Mid-Summer Dreams





What was it you planned at the beginning of this year when it was still so very new and full of hope and excitement?

It is now the mid-point of this year which makes it the perfect time to stop and review where you are.

Everyone, including me, has a dream … maybe you have more than one dream that is unfolding but just not quite the way you thought it would. Or maybe it’s not happening fast enough.

Are you struggling to make ends meet? Perhaps you are manifesting here and there but not consistently … at least not yet?

So what can you do to get yourself moving in the right direction or create more momentum?


Here are a few questions to help you get started …

#1 – Do you have a clear picture, image or vision of your dreams and goals?

#2 – Are you on track to achieve your goals?

#3 – What’s working for you?

#4 – What isn’t working for you?


Okay so now what do you do? Take time to go below the surface, discovering what’s really holding you back from being where you want to be at this mid-way point.

This brings me to the next part …. What are your Mid-Summer Dreams?

Are you going to get to December 31st and wish you had …

*Done things differently?

*Been able to re-wire your thoughts getting rid of negative patterns and beliefs that have been stopping you?

*Taken advantage of the opportunity for us to work together?

*Cleared your Spiritual connection, being able to really tap into the Divine Guidance your Manifesting Angel Guides have for you?


Here’s what two of my students are saying about this 90-Day Group Mentoring Program:

Margaret Barnes, Jewelry Designer; United Kingdom.

“THANK YOU! All your info on energy walls worked! I think my problem is I never sit them out, I never understood what one is before now. No wonder I was always so frustrated!

It’s my turn to start doing. I have an amazing end to my old career and an insightful start to my Divine Purpose.

This was from first trusting from Terrie Marie, then figuring out manifesting money. Finally I can see all my aspects of me, and I can fit them all into one job. A job I’m good at and be happy doing.  Thank you so much. So many little lessons here too!”


Asia Roker, Music Entrepreneur; Pennsylvania

“I really love the support and the honesty of allowing me to share my life, without judging me on what I have to say and my experiences in life.

This course gives everyone the tools to change what we’ve been doing wrong. Showing us all how to change our old tools to new tools which will bring positive changes.

Angel Lady Terrie Marie is an excellent teacher with so much passion and love for people.

I am so grateful that she decided to return to her passion to help people. She created this wonderful program to help us all realize what the problem truly is and the tools to solve the problems in our life.

I knew about energy but I was not using my energy right. As a little girl I knew about the angels but allowed fear to control my life. I have started to listen to my angels but still need to work on how to deal with them. So much had changed and continues to change!”


Dare to Be Different, Dare to Dream!

Transcend the ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


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Re-Write the Rules





Has anyone ever told you that you can literally re-write the rules? Well. I’m here to not only tell you that you can re-write the rules I am encouraging you to do just that!

Okay, let’s not get to ahead of ourselves! First, it’s essential that you learn what the rules are. I mean the rules of Universal Law and Truth.

Once you have an understanding of what the foundation, or the rules are, then you can re-write the rules using Universal Laws to create your own reality.

Well, isn’t that what we’re here to do? Let’s look at this from a different point of view … a different side of things.

We’ve been told that we have to choose between being Spiritual or having financial wealth. How many times have we heard people say — starving artists — or — go get a real job and maybe someday you can take up singing or help others in your spare time?

When you create your own reality by manifesting more prosperity, helping others and in the process of being of service, you begin to create your own financial freedom.

Creating your own reality IS re-writing the rules!

How do you even begin to re-write the rules? Sit down with paper and pencil and write down …

… one belief you have that you know are keeping you stuck

… one way that you sabotage yourself no matter

… one decision to help you move beyond where you are right now

If you do this in your head, I promise you Ego-chitter chatter will only allow you to get so far because it will simply just keep repeating everything over and over again.

Re-writing the rules is re-wiring your thoughts to be in alignment — in a line — with your dreams and goals — mentally, emotionally, energetically and Spiritually — re-wiring your emotions so that they support you instead of distract your or even worse stop you from having the courage to do what you are being pulled, pushed and even compelled to do with your life!

Time is getting really, really short to join us for Manifesting More Prosperity with Your Angel Guides 90-Day Group Mentoring Program. Registration is going to close in 48 hours then you’ll have to wait another 11 months before we open registration again.


