Archangel Metatron You and Your Energy

Here’s a ‘sneak peek’ from our webinar this morning – Archangel Metatron You, Your Energy and Accessing Your Akashic Records … there’s lots more but the video clip gives you an idea of what our Angels and Insider Club members are getting … real-life, practical and use able content that makes a difference in just a few minutes ….

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We’d love to share the journey of helping you get more connected to your Angels and create the kind of 24/7 personal Angel Relationship you’ve always wanted.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

the Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.



So you thought you couldn’t?

That it’s, you know it’s like … SUPER HARD to connect to your Angels. Right?


Okay, so maybe you’re already connecting a bit here and there … that’s great because your Angels have lots of messages and guidance for you and they REALLY want to connect with you even more.

I hear it all the time … “Well, Terrie Marie, I’m getting some signs and I might be getting more messages but I’m just not sure if it’s from my Angels or not. What do I do to change that?”

The short version answer is …. You need to clear the negative energy clutter that’s getting in the way. And then there are more questions but I’m getting way ahead of myself LOL!

One of my favorite things to do is help others raise their vibration so they can get a clearer connection to their Angels. Hey, everyone has questions and lots of them. I know I do and it’s really helpful to know you’re on the right track for you and your dreams.

Kinda sounds simple right … clear the negative energy clutter, raise your vibration and BAM it’s all good … well, pretty much … yup that’s it.

Of course there are certain things anyone can do to make the process easier and get the answers they want. Seriously, I ‘ask’ ALL the TIME sometimes several times throughout the day too.

You’re probably getting more messages than you realize. It’s a matter being able to recognize those ‘intuitive hits’ that you’re already getting and just not aware of them … yet.

Connecting to your Angels is personal experience. Not everyone connects in exactly the same way as anyone else. It’s true  and here’s a short story I’d like to share with you …

… MaryAnne (not her real name) confided in me during one of her mentoring sessions with me that she was felling very frustrated because she wasn’t connecting with her Angels and she really wanted to know if they even heard her.

We went into her frustrations a bit deeper. I asked MaryAnne what kinds of messages she was getting. And here’s what happened next … as she began telling me about what she was getting, she realized just HOW MUCH she was getting!

Here’s the kicker … what was REALLY BOTHERING her is that she wasn’t connecting and hearing her Angels the way I do. The truth is, MaryAnne really was getting in touch with her Angels in ways that worked best for her … that’s what matters … connecting to your Angels in ways that work best for you.

You see beautiful Soul just like so many other things in this life, we’ve been told that you have to be ‘special’ or that’s super hard to connect to Angels unless your ‘gifted.’

What if I told you that you can connect to your Angels?

And if you’re already connecting, that you could have an even better, clearer, more consistent connection … you could even have a 24/7 relationship with Angels, no matter where you are or what you’re doing?

It’s true …

Curious? Find out more and discover just how easy it can be to have a personal 24/7 relationship with your Angels anytime, anywhere … no matter what.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

The Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Gesele Angel of Divine Life Purpose

Gesele’s specialty is helping us clear our mental and emotional energy so we have a “clearer view” of what is happening on our Spiritual Path.

The more we are able to “clear” what no longer serves our highest and best good, the easier it will be to discover what are our Divine Life Purpose is.

She uses Emerald Green Tablets to record all events in our life and works very closely with Archangel Metatron who is the Keeper of the Akashic Records.

When you call-on or invoke Angel Gesele, she will help you get clarity about your Spiritual Path and how to get where you want to be.

For most of us — including me — we want to figure out what our Life Purpose is and then fulfill our purpose helping others who in turn help more women and men along their paths.

One of my girlfriends, Janine, text me the other day asking if there is an Angel named Gesele … not Gisele … but Gesele. Janine text that she asked about her purpose and was given that name.

I was about to text her something silly like … I wasn’t familiar with that Angel, when all of a sudden I “got” this …

… Yes. This Angel uses Emerald Green Tablets to write on. Ask her to show you the message on the tablet. You may get it in a dream or through meditation.

We kept texting a bit longer about Gesele and whether or not she worked with Raphael or Gabriel.

This is what was given to me verbatim … “Actually I was given the name Thoth which means Metatron, she was first assigned to Thoth to help guide him in the writings of ancient times.”

When Janine said her hairs were standing on end because Metatron came to her mind before she got my text about Thoth, I just smiled and said “thank you for the confirmation.”

Maybe you already know this and maybe not … Archangel Metatron was once a man, walking this Earth just like us. He first “appeared” or incarnated as Thoth, the first scribe in Ancient Egypt whose Divine Life Purpose was to record all the ancient teachings to be shared with future generation mystics.

Thoth later re-incarnated as Enoch and continued his Divine Life Purpose of record keeping. Now he is Archangel Metatron, Keeper of the Akashic Records.

This is just a little “behind the scenes” peek into how Angels connect with me to share their story with you, in an effort to help all of us connect with them more easily.

In the next email, Archangel Michael has specific information he wants to share with you.

Until then …

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.