3 questions about prosperity


Today, I’m going to answer 3 questions about Divine Wealth

Question #1: How do I keep both prosperity and abundance in my life in all aspects and share with others?

Answer: If there is fear of not having enough, or the feeling of sacrifice when giving to others, you are attracting more lack. Fear causes resistance to giving with an open heart. Fear pushes away from you what you want instead of drawing prosperity and abundance to you.

Giving from the heart without the expectation of the outcome, raises your inner wealth frequency.

Giving because you feel it is what you’re supposed to do because there are people who have less than you do, lowers your inner wealth frequency.

Giving out of obligation attaches a vibration of scarcity or duty rather than honoring the Law of Generosity. How does it help someone less fortunate than you if you can’t take care of yourself? It doesn’t it only adds you to the list of the unfortunate.

Giving from your heart with unconditional love raises your inner-wealth frequency, magnetizing you, attracting more prosperity and abundance into your life in all aspects.

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Question #2: When I get money what do I do with it? Do I use it for others or for myself?

Answer: Your first priority or obligation is to take care of you. It is often difficult for people who are on their Spiritual Path to take care of themselves first because it si pounded into us at a very early age to share and not be selfish or greedy.

We ask for and want to manifest prosperity and abundance, allowing us to follow our dreams, fulfilling our purpose.

Healers for example are very good at giving but often find it very difficult to receive. If you truly want to be prosperous, you must be open to receiving, learning to accept gifts or blessings graciously.

How does it benefit you to be worried about how to take care of your needs financially, where the next dollar is going to come from or that next client? The answer is, it doesn’t.

If you are struggling to make ends meet or feel you must not want to be financially prosperous, your inner wealth frequency is vibrating with more negative energy than positive energy and you are pushing away what you want.

Not having enough, not putting yourself as the priority is a dis-service to you and your life-purpose.

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Question #3: Are there specific rules that will alter the outcome if not followed precisely?

Answer: The rules of the physical realm follow the Universal Laws which are absolute. For example: the Universal Law of Supply and Demand states that there is a supply for every demand. There is an unlimited supply for every demand, to meet and exceed all needs.

The rules that alter the outcome of any request are those that correspond with negative energy such as fear and doubt.

Seeds of fear and doubt cause chaos and confusion about the power and truth of the Universal Law of Unlimited Possibility.

Belief, trust and faith are the rules of vibration that allow or dis-allow prosperity and abundance to manifest easily and consistently.

Fear and doubt also cause lack and delay, feeding resistance which in turn causes more fear and doubt.

Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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Mid-Summer Dreams





What was it you planned at the beginning of this year when it was still so very new and full of hope and excitement?

It is now the mid-point of this year which makes it the perfect time to stop and review where you are.

Everyone, including me, has a dream … maybe you have more than one dream that is unfolding but just not quite the way you thought it would. Or maybe it’s not happening fast enough.

Are you struggling to make ends meet? Perhaps you are manifesting here and there but not consistently … at least not yet?

So what can you do to get yourself moving in the right direction or create more momentum?


Here are a few questions to help you get started …

#1 – Do you have a clear picture, image or vision of your dreams and goals?

#2 – Are you on track to achieve your goals?

#3 – What’s working for you?

#4 – What isn’t working for you?


Okay so now what do you do? Take time to go below the surface, discovering what’s really holding you back from being where you want to be at this mid-way point.

This brings me to the next part …. What are your Mid-Summer Dreams?

Are you going to get to December 31st and wish you had …

*Done things differently?

*Been able to re-wire your thoughts getting rid of negative patterns and beliefs that have been stopping you?

*Taken advantage of the opportunity for us to work together?

*Cleared your Spiritual connection, being able to really tap into the Divine Guidance your Manifesting Angel Guides have for you?


Here’s what two of my students are saying about this 90-Day Group Mentoring Program:

Margaret Barnes, Jewelry Designer; United Kingdom.