Just Simply Let Go





Have you heard or been told to just simply let go and things would start to happen as if by magic?

Well, you know what … that’s exactly how it happens. Sometimes happens — you know that thing you want so very much — when you let go of the outcome, all of a sudden that thing you’ve been wanting to manifest appears right before your eyes!

It can feel like magic or even a miracle when it does happen because we’re no longer attached to the outcome. Yes, it’s often much easier said than done!

This is what just one of my students is saying about what they’re learning or discovering about themselves …

“One of the things I have learned from training module one is to be Very Clear and Specific about what I desire. It’s ahrd to just stop at one thing because I gained many other nuggets that helps me in being very clear and specific. They are as follows:

I must dare to dream!

I must bring the spiritual into my thoughts and emotions.

Understand pre-paving …

I could go on and on. It’s just good and it brings many things we know into perspective again.” Yutosha Alston;  Health Coach, Juice Plus; South Carolina



So how do you just simply let go? I’d like to help you see what the root cause of not being able to just simply let go looks like.

It’s all about control or feeling like we have to control everything happening around us in every area of our lives.

Just like so many of us, I was taught that I was in total control of how I felt, what I did and more importantly how things turned out.

Over the years I have substituted the word control for the word manage. Yes, Okay to some it just sounds like a sidestep or burying my head in the sand using a different word.

In a way that could be a truth for you, it isn’t a truth for me and here’s why. It’s so much easier, meaning lots less stress and tension when I am managing what I think, how I feel and how I show up.

This is the way I just simply let go … I take 3 deep breaths and let them out very, very slowly and repeat … I let go I let go I let go. Sometimes I’ll take it a step further and write out what I am letting go of and then burn the piece of paper.

Watching the paper burn and seeing the energy literally be released into the Universe is very freeing.

These are two of the many ways you’ll get access to when you choose to follow your heart’s desires to get really clear about what you want and make a decision to join me by signing-up for Manifesting More Prosperity with Your Angel Guides.

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Registration for this 90-Day Group Mentoring Program will close in few days. Please don’t be wishing you hadn’t missed out and have to wait another 11 months.

There’s always a reason not to do something … what are you willing to do to stop manifesting the wrong things — all those situations  and experiences that cause more lack and delay  — and start manifesting more of what you want with the help, support and Divine Guidance of your Manifesting Angel Guides?

My sole intention, my agenda is to show you exactly how to cut through what’s been blocking you, getting in the way of living your purpose and following your dreams!

Dare to Be Different, Dare to Dream!

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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Assume the Feeling of Wishes Fulfilled





How do we even begin to assume the feeling of wishes fulfilled when we have no mental or emotional frame of reference?

I used to wonder that especially when I read books on the Law of Attraction and was told to “start living as if” … so what exactly does that mean and how on Earth and I am supposed to do that?

Well, once I understood the idea or concept of “pre-paving” it no longer felt like I was lying to myself AND Ego-Chitter chatter couldn’t contradict everything I was telling myself!

Maybe you’ve even heard that “assume actually means — to make an A__ (batukus) out of you and me — well, Okay I could see that but it didn’t help me in a way that I could re-frame that so it supported me in manifesting what I wanted.

OK so the first step in manifesting anything whether it’s a relationship, a better job, promotion, more prosperity or better health is to take time to go within and be very open and honest with yourself about what you want.

In the very beginning all I wanted was to be able to manage to buy a new or newer car when the one I was driving decided it was time to go to car heaven. Somehow that happened!

Well, Okay the next on “the list” was maybe someday I’d be able to purchase a beautiful home. That was a bit harder for me to believe. I wasn’t making very much at the time. The thing is I offered non-resistance to the idea of being able to qualify for a home mortgage loan and everything that went along with the purchase of a house.

One day, about 12 months after my new car had been manifested or rather the money for the new car manifested, an opportunity to buy a beautiful house was right in front of me. Holy Camoly!

Well, my Angel Guides didn’t’ stop there because just before, and I do mean a few short months earlier, was the birth of my first business — Desert Rose Healing Arts — all of this major movement or manifesting began in 2005.

In less than 24 months I had somehow managed to finance a brand new, start a brand new business and secure a loan all on my own for a house!

