Prayer request – Peace and Harmony in the Workplace

Angels we ask you for peace and harmony in the workplace

Angels we ask for healing in the workplace

Angels we ask for clear, respectful communication in the workplace

Angels we you to clear out and remove all that is not of love and light in the workplace

Angels we you to fill the nooks and crannies, the offices, the cubicles, the hallways and doorways with divine white light and unconditional love

Angels we thank you for hearing and honoring our request

Thank you for this and all you do ….


Angels – The Angel of Discernment Gifts You With Clarity

Sunlight through trees at dawn

What would it mean for you to have clarity about where you have been, where you are and where you are going? Clarity of thought and emotion is everything.

Without clarity there can be little to no discernment. Without clarity there is action that repeats itself many times over with the same unwanted results.

So what is discernment and how is it interwoven with clarity? Discernment is defined as being able to distinguish or recognize the difference between what is part of your Spiritual Path for your Higher-Self and that which is not.

The Angel of Discernment waits for you to ask for help, in discerning with clarity, the way or ways to fulfill your Life’s Purpose. There are many choices along the way. If you are unsure, call upon this Angel to assist you in clearing the path, your thoughts and your emotions.

Having clarity about where you have been enables you to see beyond physical realm perceptions of what has manifested into your life as a result of all that is now behind you.

Where you are now is a reflection of past behavior, past emotions and actions taken or not taken. If you want to manifest differently, think, feel and act differently. What you see is a reflection of where you have been. It doesn’t have to be the predictor of where you are going.

A Message from the Angel of Discernment*

This day as every day there are many choices before you. In the seeking, in the asking and in the stepping forth along the path before you, there are many choices. How do you know which choice is for your highest and best good? How do you know the difference between that which is your truth and that which attempts to distract you from your truth? Take a few moments to breathe deeply inhaling Divine Light. Feel Divine Light infill every cell of your physical body. Breathe deeply exhaling all that does not serve you. Divine Light radiates outward from within to all your energy bodies, gently caressing your entire Be-ing. All things are as they are to be in this moment in perfect union. Choose emotions, thoughts, actions which serve you and your brethren, for in choosing the path less traveled you choose between love and fear, between light and shadow. Choose wisely, for in the choosing all is made manifest before you. As you think, so shall it be. As you feel, so shall it be. As you speak, so shall it be. And so it is. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

Experiencing what has been labeled as a Dark Night of the Soul, is what is required for some people to actually stop and take note of where they no longer choose to be.

Discerning where you want to be and how to travel the path before you along your unique Spiritual Path, your Journey in physical form is having clarity about what is right, that which resonates within your heart center and your Solar Plexus and that which does not.

When you are ready to step beyond your current mind-set freeing you from repeating similar experiences, relationships and causing an energy shift, the way will be made clear. You then have the choice to move forward or stay where you are. It is as simply and as complicated as you allow it to be for you.

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Angels – Angel Gadiel Teaches You Unconditional Release

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What does it mean to be unconditional?  How do you know when you are able to express love and compassion without condition?

As with all things I can only speak for myself sharing with you my understanding of things.

There are many conditions that are both taught and learned as you walk along the path before you one step at a time. For a moment, imagine what it would be like to feel freedom, total freedom to think and feel all that you are in truth. All you are in truth is love and light, a reflection of all that is your Divine Essence, your inner core of truth, beauty, love and light.

Angel Gadiel, whose name means, God Is My Wealth, will help you release past energy imprinting of limitation, lack, doubt, confusion and the fear of not knowing your truth of light, compassion and unconditional love.

You radiate all you are without exception. If you are feeling loved you radiate the light of love. If you feel less than loved, you radiate feelings of not being lovable. Limitations, self-imposed or limitations that are imposed upon you by others can be surrendered and released if this is what you choose for you.

