Prayer Request – For All Hostages, All Enslaved or Imprisoned Everywhere

Ben Lomond (Walking Against Their Will)(45 of 199)

Image by Stephen_G via Flickr

Angels we ask in your name to deliver all who suffer at the hands of others

Angels we ask every person is being held against their will be released unharmed and in good physical health

Angels we ask all who have been held against their will be healed in body, mind and heart

Angels we ask you to guide and soften the hearts of all who seek to hold, enslave others against their will for whatever purpose or gain whether political or financial

Angels we ask you to release all who imprison themselves believing the only way open to them is to assert their dominance over others

Angels we ask for healing on all levels in directions of time for who walk the land

We give thanks for your loving guidance and so much more


Prayer Request – Gratitude for All Who Serve, for All Who Have Given the Ultimate Sacrifice

A dove carrying an olive branch.

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Angels we ask you bestow your loving grace on all who serve humanity in whatever way resonates within their heart center

Angels we ask you forgive all who feel they may have in some disgraced themselves or their families

Angels we ask you to heal the hearts and minds of all who answer the calling to aid and protect

Angels we ask you heal the hearts of the families who have lost someome they love and cherish

Angels we ask you help all of us remember all who have and continue to serve

Angels we ask you help us remember all who have given the ultimate sacrifice of being away from the families they love

Angels we ask you help us remember and be grateful in thought and deed for all who have given their lives for their beliefs in keeping so many protected and our of harm’s way