Chaorite, Iolite, Blue Apatite and Moonstone help you tap into your natural gifts of knowing, seeing, hearing and sensing (tap here)

*Spiritual Path and Life Purpose – Archangel Chamuel, Chaorite, Hemimorphite and Black Tourmaline protect you on your Spiritual Path to fulfilling your Life Purpose (tap here)

These beautiful mini-sphere Crystal Bead Bracelets are blessed and charged with Angel Energy. There are Angels and Archangels for each bracelet to help magnetize, align, attract, manifest, raise your vibe and tap into your deepest heart’s desires to live your life the way you choose to live it!

Much Love, Light, Peace and Purpose,

The Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


[starts tomorrow] How to use crystals heal your Chakra’s

Hello …

More than likely you are aware that crystals can …

… accelerate the healing process

… help you focus

… clear and dissolve negativity

… help you manifest your dreams and goals

Did you also know that certain crystals can help you clear, balance and align your Chakra’s?

Here’s a sneak-peek at what you’ll learn about how to use crystals and gemstones to heal and restore the natural flow of Life-Force energy through your Chakra’s …

… after you have cleansed and charged your crystal(s), hold it in your left-hand and allow the crystals healing energy to flow through you into the Chakra you’re working on.

You’ll get a complete list of crystals and gemstones for all 7 major Chakra’s when you join us for Archangel Chakra Therapy.

This online class starts tomorrow, November 18th!

We’re getting ready to close registration for this year … that’s just 12 hours from now and it won’t be offered again for another 12 months …

Join us today … or wait till next year.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS … This online class — Archangel Chakra Therapy — won’t be offered again until next year … November 2016. So if you’re thinking about “waiting” it will be another 12 months … that’s a really long time to wait. Join us now for Archangel Chakra Therapy … or wait till next year.


are you in or out?

For the past few days, I’ve been sharing case studies and my own inner-journey with you, and introducing my BRAND NEW half-day intensive — Set Me Free Saturday™ — with you.

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No matter where you are right now in your life, no matter what you’re facing, there’s a way to cut through all the negative Ego-chitter chatter, get to the core issue and face that pesky-voice in your head.

Don’t just walk your talk some of the time … talk your walk in a way that silences the shadow par of you that is determined to keep you in the “stay stuck zone” of fear and doubt and playing small.

This is your last chance to get in on this BRAND NEW half-day intensive — Set Me Free Saturday™ — before it costs you more than just a few more dollars.

Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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Angelic Testimonial Special


It’s Angel Lady Terrie Marie and I have a gift for you … I’m gifting you with $50 upfront in exchange for a fabulous and powerful testimonial.

Make no mistake … this is a one-time offer … in a way it’s in celebration of following guidance given to me and me having the courage to follow-it to the letter. That means you get to benefit too! Click here and you’ll see what I mean.

Set Me Free Saturday™  is a BRAND NEW Half-Day Intensive coming to a computer near you … in less than 3 days!

Maybe you have a friend or know someone who seems to get really close to a profoundly life-changing breakthrough and then almost out of nowhere something or something triggers an ancient negative belief pattern and things start to unravel … again.

Well, that used to happen to me too and I created a video as a way to share one of my most vulnerable moments with you. It’s not easy to just bare my Soul in this way …

Even though at first glance, this may sound like it’s all about me … in a way it is BUT it’s really about how it benefits you. Click here to watch the video.

Talking my walk is a passion with me because it means I’m unafraid to reveal my human side, the part of me that has a shadow side, just like you and everyone else.

Click here to see how I boldly walk up to the lion on my pathway and instead, found a loving, playful cub.

Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS … I’m gifting you with $50 upfront in exchange for a fabulous and powerful testimonial when you choose to join me for the 1st ever Set Me Free Saturdayclick here for the details.


Set Me Free Saturday

Less than five days ago I was sharing something very personal with a close friend and colleague.

It was a story about how I had been sabotaging myself and not showing up as powerfully as I could for my community, clients and for me and I didn’t even know it at the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very blessed to receive emails nearly every day about an article or email that was sent out and how it “arrived” at just the right moment with exactly what that person need in that moment.

My clients get amazing results because when we work together whether it’s a 1:1 private coaching session, VIP Day or in a group program, the person who has my attention, is the only person in the Universe in that moment.

Still, I just knew there was something more I could do to show-up more empowered, to be of service in a more connected and expansive way, creating space for even more powerful, life-altering results for my clients.

In a moment of transparent vulnerability, I share a part of my personal journey with you … click here to watch the video now.

As soon as my friend suggested I tell my story, I knew he was spot on. My friend is also my coach and even though I trust him and the guidance that comes through him for me, well … I got to dig even deeper because it would mean admitting publicly that sometimes I stumble too.

Click here to hear how I got to heal my core issue. Walking your talk is one thing. It’s also quite another to talk your walk and be completely open about it, sharing details.

Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS … Set Me Free Saturday™  … click here to check it out and watch a video where I openly share a part of my inner journey of facing the lion on my pathway.


5 Ways to Attract Your Soul Mate

Angels of Love and Romance: 5 Ways to Attract Your Soul Mate

2-Part Teleseminar Series

“Angel Thursdays” in February!

February 5th and 7th

7:00pm New York Time

(6:00pm US Central; 5:00pm US Mountain; 4:00pm US Pacific)

Hello Bright Light,

One of the most powerful relationships in your life is your Soul Mate Relationship. Everyone wants to love and be loved, to feel that special connection with a man or woman, who makes their heart sing.

A person who brings comfort, acceptance, supportive, love and simply fills the space in your Heart Chakra, matching your vibration in a way that creates a sense of knowing you are both with the right and perfect for you person.

February is a time each year, when the lack of what your heart wants, can be a challenge especially when it appears that there are so many people who have what they want and you’re “still waiting” for your Soul Mate to manifest into physical form.

Are you tired of attracting the “wrong person” despite all you are doing to attract a loving relationship, “the one” for you?

Are you feeling discouraged, disappointed, maybe even frustrated and that somehow they’re not good enough?

Everyone deserves to a loving relationship. How you feel about yourself determines EVERYTHING about your relationships.

Which is why I’m going to walk you through step-by-step, how to heal your relationship energy, move forward and finally ATTRACT the relationship you have always wanted AND deserve.

This 2-Part Webinar Series is for you to answer all your questions once and for all exactly how to …

*Heal Your Relationship Attraction Energy

*How to Tap into the Vision You Have for Your Life

*How to Eliminate Self-Sabotage

*What Really “Scares” You About Being in a Relationship

*How to Clearly Ask Angels to Help You Manifest Your Soul Mate Relationship

Angels of Love and Romance are here to help you in every area of your life.  Here’s what gets to happen to you and for you when you ask Angels to help attract to you your Soul Mate Relationship ….

* Magnetize You and Your Relationship Energy

*Attract Your Right and Perfect Match, your Soul Mate to YOU

*Discover How to “Stay in the Present Moment”

*Clear Emotional Energy Blockages

*Give What’s Missing

I want to help you attract your Soul Mate which is why I’m offering Angels of Love and Romance: 5 Ways to Attract Your Soul Mate for only $37!

Click here for all the details AND to register!

PS …  Save the dates, mark your calendar right now and do your best to make it to the live calls. The calls will be recorded so you can listen to them. The Audio Replays will be available within 1 to 2 days.

“Yes, I am ready to Attract My Soul Mate!”

PSS … both calls are being recorded so you won’t miss a thing!!! BUT you have to register to receive the audio recordings and begin attracting your Soul Mate now!

*Angels of Love and Romance: 5 Card Set includes Archangel Jophiel; Angel Donqu’el; Angel Mihr; Archangel Ariel; Angel Anael. Each Angel of Love and Romance Card also includes Angel Messages and Angelic Gifts on the back! Click here

Angels of Love and Romance Limited Edition Paintings and Digital Prints click here

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms., author of Inner-Balance and Harmony: Angel Messages for Healing  and Inspiration, is an Internationally Acclaimed Master Angel Messenger who speaks and leads workshops that guide men and women who want Angels in their lives to hear, connect and communicate with their Angels. Terrie Marie has worked with thousands of men and women helping them connect with their Angels, many times in a matter of minutes!  Visit  to receive your free Angel gifts. Get in touch with Terrie Marie by email at

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Answers to your questions about … Angels of Love and Romance

Hello Bright Light,

It’s Terrie Marie and I want to share with you just how to work with the Angels of Love and Romance.

Each time I share these Angel images, the Paintings and Angel Card Sets, the simplicity and the energy of these Angels resonate at the heart and even the Soul level. It is quite amazing and humbling to see the looks on people’s faces when they see them.

First, allow me to introduce you to the Angels of Love and Romance to you:

*Angel Donqu’el: Angel of Love and Romance; works with both men and women seeking their right and perfect partners and Soul Mate. Angel Donqu’el will help you heal a broken heart so you can love again.

*Archangel Jophiel: Beauty of God; Archangel Jophiel will assist you in seeing past physical realm perceptions, past surface appearances.

*Angel Ana’el: Grace of God; will help you with attracting the right and perfect Soul Mate, partner; love and romance, affection, peace, harmony. Angel Anael will help you overcome shyness and assist you with self-confidence and believing in yourself.

*Angel Mihr: Angel of Friendship and Love; will assist you on any and all levels with many different all kinds of relationships –  family, friends, business associates, love relationships.

*Archangel Ariel: Lion of God; Relationship Harmony; Archangel Ariel will help you in your quest to purge all that is not of love and light from within and around you.

