Prayer Request – Healing of Human, Animal, Earth Mother


Image by dj @ oxherder arts via Flickr

Angels we ask for healing of body and mind for all living creatures both human and animal

Angels we ask for healing of all plants, forests, rivers, streams, lakes, mountains, meadows and the skies

Angels we ask for all to be healed without delay, without condition and without exception

Angels we ask you carry light, love and healing to all places, all faces

Angels we ask Earth Mother be cared for, held Sacred as in the days of the beginning

Angels we ask all animals be free of torment to live in peace and harmony one with the other and with humankind

Angels we ask all humans to healed in body and mind, releasing all pain, sorrow and torment replacing all that is unwanted with loving kindness, harmon, joy, compassion, prosperity and abundance for there is more than enough for all to live in peace

Thank you for hearing and honoring our words, our please for your loving healing light and energy

So be it, so be it, so be it and so it is


Angels – Asaph Angel of the Written Word

Be willing to open your Heart, express yourself with loving-kindness

The written word is used for many things, self-expression, declaring desires, detoxing the Inner Spirit, releasing frustration and disappointment. It is also used to express love, commitment, appreciation and gratitude. There are many reasons, many emotions, and many thoughts which express that which is within. Use discernment when expressing yourself. It is not always easy to come from love, unconditional love. It is many times easier to lash about slinging unkind words filled with anger, jealousy, or bitterness.

Choose your words carefully for once written cannot be undone. True nothing is carved in stone regarding decisions made or choices before you. What is being offered is tempering your words, lace all you say all you write with loving kindness. It is more than possible to express frustration, anger or disappointment without using harsh tone or attitude. It is possible to convey your distaste for another’s actions or lack of action, honor, or integrity without condescension or belittling another. Place yourself in the shoes of the person to whom you are addressing; be kind in voicing your concerns.

Use the form of writing out your desires, prayers, and gratitude expressing your Inner Truth. Have you experienced tightness or perhaps a sore throat only to realize later you did not express yourself fully? There is no honor in eating your words, whether they are to be spoken or written.

True there may be occasions when speaking or writing does not serve the highest and best good for anyone. It is essential to your overall well-being to release that which you choose to keep to yourself during such occasions. Writing out all you feel is one way to detox your inner energy, clearing the path as it continues to unfold before you.

A Message from Asaph*

Allow yourself to speak freely; my ears are open to all you have to say. If you choose, you may write to me a letter expressing all you desire. You need not concern yourself with language or emotion in this for you ask to be cleansed, to be purged of all that does not serve your highest and best good and that of all concerned. There is nothing to fear except the fear of not being able to release you from all that would remain trapped within attempting to choke off your vital life-force energy, creating blockages and the perception of separation from Divine Source Energy. In truth, you are always one with the Source of All There Is. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

In all you do, in all you say, in all you write whether it is in a letter, text or email, be aware of your words. Be aware of what you say and how you say it. Words are tools which carry great power. Words are supportive, loving, kind, compassionate or filled with anger, envy, dis-honor, dis-respect regardless if aimed at you or towards another. Animals are keenly attuned to energy patterns; they too discern when they are being treated with love or disdain.

Call upon Asaph, Angel of the Written Word to assist you in expressing all your wants, needs and desires. Be willing to express yourself from your Heart Chakra. Be willing to observe your words, acknowledge what is being said aloud to others. Be willing to change your self-talk, expressing kindness for you.

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