Hello beautiful Soul,
I have this chef friend who blogs about the keto/Paleo lifestyle and adds keto friendly recipes to his blog weekly. If keto is something that interests you, he has a no cost booklet titled Top 10 Tips for Starting the Keto Diet.

It is a brief overview to some of the questions you might ask when first starting down this journey. Your can visit his website at where you will find an sign up form on the top right of the page. Just fill in your name and email address and the booklet will be in the return email
When you get your booklet you will be offered a chance to get Chef William’s ketogenic diet book that goes into much more details and is packed with more information such as The difference between simple and complex carbohydrates, Reducing Carbs to Induce Ketosis, Evaluating macronutrients in Ketosis and much, much more.
I asked the chef if my friends could get a special discount and he agreed to a 10% discount for a limited time. You can grab this important keto guide at the reduced price by using code KetoGuide where it asked for a code at check out. I don’t know how long the chef will leave the code there so this would be a good time to get a copy

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Discover the 10 Hidden Secrets of a Successful Keto Diet

Hello beautiful Soul,

I am very excited to tell you about a special report titled Top 10 Tips for Starting the Keto Diet.

If you are starting keto or even if you just want a little more information about keto, this booklet is for you. The keto diet is a journey to better health and if weight loss is your goal, the keto diet can make that happen.

These small tips are to help you as you get started. Of course there is so much more to following a ketogenic diet and chef William also has a 68 page book which goes into everything in much deeper detail.

It covers other subjects that he could not cover in the short guide. Things like Choosing the Right fats on the keto diet, High Carb foods to Avoid,

How Reducing Carb Intake affects the Appetite and much, much more. You will be given an opportunity to purchase this important keto book.

Because I know the chef, I was able to talk him into offering this book at a 10% discount to you as a favor to me. He agreed to this for a limited time so now would be a great time to add it to your keto online library. Just use code KetoGuide and it will be delivered to your inbox in a couple of minutes. (get instant access here)


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