A Message from Angel Gadiel*

Release that which causes you dis-harmony. Release that which is conditional. Release that which does not serve your highest and best good. Release all that is not of love and light. Call upon me to clear the path before you, illuminating each step upon your path in brilliant white light. There is no place, no space for any shadow thought, emotion, circumstance, or situation to conceal itself. There is only love. There is only light. In the beginning all was made in the likeness of Spirit, that of Divine Source Energy. All is made in love. All is made in light. Imagine a balloon, a beautiful emerald green balloon; breathe deeply, exhale slowly filling the balloon with all thoughts of lack, all situations which cause you discomfort and dis-harmony. Breathe in light, exhale all shadow and darkness into the balloon. Breathe deeply, inhaling the light of the Lord exhaling shadow. Tie a beautiful, bright yellow silken ribbon around the balloon to seal all inside the balloon. In love and light release the balloon. The balloon begins to rise above all your Earthly concerns. The balloon rises higher, higher, higher still. The balloon continues to rise, you feel lighter and lighter. The balloon has risen so high, it has become a tiny speck in the sky. You no longer see the balloon; there is no thing, person, situation, and no circumstance to hold you from your good. Allow you to be free. All is well. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

In all things in all places in all situations you have a choice. You have the choice to surrender all that is not for your highest and best good to the light. Surrender the outcome of something you desire from the very depths of your heart and Soul.

Surrendering the outcome is not giving up what you desire to manifest into physical form. It is about releasing all thoughts and emotions unconditionally making way for all that is before you, all that is being created for you in the Realm of Spirit.

Unconditional release in its simplest form is letting go of emotional attachment to what you want. It is letting go of thoughts and energy that do not support who you are and what you want. In the releasing of all emotion, you create space for the very outcome you want.

Having said that, be aware that many times you create space for an outcome that is even better than what you envision. Be willing to release into the light unconditionally all thoughts and all emotion enabling you to move forward with grace and ease no matter the outcome.

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Angels – Uzziel is the Angel of Faith

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There are many attributes which are seen and unseen. Among the most challenging to surrender is fear, fear of the unknown. The unknown is not a threat. It is or can be a gift of being able to experience a shift within you knowing you are protected and supported as you continue to move forward with all you desire.

Having faith is trusting that all is unfolding in Divine Order according the that which is for your highest and best good, that of your Higher Self.

Faith is defined as perfect knowing. Your conscious mind reacts to a multitude of conditioned responses, thoughts and emotions. The more you practice a particular belief or behavior, the more you have faith that you will achieve the same outcome time and time again.

It is a belief, an undeniable belief that there is nothing standing in your way. It is the belief that as you follow guidance, the unmistakable guidance of Angels and Spirit, all unfolds in Divine Order arriving in Divine Order. Faith opens doors which fear attempts to keep closed.

A Message from Uzziel*

Faith, how do you perceive a virtue such as faith?  Do you perceive it as a testing, a trial, or as lessons? Faith is an elusive virtue of patience. Mercy, compassion, love, forgiveness, acceptance, gentleness are all expressions of faith. That which faces you now, do you have faith that all is in Divine Order? Do you practice the virtues of faith within yourself?  Do  you first practice loving you? In loving you there is an abundance of love, an abundance of faith in all its many facets to share with another. In the practicing of faith, we remind you the perception of being tested is an Earthly realm concept. Radiate love. Imagine sending forth soft loving rose light. Place yourself in a bubble of rose light allowing you to sense being filled with unconditional love, joy and contentment. Imagine soft loving rose light enfolding someone close to you. Breathe in soft rose light, exhale shadow and darkness for these would steal from you all your deepest desires. In the face of that which appears to be confrontational is the perception on the part of another. Is there a shift within you signifying disruption within a known comfort zone? This we say to you, go within, become peaceful, radiate love, radiate kindness, radiate the light of the Lord for all is occurring in Divine Time, in Divine Order. Seek first peace within, peace shall radiate outward touching all with your thoughts, actions, emotions. Faith, how do you practice choose to the gift of faith this day?  *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

When you are ready to move forward leaving behind all that no longer serves you, there is a place deep within, a knowing that you have all you need to succeed. Success is determined by you and you alone. No other walks the path as you do.

