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If you’re not getting ALL the messages, guidance and the answers  to your questions about ….




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On September 20th and 27th join Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms. for a Two-Workshop Series Energy Portal Two: Deepen Your Connection with Source

You have gifts, intuitive gifts.

Please, beautiful Soul, stop trying to fit-in … you are not like ‘them’ and thank Heavens for that!

Now, let’s turn on ALL your Intuitive Switches …

During this workshop you’ll discover and learn how to:

*Free Yourself from Negative Attachments through Forgiveness

*Create Sacred Space to Receive Divine Guidance

*How Spiritual and Universal Laws Affect Your Life

One of the questions I’m asked all the time is — I’m not really getting any guidance and even when I think I am, I don’t trust it’s really from my Guides. It’s like really frustrating, please can you help me?

Discover how to deepen your connection with Divine Source, Spirit and Angels and more …

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Are you willing to be defined by the limited thoughts and projections of others around you? No? Take Your Life to the Next Level of Fulfillment, Contentment, Harmony and Joy, Prosperity and Abundance …..

Much Love, Light, Peace, Purpose, and Passion,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


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Discover the Unwritten Rule

Have you ever wondered, even for a moment, what effect being Spiritual has on your money energy?

Recently, when I was attending a New Age Expo, an older gentleman introduced himself to me. As he proceeded to tell me all about himself, who he is, his nickname, “Desert Rat” and what he does; I made some observations.

The gentleman makes Mountain Dulcimers, a special kind of musical instrument. If you’ve ever been privileged to hear a musician play one of these magical instruments then you know the haunting sound.

As he was explaining his love for making Mountain Dulcimers, my AHA moment struck when he said, “it wasn’t about the money.“

How odd, I thought to myself that so many men and women on their Spiritual path are so obsessed about everything “not being about the money,” as if making more than enough was somehow causing them to be less Spiritual or be more disconnected to Source.

What really interferes or blocks your natural flow of prosperous money energy are thoughts like these…

* it’s not about the money

* money is the root of evil

* my gifts are given to me so I shouldn’t charge for them and if I do, I can’t possibly charge very much

* More money, more problems

* if I make and have lots of money then I am denying or preventing someone else from having what they really need

… and the list is truly endless!

Let’s look at this from a different perspective for just a few short moments…

Did you know, if you are attracting, making, or manifesting more than enough money to take care of your daily needs then you are free to feel and be more spiritual because you are not worried about where the next dollar is going to come from.

We often speak about energy as endless and limitless and describe it as free flowing.  Remember that believing in abundance creates abundance.

So why do we insist that there is a shortage of money to go around? Is that even true?

Is being selfish, or greedy, or any other negative description our Ego-chitter chatter comes up with even really true?

Or is it simply causing us to feel dirty or unworthy of living a life that is debt and worry free?

Is this something you do?  Do you complain about greed or rich people?  I’d love for you to share some comments below.  Do you see how the Desert Rat opened my eyes?

As part of one of the six core training modules in Manifest More Money in 90 Days or less, starting in a few days, I will cover and share how I have helped my private clients achieve a prosperous mindset.

I used to believe that I had to choose between being Spiritual and having more than enough money to be financially free.

Here’s the truth  … at least this is my truth … It’s so much easier to live a life with more than enough so that I am able to give more, hire amazing and gifted people to help me impact hundreds of thousands of lives in ways that helps them live their dreams their way.

The curtain is being pulled all the way back because my intention, and the agenda normally reserved only for private clients, is to support YOU in living the life of your dreams.

I’ll share what I’ve learned about how it really works, what doesn’t work, and why.  I will save you years of struggle from attempting to figure out on your own how to make more money.

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Angels – What Are Angel Numbers and What Do They Mean?

Suzhou numbers

Suzhou numbers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Numbers of all kinds are an integral part of our lives in every way. Whether we are counting people or items, we use numbers.

Numbers help us calculate measurements, time, money and the intrinsic value of gem stones, art and services. Numbers are involved in everything we do even the rate of Blood Pressure and heart rate.

Angels also use numbers to communicate their messages with us on a daily basis. Have you ever noticed how certain numbers tend to show up during your day on a digital clock, or a sign or even on a vehicle license plate?

While I am an authority on and about Angels, numbers and their meanings are not in an area in which I excel.

When numbers show up for me, and they do nearly every day … I turn to a book that is all and only about Angel Numbers and their meanings.

I am always fascinated with the messages and how they resonate, confirm, validate and provide insight into what is happening in my life in that exact moment!

Most of the time the numbers are sequential like 111, 222 or 999 for example. At other times, like when I am awakened during the night, I will look at the clock and it will almost always be at the same time.

