Release the past to increase prosperity

Hello, It’s no secret that when there’s too much “noise” in our head, we can barely hear our own thoughts much less any intuitive guidance from Angels.

One of the ways to quiet the constant Ego-chitter chatter is to meditate. I get it … meditation is not easy. It wasn’t easy the first time you attempted to walk, swim or tell someone you cared about how you really felt.

Everything that feels like 2nd nature to us now, wasn’t that way in the beginning.

There are several ways to let go and release the past to create space for prosperity and abundance to flow into your life and experience.

Archangel Raziel is the Angel of Ancient or Esoteric Wisdom and Knowledge and his specialty is helping us release past life issues so we can raise our inner-wealth vibration.

No matter where you are right now, if you aren’t where you want to be financially, it is time to raise your inner-wealth vibration.

I’ll let you in on a secret … I am always working on healing and letting go to create more space for prosperity in my life.

You see, the vision I have been given and given to me through others is really BIG. It involves writing more “tell all” Angel books and traveling the world meeting and connecting with as many women and men as possible and give more to my local and global communities.

In this realm, everything being asked of all of us requires specific levels of financial prosperity to be of service and fulfill our purpose.

This is just one reason why I’m offering a Free online class tomorrow — Wednesday, January 16th — maybe you’ve seen a few emails come across your in-box during the past few days.

This online class — You. Prosperity. Angels. SpiritualPreneur Path. — is a gift from me to you for sharing the journey with me. (Click here to register now)

Let’s get to that place within where you get to have clarity about where you are and where you want to be, do and have.

Come join us, I can promise you’ll never be the same and you just might “find” that missing piece that helps you take that next scary Leap of Faith with excitement knowing Archangel Raziel and 4 more Angels are “standing by” to help you realize and manifest your dreams, wants and goals.

You. Prosperity. Angels. SpiritualPreneur Path. (click here now to register)

Just so you know, if you’re “waiting” to take this class the next time round, you’ll be waiting till December 2016.

Take the plunge. You’ve nothing to lose except what’s keeping you in that “stuck where you don’t want to be place.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Alignment – The Unwritten Rule and How It Affects All Areas of Your Life

After asking hundreds of amazing men and women about their biggest obstacles, challenges and issues and what their dreams are, there is always one thing that seems to stop them cold.

Yes, there are many underlying issues of self-worth, not being able to focus, not knowing what they really want, what their purpose is and not feeling like they deserve to be happy doing what they love and having more than enough money to just get by.

It has taken quite a bit of Soul searching on my part to step beyond my comfort zone to address this issue. Why? Because it is considered “taboo” or “forbidden” to speak about attracting, generating, wanting and making fabulous amounts of money.

This is the UnWritten Rule that literally affects every area of your life. Don’t believe me, here’s where we get below the surface and get real.

Here’s just a few of the ways that it affects your life, work and business …

*how you perceive your self-worth

*lowers your inner vibration mentally and emotionally

*lowers your wealth frequency thermostat

*lowers your point of attraction

*reinforces messages you ever received about how much you are capable of earning

*creates struggle and lack mentality

*causes fear and doubt

*keeps you stuck in the muck of where you are, unable to really move forward

This UnWritten Rule keeps your thoughts and emotions in a state of fear wondering …

*how the bills are going to be paid

*where the next client is going to come from

*why you are attracting people who have lack energy

*if you are always going to be in debt

*if you’re ever going manifest your dreams and goals into reality

*what other’s will think or say about you

*if people will think you’re being selfish or greedy

*are you really worthy of having the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of

*does this only work for some or does it really work for everyone

*does my having what I want mean there’s less for someone else

The list goes on and on and on. So what is the UnWritten Rule that literally affects every area of your life, work and business?

Here it is … “We must choose between honoring our Spirituality and being financially successful.”

To get really clear, if you are Spiritual it shouldn’t be about the money. You shouldn’t want to have more than you need. You should give it away for free because it is a gift. You should put yourself last no matter what.

Now it’s time, actually it’s really way past time to look at this from the other side, a different perspective… when you have more than enough money, when you have financially security, you no longer have to worry about …

*where the next dollar is going to come from

*how to pay the bills

*how to pay for your kids school or college tuition

Instead you can ….

*give back to your local or global community

*become debt free, financially secure and worry free

*help your family and friends (if you want to)

*hire people to help support you and grow your business

*make a real difference in the world, living your dreams and fulfilling your purpose with grace and ease

I don’t know about you BUT in my way of understanding things, when we come from a place of love instead of fear we experience more prosperity and abundance.

There is more for us to give, honoring the Universal Law of giving and receiving our inner vibration is much higher AND allows us to be even more Spiritual, raising our inner vibration even higher to help even more amazing men and women, giving back to our local and global community.

Now it’s out there in black-and-white the Unwritten Rule has been exposed. Don’t allow this or anyone or anything to tell you that you are supposed to struggle or you aren’t Spiritual enough because you want to make and have fabulous amounts of money.

It’s not about putting money first. It is about having more than enough. It’s about honoring yourself and what you came here to do. It’s about honoring and respecting the value of others.

It’s all about being in balance and in alignment with your Soul, your passion, your purpose and your desire to have a financially wealthy and prosperous lifestyle so that you can do even more than you ever dreamed of being able to do!

If you are tired of not having enough, feeling like you shouldn’t want to have a financially wealthy and prosperous life, I’d love to help you create a breakthrough by applying for a private, Breakthrough Strategy Session with me. Stop right now, click on this link and send me your application right now!



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