As with all things practice makes the master. Master your inner emotions, the thoughts that attempt to keep you where you are. Allow you to flow your energy to where you want to be, following your path and ultimately fulfilling your Life’s Purpose.

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Angels – Rainbow Angel Lillianna of the Realm of Green Light

Forest path in Yvelines - France

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The Heart is the center of your emotional energy body. Emotions are the central core of all that resides and radiates outward from within. It is said emotions control our every thought, action and reaction. There is much truth for there is very little that is not filled with the emotion of love or fear.

Green, a combination of yellow and blue, is the center, the heart of the Rainbow. Greenlight bridges both the physical and Spiritual realms symbolizing balance, healing, nurturing, growth, prosperity and abundance.

Lillianna, Angel of the Green Ray, gifts you with heartfelt compassion, love and acceptance, unconditionally. There is only Love. There is only Divine Light. Step into the light of loving forgiveness, shed all pain and sorrow. Open your heart to your true essence, your true sense of Self.

Most often, the Heart Chaka resonates with the color green. The focal point of your energy centers symbolizes harmony, love, compassion, balance, growth and nurturing yourself and others. The Heart
is also the center of forgiveness and loving kindness. It is through love that healing truly begins. Remember, beloved Child of Light to also forgive you as you heal from all that is now behind you.

Crystals associated with Angel Lillianna are Green Tourmaline and Malachite. There are many shades of green to delight the eye which enhance healing your emotional energy body.

Green Tourmaline is a healing stone not to be taken lightly. Not only does it resonate with the energy center of the Heart, it also resonates with and assists in aligning your entire physical Be-ing. It is capable of balancing all of you Chakra’s simultaneously. This is a very powerful, vibrant stone, to be respected and worked with gradually so as not to over-stimulate your physical body. Spiritual Properties:
resonating with the most subtle of Spiritual Expansion at a very deep, profound level of understanding and healing. Green Tourmaline is a very powerful healer, allowing you to reach through the veil of forgetfulness, enabling the user to retrieve health and emotional stability, regaining strength and vitality naturally.

Malachite is another powerful healing stone. It is dense and magical, calming and soothing frayed nerves, bringing a sense of harmony to the Heart Center as you move through the healing process on many levels simultaneously. It is a stone for manifesting wealth, prosperity and great abundance. If you are experiencing a lack of self-wroth, Malachite will assist you in healing the chasm of having absorbed and accepted the sense of self-worth others have projected upon you.

A Message from Lillianna*

Beloved child of Divine Love and compassion, do not be distressed as you go about your day healing from days long since past. As you become more aware of your true Self, your true essence of light and love, know you are not alone in you in journey. Know you are supported in Spirit and on physical form for there are many who support and love you unconditionally without imposing their will upon you.  You are love in all its purest form. You are love expressed without fear of reprisal. You are love expressed in a smile, a kind gesture, a word of comfort, a moment of silence. You are whole, complete and perfect. You are love.*channeled through Terrie Marie, the Angel Lady

Call upon Lillianna to assist you in all you do. Come from love and love shall come to you. Come from loving kindness and you shall be shown the same. Do not look for love, allow love to come to you attracting to you all you desire in your life and more.

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Spiritual Expansion – 3rd Top Reason to Detox Your Energy

Zodiacal Light Seen from Paranal.

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Clearing  energy blockages within you is essential to being able to release all that no  longer serves your highest and best good, your Higher Self.

What  kinds of things, situations or experiences can you release? Think for a moment  about one experience that was not pleasant. What kind of emotion comes up for  you? If there is anything except love and forgiveness there is more releasing  work for you to do.

Forgiveness  is one of the ways to release blocked energy. Blocked energy prevents you from  moving forward completely. Each and every time a thought or emotion comes up  making itself known that is not of love and light there is more “work” to be  done by you.

Before  we go any farther, let us be clear. Any “forgiveness work” is about you  shifting your energy. Yes, the other person benefits because you cannot not  change something and that change not affect everything and everyone involved.  So, why should you forgive someone who has hurt you? Truth is you do not have  to forgive anyone or anything. The other part of that truth is if you do not
forgive you hold you hostage, you block your energy.