Just this morning … which truly seemed like the middle of sleep time … I was awakened and the number on the clock was 410. Of course I closed my eyes and said silently to myself … not yet more rest please, closed my eyes and promptly went back to sleep for a little while.

Do you see numbers that repeat themselves like 1212 or 989? Every number from 0 to 999, have their own very special meaning, message and guidance from Angels, your Angels.

These messages could be in answer to a question you have asked or simply your Angels reassuring you that everything is in Divine Order. They may be messages of comfort, healing, inspiration and especially of transformation.

This is my basic understanding of sequential numbers:

*111 – be aware of your thoughts and emotions, this is a time of focused manifestation through an open energy vortex or portal be sure to focus on the positive

*222 – your dreams and goals are a lot closer to manifesting than you are aware right now, keep your thoughts and energy focused on what you want rather than what you don’t

*333 – Ascended Masters are with you right now encouraging and supporting you

*444 – Angels are all around you right now providing extra love and support and helping you manifest your dreams

*555 – change, be aware of all that is happening in your life and in the lives of others around you, this is a time of great change take a deep breath and move forward with your eyes and heart open

*666 – balancing Spirituality and day-to-day life; let go of fear and doubt

*777 – be aware of where you are and where you want to be, do and have; keep your thoughts and emotions focused on what you have rather than what you don’t have or what appears to not be happening

*888 – financial prosperity and abundance; focus on your desires shifting your thoughts from a sense of lack to that of appreciation and gratitude;  giving and receiving are both part of the whole

*999 –  a sense of completion; the project you have been working on is now ready to be completed, put all the necessary components into order; a time to release what’s not working and be open to new opportunities and possibilities

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. and Lynette Brown have really brought so much insight into Angel Numbers and what they mean in their collaborative effort, Angel Numbers: The Angels Explain the Meaning of 111, 444, and Other Numbers in Your Life (2005. Hay House, Carlsbad, California)

This is the book I turn to when my Angels give me their messages in the form of recurring numbers or repeating number sequences.

About Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Terrie Marie, D.Ms, the Angel Mentor, helps Executives, Coaches and Entrepreneurs activate their Angel Dream Team Executive Board of Directors, raising their inner wealth frequency, accelerating their income, enhance the Law of Attraction, and improve relationships, transforming dreams into tangible reality!

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Through eliminating these “non-value added” activities much clarity and simplicity has emerged on a daily basis.  

As a result, I have been creating new opportunities and working with higher vibration projects that are more fun and lucrative than anything else I’ve been doing previously.  

Thanks Terrie Marie for your amazing work!”

Peter, Founder and CEO “Empower Your Brilliance”

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Enhance the Law of Attraction in Your Life!

Do you know someone who is on their Spiritual Path and is challenging with the idea or concept that it’s really “OK” to want to make lots of money experiencing true prosperity and abundance?

It’s more than “OK” to have a fabulous income BECAUSE you can actually do more of the work you love doing and not worry about where the next client is coming from or going to show up!

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Spirituality Expressing Your Divine Self

Spirituality, being and expressing your Spirituality is a balance of all things … energy, thoughts, emotion, physical action and prosperity.

Many have been taught, or rather it has been “pounded” into the minds and hearts of many that being Spiritual means you must sacrifice your desire to be prosperous, that to earn a fabulous income and have a lifestyle that you enjoy is not being Spiritual.

If worrying about how you will support yourself or make the kind of impact you dream of making, stressing about the next client or clients interferes with your Spiritual Path, the work and the message you came to share … how does this “serve” you?

Being stressed-out, feeling unworthy or worried about where the next client will “show up” is blocking your energy in all areas of your life.

Attracting more clients, making / earning fabulous money, living a wonderful lifestyle creates a freedom to truly walk your talk, giving to your favorite charities, opening that Reiki or Healing Clinic you have always dreamed of …

Activating your Personal Angels helps you raise your vibration, attract more clients, better Team and contracts creating financial freedom to express your Divine Self.

Come work with me, tune in to your Angels messages and tap into their energy watch your life transform from what could be into your realty, the life you have always known was possible but has just been out of reach …. until now!


Stand In Your Truth with Heart and Soul

Barn Owl in flight at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Truth is that which resonates deep within your heart center and within your Soul. It is about integrity with who you are. It is about having the courage to know what is real for you and what is not.

Are you aware of what your truth, your Inner-Spirit Truth is? In part it is all things, thoughts and emotions that, blended all together reflect the Spark of Divinity within your inner core, your Inner-Spirit.

It is that part of you that keeps you moving forward no matter how many times you want to say enough, I don’t want to play anymore.

This is not about giving in or giving up because the path becomes challenging at times.