“THANK YOU! All your info on energy walls worked! I think my problem is I never sit them out, I never understood what one is before now. No wonder I was always so frustrated!

It’s my turn to start doing. I have an amazing end to my old career and an insightful start to my Divine Purpose.

This was from first trusting from Terrie Marie, then figuring out manifesting money. Finally I can see all my aspects of me, and I can fit them all into one job. A job I’m good at and be happy doing.  Thank you so much. So many little lessons here too!”


Asia Roker, Music Entrepreneur; Pennsylvania

“I really love the support and the honesty of allowing me to share my life, without judging me on what I have to say and my experiences in life.

This course gives everyone the tools to change what we’ve been doing wrong. Showing us all how to change our old tools to new tools which will bring positive changes.

Angel Lady Terrie Marie is an excellent teacher with so much passion and love for people.

I am so grateful that she decided to return to her passion to help people. She created this wonderful program to help us all realize what the problem truly is and the tools to solve the problems in our life.

I knew about energy but I was not using my energy right. As a little girl I knew about the angels but allowed fear to control my life. I have started to listen to my angels but still need to work on how to deal with them. So much had changed and continues to change!”


Dare to Be Different, Dare to Dream!

Transcend the ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


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there was a time when I was afraid


There was a time I was afraid of having my own Angel Dream Team. Fear showed up disguised as resistance to the idea of actually having and activating my personal Angel Dream Team.

I mean really, why did I even need or why would I want an Angel Dream Team when I was already connected with Angels every day and have been for more than 12 years?

This feeling that I was refusing guidance just kept getting stronger. It had already been nearly a year of activating many Angel Dream Teams for the men and women I was working with at the time.

One day, my energy was really low. My eye lids were so heavy I just had to rest. After a very deep sleep for nearly 3 hours, I woke with a sense of knowing deep within my heart center that it was no longer in my best interests to resist.

In less than 30 minutes, I got my personal Angel Dream Team. Then I started to walk myself through the very same steps I had already taken so many others.

I took time to become familiar with my Angel Dream Team. Each one of these nine amazing Angels and Archangels who showed up for me, are exactly the right ones.

That was the turning point for me to really start believing that my dreams of showing hundreds and maybe even thousands of men and women how to work with their own amazing Angel Dream Team.

The point of sharing all this with you is because the lives of every man and woman who I’ve had the privilege and the honor of working with, have started to create their own reality instead of staying stuck believing that good things happen to everyone else but not to them.

As much as I truly love working one-on-one with everyone, this just isn’t possible. So I “asked” my Angel Dream Team how to bring this incredible gift to as many men and women as possible.

That’s how Create Your Ultimate Angel Dream Team in a Weekend was born! Seriously that’s exactly how it happened!

It’s very exciting because in less than 48 hours, you could have your very own Angel Dream Team AND start seeing the magic of bending and shaping your own reality in as little as 14 days! Some of my private clients started seeing results much sooner than that!

Isn’t it time to clear out negative thoughts, change thought patterns that have been blocking you and holding you back, attract and manifest more money AND get a really clear connection with your Angels?

Just think, in just 48 hours or less, you could really be on your way to having the life you’ve always dreamed!

Yes, 48 hours is two days BUT how long have you been feeling frustrated, wondering how you were ever going to make your dreams come true?

How long have you been “waiting” for something or someone to show you exactly how to know what your purpose is or how to figure out how to get rid of the very things that have been keeping you stuck in the past?

So if you want to know more about how to Create Your Ultimate Angel Dream Team in a Weekend, and share this time together step-by-step , click here on this link now before Ego-chitter chatter has a chance to talk you out of at least checking this out for yourself.

My promise and commitment to you is that you will have 100% crystal clarity about your dreams, how to change negative thought patterns, dissolve negative energy and start manifesting the life you’ve always dreamed of having!

What I’ll be showing you is proven in my own life and in the lives of the many men and women I work with. I’m so glad I listened and connected with my amazing Angel Dream Team!

Dare to Be Different, Dare to Dream!

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.