In the summer of 2013, I was suddenly on my own entirely without a J.O.B. to regularly pay the bills ….

What does all of this have to do with assuming the feel of wishes fulfilled? This is what you’ll be learning how to do when you join me for Manifesting More Prosperity with Your Angel Guides 90-Day Group Mentoring Program.

For now I’ll give you a quick tip to help you get started …. The very first step is to take time to get real with yourself about what you really, really want. Don’t just say it in your head; write out your dream believing that it can truly happen for you.

My Angel Guides have given me clear, unmistakable guidance about re-opening registration for this life-changing — no hype, just truth — program for 5 days and then I’ll be closing the doors until June 2015.

If you have ever wanted to really start living the life of your dreams, now is the time. For all the details and to sign-up today click here.

Here’s my agenda … to support you on your path. That’s it because I already believe in you and in your dreams!


Dare to Be Different, Dare to Dream!

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


3 Reasons

Do you know someone who busts their rear to change their circumstance and yet is still stuck?  Maybe that’s you.

They might even attend all kinds of free webinars and TeleSummits believing that “this time” they’ll figure out once and for all exactly how to manifest what they want and stop struggling.

It’s possible that it might really happen that way. Yet, the sad truth is that most of the time, the “HOW” is someone telling you to just do it. Yes, you’re given the what, where, and why, which are important.  The missing link is the correct, how.

In so many ways it’s simply easier to keep doing the same things and staying in our comfort zone.  Yes, even if we hate what’s not happening.

It’s like wanting to have that magical, almost unreachable channel of being connected to our Higher-Self in such a way that we have an absolute faith in our ability to create our own reality.

Here’s the exciting part … you can! And here’s the other really exciting part …. I am opening my secret manifestation vault and sharing all my secrets, tips, techniques, and tools with everyone who’s choosing to be a part of this brand new program called, Manifest More Money in 90 days or less.

Here are the 3 big reasons why most people aren’t getting the results they really wish to receive …

#1 People don’t think they can really have or deserve to have what they desire most
#2 People lack the know how to proper manifesting skills to get what they truly desire
#3 People lack belief that they have the skills and the power to manifest what they desire most

It’s so much easier to take or stay on the safe road, hoping, wishing and praying that somehow things will change all by themselves doing what you’re doing right now.  And the truth is you’ll continue to get the same results.  So STOP!

Decide you’re worth it and change.

Let’s be open and totally honest with ourselves, if what you’re doing isn’t working or not working consistently for you … why are you going to do the very same things over and over again?

That’s insane right?

Please allow me to support you; to share my proven ways that will help you break free from limitation and your present “Money Story”.  Which by the way isn’t even yours.

Up until now, I’ve only taught the know how to my private clients and if now is your time to shine then I suggest you click here to discover your path to financial freedom.

Dare to Be Different, Dare to Dream!

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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Discover the Unwritten Rule

Have you ever wondered, even for a moment, what effect being Spiritual has on your money energy?

Recently, when I was attending a New Age Expo, an older gentleman introduced himself to me. As he proceeded to tell me all about himself, who he is, his nickname, “Desert Rat” and what he does; I made some observations.

The gentleman makes Mountain Dulcimers, a special kind of musical instrument. If you’ve ever been privileged to hear a musician play one of these magical instruments then you know the haunting sound.

As he was explaining his love for making Mountain Dulcimers, my AHA moment struck when he said, “it wasn’t about the money.“

How odd, I thought to myself that so many men and women on their Spiritual path are so obsessed about everything “not being about the money,” as if making more than enough was somehow causing them to be less Spiritual or be more disconnected to Source.

What really interferes or blocks your natural flow of prosperous money energy are thoughts like these…

* it’s not about the money

* money is the root of evil

* my gifts are given to me so I shouldn’t charge for them and if I do, I can’t possibly charge very much

* More money, more problems

* if I make and have lots of money then I am denying or preventing someone else from having what they really need

… and the list is truly endless!

Let’s look at this from a different perspective for just a few short moments…

Did you know, if you are attracting, making, or manifesting more than enough money to take care of your daily needs then you are free to feel and be more spiritual because you are not worried about where the next dollar is going to come from.

We often speak about energy as endless and limitless and describe it as free flowing.  Remember that believing in abundance creates abundance.

