Red Crystals and Gemstones – Red Coral Undersea Mermaid Fantasy

Corallium rubrum, Coralliidae, Precious Coral,...

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If you gaze upon the undersea gardens of Coral, among the many fishes, you might catch a glimpse of a Mermaid tending her rainbow-colored underwater treasures!

Vast gardens below majestic waves are where you will find wondrous formations of Coral in countless varieties and colors imaginable.  Red Coral is bright, strong and subtle all in the same moment almost as if by magic able to regulate its own unique energy signature to that of the wearer.

Resonating with the Root or Basic Chakra, Kundalini Energy and inner-sight, Red Coral will assist in dissolving inner energy blockages. It will facilitate a subtle, yet profound vibrational cleansing allowing the user to enhance their inner-sight. Working with this incredible wonder of the Sea will dispel excess nervous energy, grounding you more closely to Earth Mother’s loving energy.

Among the many traditions of the Ancient Egyptians, Coral was highly prized as a protector in the Underworld. Necklaces often adorned beloved High Priests and Priestesses as they journeyed from the land of the living into the Nether Regions. It was believed that each piece of Red Coral contained within its many tiny chambers, a drop of blood, Divine Blood from the Gods and Goddess’.

This wondrous gem of the Sea may be used during meditation to burn away negative thoughts and emotions, allowing the mind to become quiet receiving inner-guidance.  It is also considered one of the four element stones by the original inhabitants, the indigenous peoples of this land.

The very deep, organic connection to Earth Mother enables the wearer to expand their innate intuitive and visualization gifts.  Being able to see past surface appearances enables us to view all we wish to manifest into physical form.

Red Coral symbolizes happiness and joy, prosperity and abundance, and protection from Psychic attack. Psychic attack is negative thoughts or energy from others.

*Angelic Realm Association:  Archangel Raguel whose name means “Friend of God” will assist you in releasing self-made limiting beliefs, extending your boundaries or comfort zone.

*Healing Properties:  quiet the emotions, Mother-child bonding, a sense of peace,

*Vibrational Frequency: bright, fiery, grounding, blazing intensity.

*Spiritual Properties: heighten meditation, Third Eye activation, intuition clarifier, protection from Psychic attack

It is possible to enhance the bond between Mother-Child when each chooses to enrich their relationship by wearing or carrying a piece of Red Coral.

How shall you choose to honor the beauty, the uniqueness of this magnificent undersea jewel?

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