Finding deeper meaning in intuitive nudges

Hello beautiful Soul

If you have ever wanted to know the message behind the intuitive nudges you’re getting…

*Your Angels have soooo much more for you than what appears on the surface

*The intuitive nudges you get are more powerful than they first appear to be

*Understanding the meaning of what is being given to you can make a HUGE difference in the way you follow that guidance on your path to where you want to be

We have a Workshop for You


On July 19th and 26th join Angel Intuitive Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms. for a Two-Workshop Series Meeting and Connecting to Your Personal Angels: Deepen Your Connection and Raise Your Vibe for Clear Guidance


During this Workshop you’ll experience 11 Ways to Connect with your personal Angels and how to know they are by your side.

You’ll also learn and explore:

*How to Know Angels are always by your side

*How to break code so that you can easily understand the Secret Language of Angels revealing messages and guidance for your life, purpose and your path

*How to ‘ask’ and receive guidance and trust what you get

How awesome would it be to really be able to deepen your connection to your personal Angels and Raise Your Vibe for clear Guidance?

Angel Lady Terrie Marie has helped thousands of beautiful Souls like yourself connect to Angels, raise their vibe to get the answers to their questions and the guidance they need for healing and insights into the reason for being here.

On July 19th and 26th, she’ll help you do the same.

Join the Workshop

The Workshop is being recorded. You’ll have lifetime access to come back again and again.

We’ll help you get meet and connect to your personal Angels using Terrie Marie’s techniques, the ones she uses every day and teaches her high-end clients.

It is easier than you have been led to believe …


Deepen your connection to Angels all around you

How Awesome Would it be to Really Be Able to Deepen Your Connection to Your Personal Angels and Raise Your Vibe for Clear Guidance?


Is this you beautiful Soul?
*Not sure you have any Angels?
*Afraid of really opening up because you’re not sure ‘what’ will come into your energy?
*Wonder if Angels even hear your requests for guidance?

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Do you have to help Angels help you?

We often think and have been told, all we have to do is ‘ask’ … that’s the first part … listen in as Your Angel Whisperer shares with you the next, vital part of how to help Angels and Spirit help you …

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Weekly Insights with Angels and Spirit with Angel Lady Terrie Marie

ngels and Spirit Weekly Insights 3 Card Readings

June 18, 2018

with Your Angel Whisperer, Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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Angels and Spirit Insights Weekly Card Reading

Angels and Spirit Weekly Insights 3 Card Readings

June 11, 2018

with Your Angel Whisperer, Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


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Living Spirit and Wellness Global Directory


Weekly Insights 3 Card Readings from Angels and Spirit

Angels and Spirit Weekly Insights 3 Card Readings with Your Angel Whisperer

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


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Living Spirit and Wellness Global Directory



Everyone has a ‘story’ this is mine …

Every one has a “story” of how they got to where they are and the challenges, obstacles and how they worked through them. This is Part One of my ‘Story” being a private person, it is not always easy to share the bumps, falling down and the many failures along the way.



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Angels and Crystal for Empaths

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REV Raven Nightclaw 5th Generation Psychic Medium

REV Raven Nightclaw is a Reverend High Priest, Advanced Reiki Master Healer, Unconventional Tarot Reader, and a 5th Generation Psychic Medium.


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Hello beautiful Soul did you see this?

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Much Love, Light, Peace and Purpose,

the Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


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Empath energy during changing times

Hello beautiful Soul,

Are you one of the many, perhaps millions who actually SUFFER from ENERGY OVERWHELM even when you are in the best of spirits?

Just the other day, I felt so drained that I slept off-and-on all afternoon. Mind you, the day started off really well … went to the gym, got some work done and did an errand. When I got back home, that was it. There was NO ENERGY left to do anything except full-out rest!

Come to find out, there was a new moon pulling at the energy flow. That’s on top of what’s going on round the world … terror, fear about the economy … well, I’d rather not feed that energy.

If you FEEL ENERGY to any degree, then you’re probably feeling the CRUNCH from all sides and from many different sources all at once.

How can you protect yourself and then, at the same time, get rid of the negativity that seems to be so in our faces lately?

That’s what we’re going to exploring for 5 days … yup … for 5 days, we’ll be going below the surface of five every-day ways of dissolving, clearing and balancing energy.

For the past 90-days, I’ve been working on something very special to help as many people just like you, to really help you protect yourself from the dirty, nasty, ugly negativity that is bombarding all of us.

Raise Your Vibration for Empaths 5 Day Challenge [ tap here now to register it’s free  ]

Each day, we’ll take a deep-dive into a different way to raise your vibration.

Everyone has a different perspective on what success and prosperity means to them. This 5 Day Challenge is all about helping you get from you are to where you want to be in less time using proven methods.

These are the very say methods I use every day and teach my high-end clients to use getting great results!

Join us for Raise Your Vibration for Empaths 5 Day Challenge.

What else is in it for you?

*Private Facebook group for more support and celebrating wins

*You’ll also get access to all 5 recordings

*Action Steps to help you dissolve and manage energy overwhelm in as little as 60 seconds

We’ll meet virtually every day inside our Private Facebook Group. We will be livestreaming, so we can all connect with each other and there’ll be time for live Q&A about each day’s topic.

When you clear you energy of the past, worry, fear and doubt, the stars are truly the next step to living the life you choose to live.

There’s ALWAYS going to be ‘stuff’ to get through BUT when you know what to do and HOW to do it, it becomes much easier to manage the ups and downs of life.

Raise Your Vibration for Empaths 5 Day Challenge

[ sign-up here now ]

Tell your friends about this and invite them to join us!

Much Love, Light, Peace and Purpose,

the Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.