So why do we insist that there is a shortage of money to go around? Is that even true?

Is being selfish, or greedy, or any other negative description our Ego-chitter chatter comes up with even really true?

Or is it simply causing us to feel dirty or unworthy of living a life that is debt and worry free?

Is this something you do?  Do you complain about greed or rich people?  I’d love for you to share some comments below.  Do you see how the Desert Rat opened my eyes?

As part of one of the six core training modules in Manifest More Money in 90 Days or less, starting in a few days, I will cover and share how I have helped my private clients achieve a prosperous mindset.

I used to believe that I had to choose between being Spiritual and having more than enough money to be financially free.

Here’s the truth  … at least this is my truth … It’s so much easier to live a life with more than enough so that I am able to give more, hire amazing and gifted people to help me impact hundreds of thousands of lives in ways that helps them live their dreams their way.

The curtain is being pulled all the way back because my intention, and the agenda normally reserved only for private clients, is to support YOU in living the life of your dreams.

I’ll share what I’ve learned about how it really works, what doesn’t work, and why.  I will save you years of struggle from attempting to figure out on your own how to make more money.

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Are you open to receive?

There is an interesting, almost peculiar way that the Law of Attraction works and it’s something so subtle that it took me years to figure out!

Of course the first step is to ask … there are several more, very important steps but the intention for today is to share with you something that is even more important than asking for what you want and that is …

…. Are you open to receiving what you’ve asked for? Now, before you say “YES!” think about it for a few moments and really ask yourself if you are “open to receive.”

Of course we all believe — I certainly did — that all we have to do is “ask” and then “wait” for whatever we’ve asked for to simply show up, that’s not exactly how it works.

Let me explain … there are negative thought patterns, beliefs and emotions that prevent us from being open to receiving what we want.

Look around at your life and where you are right now … if you aren’t where you want or thought you’d be “by now” then something is stopping you, blocking you from being open to receive what you’ve asked for.

Here are a few examples of what might possibly be holding you back from being open to receive …

*working 60 + hours or more every week and you want more clients or customers

*telling the same worn out negative “Money Story” to yourself or anyone who’ll listen

*seeing only what isn’t manifesting in your life

*complaining that “it’s” not manifesting fast enough or big enough

Any one of these statements might be the reason blocking you from receiving.

When you are really open to receiving what you’ve asked for, then you are able to step aside and out of the way, allowing the Law of Attraction to simply work its miracles!

Being open to receive is all about …

… Doing things differently

… Doing different things

… Seeing past the surface of appearance

… And so much more!

What’s showing up for you as you read this blog?  Share any ah-ha’s or questions you might have in the comments below.

This is just a small peek of what you’ll be discovering really works and why.  Understanding why something works is more important than knowing the steps!

Join my upcoming program and discover how to Manifest More Money in 90 Days or Less, as I walk you through the process of altering you from the inside out for lasting transformation.

Now I’ll be sharing what I’ve only shared with my private clients to help them learn what really works and what doesn’t work, and why.  If you know my secrets, you will discover my journey will save you years of struggle from attempting to figure it out on your own.

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The false power of using affirmations …

If you’re anything like me, then you probably attempted to use affirmations by now for all kinds of situations from changing your thoughts or shifting emotions, to transforming all kinds of different types of situations.

The sad part about using affirmations is that there is a false power or belief that affirmations alone will literally change everything.

Actually, the truth is affirmations might literally change and transform anything!

Here’s the other side of that truth, affirmations are only as powerful as your belief in using them!

In my blog post today I share what I have learned about affirmations and what they’re all about, if you want to hear more about my experience with affirmations, then head on over to my blog.

Here’s what I have learned about affirmations and what they are all about:

* your energy and where it is (positive or negative)

* how and what you are really focusing on

* the words you use

 * the “Money Story” you are telling yourself and anyone who will listen

Affirmations are very powerful! AND yet, you have to know how to use them to work with you instead of against you.  That’s right, your affirmations might be working against you.

In the comments below share your experience with affirmations.  Have affirmations benefitted you?  Have they helped you to achieve your greatest desire?  Or is the idea of having an affirmation practice a new concept?

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Until now, I only shared these secrets with my private clients, who are now living, breathing proof that my step-by-step methods I teach, AND live by, work, and work very well!