Be willing  to release you from all that is now behind you, freeing you to your fullest  potential in all areas in your life on all levels. An  energy blockage creates the feeling of separation from all that you are your  inner-Spirit, from Divine Source Energy.

So  how would you go about releasing, forgiving and moving forward? You begin one step at a time, place one foot or one thought in front of the other. If you are  feeling courageous because it does require courage to face your inner demons,  take a few moments to think of one thing, one experience that caused pain and  sorrow.

Now,  breathe deeply exhaling slowly all pain and sorrow, all shadow and darkness.  Imagine all you are feeling, all you are remembering and everyone involved to  be in a bubble or cocoon of rose light. Rose Light is symbolic of love, placing  all pain and sorrow in a bubble of rose light begins the healing process. As  you heal, truly heal and release old stagnant energy, you being to shift your energy.

Each  and every time you are willing to truly release something that is now behind  you, you shift and begin to re-align you with Divine Source Energy, creating a  clear passage for loving, healing energy to flow through you.

Shift  your energy and you change your life it is that simple.

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Angels – Rainbow Angels Bridging the Realm of Spirit and the Physical Realm of Matter

Rainbow up close

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No two journeys  are exactly alike. All journeys flow one into the other, yet each flows separately. Each journey, each path is interwoven, interdependent yet uniquely your own. No  two steps are exactly the same as the steps which are now behind you.

There are many  symbols of life, of reaching from one dimension to another or one place to another bridging the gap from you find yourself to where you desire to be.

A rainbow is  perhaps one of the most incredible displays of light flowing seamlessly,  interconnecting one color ray with the other. It is a symbol of promise, unity  and energy healing. A bridge symbolizes connection, transformation, a journey  from one horizon to another. The Rainbow Bridge interconnects one dimension with  another, offering balance, multi-dimensional integration in its purest form as  gifted to each one of us from Divine Source Energy, Creator of All There Is.

We, each one of  us is being gifted with a journey across the cosmos, along the Rainbow bridge, allowing us  an opportunity to connect our conscious minds with the Realm of Spirit, and AngelsArchangel  Taharial, whose name means, Purity of God, is the Guardian of Rainbow Light and  Rainbow Angels.  The crystal associated  with this Archangel in relation to Rainbow Light, is Apophyllite. Apophyllite’s Spiritual properties enable it to lift the veil between the Realm  of Spirit and the physical realm. The color signifying this color ray is white, pure Divine White Light.

There are three crystalline formations which  resonate with Angels. They are Angelite, Fluorite and Angel Aura.

Violet is the highest vibration of light, it is  considered both the beginning and the end or the completion of energy vibration. Vihianna is the Angel of the Violet Ray, Sugilite is the crystalline  mineral associated with this Rainbow Angel.

Indigo is the color which resonates with the  Third Eye, both inner and outer sight. Indigo symbolizes infinity, that which  is beyond the known and the unknown. Jordianna is the Angel of the Indigo Ray,  whose crystal is Tanzan Aura enabling each of us to draw cosmic energy into our  physical bodies transformation for all who seek an expanded sense of  awareness.

Blue is the color of emotion, movement, flowing with the stream of energy rather than against it. Blue is the color of  Divinity, life giving water and seamless transition. Arrianna is the Angel of
the Blue Ray. Aqua Aura is the crystal associated with blue ray, peacefulness, harmony and Spirituality.

Green is at the center, the heart of the Rainbow bridging both realms, symbolizing balance, healing, nurturing, growth, prosperity and abundance. Lillianna is the Angel of Green Ray. Green Tourmaline is a master healing stone, reaching far beyond the known into the realm of forgetfulness, retrieving health and stability, regaining strength and vitality.

The color yellow symbolizes warmth, energy,  growth, clarity of mind. Irianna is the Angel of the Yellow Ray gifting us with  joy, and a sense of vibrancy within. Imperial Gold expresses all that
Yellow Ray signifies.

