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Did you get the email about the 3 prosperity and abundance blocks?

Just in case you missed it here they are:

#1 – Judging by Appearances

#2 – Thinking Lack and Limitation

#3 – Holding Resentments

Any one of those three can trigger negative thoughts that cause our inner-wealth vibration to go down which in turn causes fear and doubt.

Being able to identify and heal the core issue to our allowing the natural flow of prosperity and abundance into our lives is one of the 3 keys to raising our inner-wealth vibration.

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Inner Vibration – What Is the Undeniable Cost of Self-Judgment and Why Does It Matter?

There is a fine-line or delicate-balance between sharing what you feel and think about someone or something and passing judgment.

So what’s the difference between, sharing your feelings and thoughts and being judgmental? Plenty!

When we share our thoughts and feelings, it’s like expressing a part of who we are from our own perspective, of course. It’s more about sharing how something or someone has influenced or affected us.

We all have, including me, what I call “special life lenses” or filters through which we see everything and everyone around us. There is no exception.

Everything and everyone, literally, no matter what, have to go through our “special life lenses” simply because that’s what we have been taught to do since conception.

These “special life lenses” color, distort, categorize and organize what and how we feel and think about every event, chance encounter, coincidence, and experience whether it is positive or negative.

Think about it for just a few moments. It is a proven scientific fact that once we have been conceived, we begin to pick up, absorb and store all kinds of energy both positive and negative. We are still doing it till the day we transition back into Spirit form.

Now let’s define a few terms (courtesy of the American Oxford Dictionary):

*judgment – the ability to make a considered decision or to come to sensible conclusions

*to pass judgment – criticize or condemn someone from a position or assumed moral superiority

*being judgmental – having or displaying an excessively critical point of view

When we judge ourselves or worse, when we judge others because we are in one way or another condemning the actions, thoughts and emotions someone is experiencing. The point of all this is that when we pass judgment we are projecting more negative energy onto someone, situation or experience.

OK let’s break this down a bit more. Every time we have been hurt by something someone said that’s what it feels like to be judged for something you did or didn’t do.

Many of the men and women I work with have been struggling to let go of what people in their lives have said to them or about them.

Each and every time someone says anything that is lace with anger, ugliness or hatred that negative energy is absorbed into and by our physical bodies, our conscious minds and into our hearts.

We have been taught by people, parents, brothers and sisters, teachers and other “authority” figures along the way just how lazy, stupid and worthless we are.

What do you think the real cost of being judged and being judgmental really are and what does it matter if you judge yourself anyway?

This is one of the primary reasons we experience fear of the unknown, fear of failure and even a fear of success. We fear meeting and talking to people we don’t know. We fear what others will say and think about us and what we truly want to do.

Heaven forbid anyone should know how much money we would love to be making. We fear sharing our inner most dreams and desires to truly make a difference because of all the “special life lenses” we have been taught since the moment of conception.

After all why should YOU get to do what you want and have all you want if someone else can’t have what they want?

Seriously, that is truly someone else’s problem and their business it’s not yours! The best thing you can do for your right now, is to stop judging yourself the way you have been taught and instead start sharing what you think and feel in ways that honor who you really are, the dreams you keep locked up deep inside.

Isn’t it time to start stepping out of the shadows of judging yourself for any mistakes you made, judging others and being judged? It’s time to put that part of the burden down and lose the claim ticket!

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