So where to begin …. Each Angel Painting includes a message and the Angelic Gifts for that specific Angel.

Let’s say, for example you have decided to work with a particular Angel, Angel Ana’el. You would begin by choosing a time and place where you will be undisturbed for at least 15 to 20 minutes, quiet your mind, breathe deeply and release your breathe slowly. Focusing on your breathing think about what you want in your relationship.

Then read the message from Angel Ana’el, close your eyes and simply align your wants and your desires with the knowing that all is being manifested into physical form. The length of “time” is up to you .. meaning, if your wants and desires are not a match to your belief system, then it will require a bit more “time”.                           

What is a belief system … it is what you believe to be true about what you deserve to have or not have. If there is any doubt that this will not happen because it hasn’t in the past, then you are right it will not happen.

If instead you are open to thinking, feeling and seeing this situation differently, you are in a “state of allowing” or the “energy of allowing.”

To work with the complete 5 card set, Angels of Love and Romance, you would follow what has been given to you for each of the 5 Angels. These images truly are a “labor of love” tapping in and tuning into Angel Energy to receive and channel an Angel’s Essence requires a tremendous amount of focus, clarity and a willingness to be completely open for long periods of time.

Each Angel Image is infused and encoded with Angel Energy at the highest possible vibration with Unconditional Love to support you in accessing your Inner-Spirit, and intensifying your connection with Angels and their loving, healing energy.

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS… are you in El Paso or Las Cruces and don’t want to pay for shipping? No worries contact me by replying to this email OR call me at 915-203-2531 and we’ll set-up a time that works for both of us!

Here are the links:

Angel Paintings:

Angels of Love and Romance 5 Card Set:

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms., author of Inner-Balance and Harmony: Angel Messages for Healing  and Inspiration, is an Internationally Acclaimed Master Angel Messenger who speaks and leads workshops that guide men and women who want Angels in their lives to hear, connect and communicate with their Angels. Terrie Marie has worked with thousands of men and women helping them connect with their Angels, many times in a matter of minutes!  Visit  to receive your free Angel gifts. Get in touch with Terrie Marie by email at .

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The Link Between Beauty, Ugliness, Manifestation and Archangel Jophiel

Rose garden

Rose garden (Photo credit: Roberto Verzo)

The Law of Attraction clearly states that you attract to you that which matches your thoughts, your desires, emotions and your inner vibration.

There are instances where this does appear to be contradictory in what things, people and circumstances physically manifest in your life.

If there is within you even the slightest doubt or fear that what you truly desire won’t happen or can’t happen, it creates resistance to being able to fully allow what you want into your life.

For example if you want a better paying job, want to take a trip or study with someone, you have within you a desire to manifest or allow this into your experience.

As soon as a desire or want is planted within your heart and in your thoughts it is, by Law, already given to you in the Realm of Spirit. This is truth.

The difference between your desire actually manifesting into physical form and it not manifesting is the lack of accepting it. It is that simple.

One of the ways in which you can more easily be in alignment with what you desire to have, do and be, is begin to see the possibilities and opportunities that are right in front of you.

Choosing to see beauty is another way to open the channel between the Realm of Spirit and allowing what is “already there for you” to become physical in form.

If you see only ugliness … poverty, death, chaos, unkindness, deceit … around you or within yourself, that creates resistance to what you want. Yes, these things exist yet you can choose to see differently.

If you weren’t supposed to have what you want, then Divine Source would not have created that desire within your heart. When desire is created, the way is made clear for you to have it. This is Law, it is a truth. You cannot desire or want something that you cannot have. You cannot have a desire and then it be denied to you. That goes against the very nature of Creation.

Choose to see differently. Instead of seeing what you don’t have … which comes from lack …. choose to see all that you do have. Do you have food to eat? Do you have water to drink? Do you have air to breathe? These are things you already have. Be grateful for all you do have and more will be given to you.

Archangel Jophiel whose name means, Seeing through Eyes of Beauty, is here to assist you in seeing past surface appearance. Past the perception of not having what you want, what you desire.

Invite Archangel Jophiel into your life and watch what happens within you and around you.

Start a gratitude journal, everyday write down 5 to 10 things you are grateful for and for what you have in your life right now. The more you begin to appreciate what you do have, the more you open your eyes to see what’s in front of you.

The link between ugliness, beauty and manifestation is this … if you focus on the lack in your life, seeing only chaos, deceit or anything that is based in fear you will continue to manifest more of the same.

When you acknowledge what is in front of you and choose to focus on the beauty around you, your energy shifts. As your energy shifts more is given to you to appreciate and be grateful for manifesting into physical what is “already there for you.”