Orange encourages clarity of mind, encouraging  wisdom of choice, a sense of vibrancy gifting all with discernment. Elianna is the Angel of Orange Ray whose crystal is Citrine. Citrine empowers all who choose to work with it, instilling a sense of confidence to move forward along your path.

The color red is most associated with passion and prosperity, a sense of belonging and high energy. Dalirianna is the Angel of the Red Ray. Carnelian is a stone of grounding excess energy, allowing
gentle release into Mother Earth for transmutation all that is no longer needed, all that is now behind you.

Join me along this journey across the Rainbow  discovering the Rainbow Angels and the many gifts which await each one of us.

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Tip of the Week – Beacon of Light

Sea Lions..tender moments with each other..the...

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Become a beacon of light. Shine through the darkness of betrayal, dissappointment. Shine through the shadow of hurt, pain and sorrow. Shine through the fog which appears to disguise your path. Shine through all that would attempt to hold you where you have been, hold you where are. Shine through your perception of all that is not of love and light. Shine through the fear of the unknown.

Allow your light to shine in all ways, in all you do, all you say, all you feel. Smile in the face of shadow. Smile in the face of the unknown. Acknowledge where you are keeping your eyes, both physcial and your inner sight on where you choose to be.

Be a beacon of light, what does this mean to you?

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Angels – Angel of Serenity What Is Serenity?

High Desert greets the Sun

Are you willing to release attachment to that which is now behind you? Are you willing to step into the light of a thousand white candles? To experience serenity is to be willing to move away from all things, all situations, all people who no longer serve your highest and best, your Higher-Self. It is about allowing, graciously allowing all who choose a path different from yours, a path that is away rather than with you. Releasing is a gift given to you and to others as we, all of us, attempt to follow our chosen path with as much integrity as possible.

The path less traveled is a way of life, it is not always chosen, at least not in the beginning, by all who choose to follow the path before them. The path before us all is often filled with opportunities to choose again and again and yet again. There are many distractions, people in our lives who for one reason or another choose to step away following their own pathway, their own journey.

So how does serenity flow into choice? It flows with acceptance, with unconditional acceptance for others and for ourselves as we journey in this Realm of physical matter, of physical manifestation with its many choices, many gifts, many delights and yes even disappointments along the way.

A Message from the Angel of Serenity *

Challenges, conflicts arise before you in many ways presenting illusions of discontent, mistrust, dis-ease, dis-harmony. The path less traveled is one of serenity, releasing that which attempts to distract you from your true path. Stay the course beloved child for there is much for you to do, much light to share amongst all who would see it. Be not afraid for there is nothing, no-one, and no experience to fear. That which at first appears to be an obstacle, a challenge, a loss may indeed be a blessing being gifted to you. Allow all that is gifted in love and light to seek you. Allow all that is placed before you that is not of love and light to simply flow past you for there is no truth in darkness and shadow. The path less traveled is the way of serenity, peace and joy, harmony and contentment, abundance and prosperity, a knowing all is well this moment and every moment. Breathe beloved child for all shall be revealed to you. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Choose to experience serenity as much as possible. Serenity is a state of harmony and bliss knowing there are choices for all concerned. Choose how to react or choose non-reaction. Choose to graciously allow Divine Source Energy to flow into and through your life. Ask thee Angels to assist you, to guide you as you walk the path less traveled.

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Tip of the Week – How to Expand Your Inner Sight

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Interested in how to practice seeing? Focus on an object or a candle flame for about 1 to 2 minutes, allowing your eyelids to close part way.  Close your eyes, do you see the energy imprint of the object of the candle flame in your mind’s eye, your inner sight? Practice this incredibly powerful technique for about 5 to 10 minutes several times a week. This simple, yet very effective technique of seeing helped me open my Third Eye Chakra. Do you know the color or colors of your Third Eye Chakra? If there are at least five people who are brave enough to share, by posting their colors in the comment section (emailing me does not count!) I will share with you the colors of my Third Eye Chakra!

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