Blue Kyanite helps open a connection to the Angelic and Spirit Realms. Its primary characteristic is protection from negative energy.

It sets up a protective shield, absorbing negative energies from within and around you. It’s one of the few Crystals that you DO NOT need to cleanse and re-charge. It takes care of itself.

Blue Kyanite is unique, helping you tap into and develop your Intuitive and Psychic Gifts and abilities.

When used during meditation, Blue Kyanite will help you align your energy’s frequency to its harmonious vibration, integrating light and dark within. This can create an increased sense of peace and well-being

MICA: Helps you ground nervous energy, reduce stress and tension. It helps you turn to embrace all that you are with compassion and unconditional love.

Mica also helps add an extra layer of protection against negative energy.

Blue Crystals resonate with the Throat Chakra, helping to clear blocks, soothe emotional, go with the flow of energy, and encourage emotional healing.

METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Connect and communicate with Angelic and Spiritual Realms, dream recall, telepathy; lucid dreaming; link physical and Astral energy bodies.

Protection from negative energies; past-life recall for healing, answers and guidance in the present.

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Ascended Master – Ganesh Remover of Obstacles, Prosperity and Knowledge

Lord Ganesh Sculpture

Image via Wikipedia

What kinds of obstacles or challenges do you face in your daily life? Do you wonder how you will ever discover or fulfill your Life’s Purpose? Perhaps you question your gifts, the very essence of who you truly are.

Ascended Master Ganesh will help you along your path, clearing obstacles and unexpected challenges. The key to removing obstacles is the willingness to move forward, to flow your energy with as much harmony and balance as possible.

One of the many daily challenges is clearing unwanted, lower vibration energies from with your physical body and your Aura. How do you cleanse and balance your energy aligning you with your Divine Purpose? Balance your Chakra energy centers, use incense or white sage and lavender to clear your home. Meditate so that you are able to clearly hear messages given to you and calm your Spirit.

Self-defeating thinking and emotional wounds from past experiences all contribute to creating blockages within and around you. Healing and forgiveness are the keys to releasing all hurt, pain and sorrow.

Ganesh will assist you in obtaining the keys to all that is before you. Meaning you have the knowledge, the power and the strength to move forward one step at a time. Yes, moving forward requires courage and strength if for no other reason than you are leaving behind all that you have ever known.

His powerful energy comforts all who seek to flow their energy in positive, uplifting ways. Simply  by clearing and removing inner obstacles, you are able to flow your energy more easily attracting to you all you desire and more.

Crystals and Minerals associated with Ascended Master Ganesh are: Clear Quartz, Aventurine, Imperial Gold, Tangerine Quartz, Selenite, Kyanite and Black Tourmaline.

The primary Chakra energy centers Ganesh assists you with are your Root, Solar Plexus and Third Eye. Ask Ganesh to help you clear the fog so you may see with your inner sight.  Your Root Chakra is your survival energy center. The Solar Plexus Chakra is the center of your physical body, the point of attachment, manifestation and self-empowerment.

A Message from Ganesh*

What do you require child of light? Do you seek to clear all that attempts to bind you to all that is now behind you? Breathe deeply for in the release of all that is behind you, you create space for all that is before you. Go within, seek first your truth, the knowledge you were given to walk this path, your path. Be at peace with where you find yourself in this moment. There is nothing to great that you cannot accomplish. There is nothing beneath you nor is there anything beyond your reach. You need only choose to accept all that you are, your true essence. As you continue to walk the journey upon this land, know you are not alone for there are countless others who seek to fulfill their Divine Purpose. Trust all is being revealed to you with each step, each breath and each heartbeat. Trust, have faith, believe all is as it should be for you. Call upon me I shall assist your every step, every breath. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

The only obstacle or challenge which can keep you where you are is you. You are what inhibits you from moving forward. The same thinking, the same actions or non-action prevents you from attaining all you desire. If you keep doing the same things, you can expect the very same results. You must change what you are doing to have different results.

I have heard it said “I don’t like change!” There are times I prefer some things stay the same because they are familiar to me. Yet, if I stop expanding, stop evolving then I am not able
to fulfill my Divine Purpose which is to help you along your path to fulfill your Life’s Purpose.

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Blue Crystals and Gemstones – Blue Lace Agate Peaceful Contentment

anyolite, blue lace agate, rose quartz

Image by lindsay.dee.bunny via Flickr

The energy frequency of blue is soothing, fluid, calming. The color blue is associated with the water element, signifying emotions, the ebb and flow of energy, peacefulness, serenity and harmony. While it is subtle and gentle it can, at times be quite stormy and turbulent.  During times of emotional turbulence, honoring where you are, what you are experiencing is accepting and honoring the “current condition” or space in which you find yourself. To soothe frayed nerves, emotional wounds, light a blue candle, focus on the flame for a few moments allowing your entire Be-ing relax. Feel your shoulders release all they carry.

Blue is the color of the Throat Chakra, communication, speaking your truth, with loving-kindness. It is possible to speak loving words. There are many ways to say what needs to be said without harshness, without anger. Yes, there may be moments when it is not possible. Should you experience situations where you are not speaking kindly to yourself or to others, forgive yourself and then move forward. Each one of us does the best in any given moment. We are all a “work in progress”….to include me.

Join me as we journey through January, a new cycle of renewal and regenerations as we float along this path of discovery beginning with Blue Lace Agate, Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, ending with Blue Calcite.

Blue Lace Agate – Stone of Peaceful Contentment

Known as the Wishing Stone, Blue Lace Agate emits a soft, peaceful energy. It will when used during meditation or worn on the body, enhance a sense of happiness, calming the emotions, soothing frayed nerves.

This stone is associated with the element of water as symbolized with its beautiful blue and white striations. Just as water flows from one place to another, allow your emotions, your words to flow effortlessly. Water is most often colorless, yet it manifests in many shades of blue adapting its shape to conform to its current vessel.

Resonating with the Throat Chakra, this stone will assist you in speaking your truth, expressing yourself without causing harm to you or to another.  Blue Lace Agate will enable to dissolve blockages in your Throat Chakra caused by stuffing your words, your emotions, or discontent with yourself or with others.

It will cleanse and stabilize your Auric Energy Field. Place several small tumbled stones into a glass of filtered water; leave it overnight; drink the energy charged water in the morning. The gemstone charged water will integrate with your inner Self, radiating the free flow of light and compassion throughout your entire physical body.

The soft blue energy aids the user to move forward along the path before them, dissolving unwanted negative energy patterns. Consistently working with this stone will assist you in releasing negative behavior patterns. The subtle energy frequency may be used to expand intuitive gifts of inner sight and Clairvoyance.

Be willing to allow yourself to flow with situations, with experiences as they unfold around you. Be willing to express compassion, empowering not only you, but those around you.

*Angelic Realm Association: Archangel Gabriel, whose name means, Messenger of God, will assist you in speaking your truth, calmly, expressing yourself with clarity and compassion.

*Healing Properties: soothes emotions, calms frayed nerves, dissolves blockages in the Throat Chakra

*Vibrational Frequency: soft, gentle, subtle

*Spiritual Properties: expand intuition, inner sight, Clairvoyance

If you are willing, Blue Lace Agate will assist you in flowing along the path before you with grace and ease, radiating love and light with a sense of peaceful calmness. It may, when worked with consistently, expand your gifts of inner sight, clearing your physical sight enabling you to heighten perception.

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