Open your mind to the principle of seeing beauty and being grateful for what you have. Turn your thoughts from what appears to be lacking in your life which only creates resistance to what you desire and what’s waiting for you to simply allow in to your life.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Be open to shifting your energy from within, creating a true prosperity consciousness in all areas of your life.

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms., author of Inner-Balance and Harmony: Angel Messages for Healing  and Inspiration, is a Master Angel Messenger who speaks and leads workshops that guide men and women want Angels in their lives to hear, connect and communicate with their Angels. Visit to access information about Angels. Get in touch with Terrie Marie by email at .

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Essence of Divine Love August Angel Meditation (Free)

English: LSC

English: LSC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Archangel Jophiel Meditation: Essence of Divine Love

Wednesday, August 29th 7:00pm New York Time

(6:00pm US Central; 5:00pm US Mountain; 4:00pm US Pacific)

Hello Bright Light,

Archangel Jophiel is the patron of creativity in all forms, bringing gifts of inner-enlightenment, open-mindedness and encouraging humankind to discover the Spark of Divinity within.

This Archangel will assist you in seeing past physical realm perceptions, past surface appearances. Call upon Archangel Jophiel to open your eyes, your mind and your heart to seeing beauty all around you.

Join me this month’s Guided Angel Meditation from Archangel Jophiel: Essence of Divine Love.   This is my gift to you and all you have to do is register, click on the link and then “confirm” your request.

There is no charge for this, but you do have to register by entering your name and email address. Once you “confirm” your request, you will receive all the details for this Angel Meditation event.

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings, Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

P.S Do your best to make it to the live event. Click on the link to register. The Meditation will be recorded.


Spiritual Expansion – Divine Guidance through Clairsentience

White Peacock

Image by ecstaticist via Flickr

There are many ways to receive, feel or sense Divine Guidance. Have you ever met someone who seems to react a bit “over the top” emotionally? True, there are times when most people overreact emotionally. Being “emotional” has several connotations; it is not always about being emotionally out of control. Emotions are sensors alerting each of us when something doesn’t “feel right” when something “feels very wrong” and even when things are “very right”. How often do you acknowledge and then act upon what you feel? Or do you simply blow it off only later wishing you had indeed “acted upon your gut instinct”?

So what is Clairsentience anyway? It is feeling, sensing information with your emotions, your emotional energy body. It is being empathic, being in-tune with you and with the way other people feel about things or situations. A person who is “clear feeling” is extra sensitive, experiences their own emotions in a deeper, more profound way than most. They can, at times, experience sensory overload often requiring time away from others to meditate or cleanse their energy bodies.

People, who are Clairsentient sense energy easily, feel chills or “Goosebumps” may have “gut feelings” or hunches about places, people, or situations.  They are very sensitive to energy shifts around them and may experience reactions when others pass by, or even walking through an area where someone has been very happy, sad or angry.

Perhaps you may be asking how to know if you are Clairsentient? Or perhaps you know you have this unique gift and wish to expand it. Here are a few of the ways in which you can explore or expand this particular gift of receiving Divine Guidance. Begin to pay attention to how you “feel” about a person or situation. For example, the next time you walk into a shop what, if anything does your body tell you? Do you feel calm and at ease or uneasy? Where in your physical body does this resonate? Does it resonate in your Solar Plexus Chakra (located just above your navel) or in your Heart Chakra?

Ask Archangel Jophiel, whose name means, “Beauty of God” to assist you in managing all you sense through your physical body as you learn to filter out what you do not need while allowing your new-found gift to serve you and those around you. Feeling your way through your day, along the path before you is indeed a true reflection of your inner core essence.

A Message from Archangel Jophiel*

Behold child of light, do not despair for there are many just as you walking about not knowing what or how they feel. You have been gifted with clear feeling; know you will become attuned to this new gift of expansion in the days ahead. For all is unfolding before you in love and in light. Use your gift wisely for there is much to learn, much to release, much to heal, much to forgive. Forgive the ways of others for they know not what they do causes thee great harm. Forgive you in the learning, for this sets you apart from where you once were. Trust the gift of discernment. All those who wish to fall away from thee to travel the path before them as you seek to travel the path before you in love and light. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Be aware as you develop or expand this gift, you will become more cognizant of emotional energy. You are becoming more in-tune with everything around you. Some of the ways to protect or shield yourself are wrapping or imagining a bubble or cocoon of Divine White Light all around you, extending 3feet in all directions. Sprinkle Sea Salt across the threshold of the doorway to your home or office building. Cleanse and balance your physical body often. If you experience a sudden shift in your energy, take a deep breath and ask yourself “is this coming from me or through me?”

Know you are not alone, there are many like you. Begin to become comfortable in your own skin. Accept where you are while you travel along your path to where you want to be.

Connect with Angels every day when you click this link from Terrie Marie, the Angel Lady and Desert Rose Healing Arts! All you need to do is enter your name and email address to begin connecting with Angels!

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