Archangel Michael protects and clears our path

Archangel Michael is soooo much more than a powerful Angel who is capable of protecting us from negative energy along our journey.

He also helps us clear our path so we can see with greater about …

… which path to pursue  or follow

… what to keep and what to let go of or release

… how to free ourselves from negative energy

Archangel Michael can remove negative energy from within your …

… physical body

… thoughts and emotions

… Aura and all your energy bodies

His mighty sword gleams with a white-blue flame, able to cut through even the most stubborn negative energy cords that drain your vital, precious energy.

This very powerful Archangel is often depicted with his sword raised above his head and one foot stepping on the head of “evil.”

Perhaps the most important thing I truly hope in sharing this with you is that there’s soooo much more to Angels and what they are capable of helping us accomplish and achieve during our life-time here in this physical realm.

All we need to do is ask and then get out of our own way to receive the help, guidance, messages and / or clarity we have asked for.

Melchezidek, Angel of Spiritual Growth is incredibly powerful. He is the Angel who is insisting on having his story shared with you in a few days.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.