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I’ll share what I’ve learned about what really works and what doesn’t work, and why.  If you know my secrets, you will discover my journey will save you years of struggle from attempting to figure it out on your own.

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New Webinar: 5 Expert Secrets to Manifest More Money!

5 Expert Secrets to Manifest More Money!

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Thursday, May 22. 2014


“When you let go of the Past, you open the door to manifesting your future.” Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.



We all have a “Money Story” we tell ourselves.  And it’s something we tell to almost anyone who will listen!

For instance, you may have heard someone you know tell you all about their struggles to make ends meet? Or how bad the economy is these days?

Maybe you’re passing by two people talking and you hear things like — if only my husband / wife would get a better job things would be different.

The thing is, whenever someone shares their story about why they are broke or why they can’t take that vacation or maybe they are not sure how they are going to pay their bills this month. They are telling you their “Money Story.”

Here’s the sad and honest truth … whatever someone says about their finances is exactly what they are manifesting their finances to be.

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Once upon a time…

Once upon a time I worked two jobs just to make ends meet.

I had just re-located from Hawaii to Illinois. No winter clothes, no money, and no car.  Thankfully, I did have a close friend from college that gave me a place to stay till I got back on my feet.

You see we all have a “money story” that never really worked for us.  We kept right on believing that story and telling that “poor me” story to anyone who would listen.

Before I bare my soul anymore, it’s only fair to say that at that point of my life I really didn’t know very much about energy or how to really manifest what I needed. Believe me it would have been so much easier!

Somehow, by the Grace of God and my own Angel Guides, I always had enough to eat and a warm place to stay. To say that I was living purely on trust and faith is an understatement.

I was working as a cashier in a liquor store. It was barely enough to make ends meet and if I was super careful and counted every single penny there was enough to buy a magazine or treat myself to lunch every couple of months.

Then I was offered a part-time job as a cocktail waitress in a bowling alley.  I had no idea people could be so rude.  I won’t go into the awful details BUT after the first shift I never went back! It took days to get the smoke smell off my skin. Yeah it really was that awful!

I remember crying because I just didn’t know where to turn or what to do. There was no family nearby and I was alone.  Sure I had a few friends and they weren’t any better off than I was.

Something inside clicked because I knew I had to do something different. I started to pull myself together; I could find a better job that paid more.

You see I have been in more than a few very low points in my life. I dug deep, figured it out and turned my life around. It took a few years and there were a few false starts because I was doing it all by myself.

If you are struggling or you know someone who really wants to completely turn their life around from the inside out, share this story with them.  You see it is my mission to help others from going at life alone.  I want to save people years of frustration, disappointment, and struggle.

It doesn’t have to be hard at all. In fact, it’s really quite simple to go from where you are right now to the next level. As you climb from level to level you will be increasing your manifesting power.

Isn’t it time to stop struggling and stop wondering HOW to break the cycle of not having what you want with less effort?  You appreciate some help in overcoming your struggles.

Join my upcoming program and discover how to Manifest More Money in 90 Days or Less as I walk you through the process of altering your life step-by-step. Until now I have only shared this information with private clients.

I’ll share what I’ve learned about what really works and what doesn’t work, and why.  I will save you years of struggle from attempting to figure it out on your own.

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About Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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Angel Lady, Terrie Marie specializes in showing her amazing clients how to directly access and receive Divine Guidance through their Higher-Self and Angels.   Raise your inner vibration, your Divine Wealth Frequency, change thought patterns, enhance the Law of Attraction and magnify your manifesting power.

Discover and explore practical, easy-to-use techniques, tips and tools to increase prosperity and abundance, with more harmony and less stress.  Discover to trust your intuition and gut feelings with a heightened sense of empowerment and confidence.

Her subtle, powerful insights create life-changing transformationsfrom the inside out.   Terrie Marie has helped amazing men and women in Australia, South Africa, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Belgium New Zealand, and the United States.

Terrie Marie, D.Ms. has the unique ability to connect and communicate with Angels which makes her a highly sought after Angel Mentor and Angel Whisper.

When the Angel Lady is being interviewed or speaking to International audiences, her high energy ignites the atmosphere with her empowering message, her unconditional love shines bright, and intuitive insights flow through her.  She creates sacred space to transform goals and dreams into reality.

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