This is not about feeling sorry for yourself or wishing your life was different.

It is about knowing the difference between having a moment of feeling overwhelmed or having doubt than simply refusing to take the one step you know you have to take because in reality there truly is no other choice except to move forward.

It is about knowing that you are walking your Spiritual Truth with passion, compassion and unconditional love for yourself and every other living, breathing creature.

Standing in your truth with heart and Soul means understanding and accepting you just as you are in this moment with all the dings, scrapes, all the bruises and all of the scars that tend to rise to the surface just in case you forgot how difficult it can be to simply keep stretching and stretching beyond everything you have ever known.

It means being able to reach out to someone when you have once again come up against another wall that threatens to block you from your dreams, from healing and even from fulfilling your Life’s Purpose.

Be willing to get up again and again rising to the next challenge, the next hurdle that attempts to distract you from all that you came to do in this lifetime, in this place and in this time.

Take a step back, remember to breathe and know you are supported and loved beyond measure.

Use your gift of discernment to realize what is being manifested and what is a time of rest. Be willing to see beyond the moment, practicing gratitude for what is, while you always keep looking to the horizon for the next rainbow filled moment worthy of celebration.

Stand in your truth means accepting who you are and having the courage to speak your truth to yourself. It means having the courage to keep silent when you know your truth and your energy are unwelcome.

It means accepting that some cannot see you because the light that radiates from within is too bright causing you to be invisible.

Allow all you are to begin resonating with your Soul Vibration. Be willing to rise to the next level and the next and the next. Be willing to flow with Divine Energy instead of against it.

Offer non-resistance to those who would cause you harm. Hold firm to your truth from your heart center knowing that no matter what you are walking your Spiritual Path with integrity, passion, compassion and unconditional love and acceptance.

Standing in your truth with heart and Soul requires strength and courage to be true to you and all that resonates within you.

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Mystical Goddesses – Lakshmi Is the Mystical Goddess of Prosperity and Abundance

Goddess Lakshmi

Image via Wikipedia

What is prosperity? It is defined as being without lack, flourishing financially, a state of being successful in all areas or your life.

What is abundance? It is defined as having a very large quantity of something or many things to include material and non-material things.

What kinds of non-material things create or manifest as abundance? Non-material things include love, friends, health, contentment, harmony, balance and peace of mind.

Lakshmi is the Mystical Goddess of prosperity and abundance. She will assist you, when asked, to clear any energy blockages preventing you from attaining that which you desire.

This loving Goddess will assist you in realigning your vibrational frequency, allowing the free flow of energy, attracting prosperity and abundance to you. Lakshmi will guide you. Be open to experiencing new things, exploring new ideas as you manifest wealth in ways you have yet to imagine.

Prosperity can and often does manifest in many forms. For example, if someone chooses to give you a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, you have prospered. When you are given a gift of something you would like to have, you have prospered.  When you give a gift to someone else, you have expressed a state of abundance. Expressing gratitude is a measure of abundance.

Yes, prosperity and abundance are about financial gain. Yet it is not always about the exchange of money. If your money energy, your Solar Plexus Chakra energy center is blocked, it will more difficult to attract to you circumstances and opportunities to prosper.

Take a few moments and think about the possibility of increasing your earning power simply by releasing outdate thought patterns, old mindsets and beliefs which have been limiting you. As you increase your prosperity and abundance you are able to do more, to help more people, spend more time with family and friends.

Crystals and Minerals associated with Lakshmi are: Aventurine, Malachite, Green Tourmaline, Carnelian, Red Jasper, Citrine, Tangerine Quartz and Imperial Gold.

A Message from Lakshmi*

Child of Earth, do not think about what you do not have. Think instead about the many blessings, the many gifts you have already abundantly received. Think instead of releasing any thoughts of lack. Replace thoughts of having to do without wit thoughts of gratitude and appreciation for all that which has already manifested before you.  Express sincere appreciation for all that come before, delivering you to where you are now and where it is you have yet to arrive. There is no shame except that of doubt and shame about all that has not yet arrived in physical form. There are many who seek your courage, the loving energy which radiates out from your heart center. Be at peace, releasing you to my open arms which hold for you all that is promised. Be at peace for all is well. Be at peace allowing all to unfold before you as the Lotus Blossom reveals its treasured seed pod of bountiful seeds filled with renewal and regeneration. Be at peace child of Earth.

Become aware of where you are mentally and emotionally concerning your Solar Plexus Chakra energy. If you envy what another has, consider re-focusing your thoughts and emotions and rejoice for their good fortune. In this way, this simple way, you being to release energy blockages within you, attracting prosperity and abundance to you.

Be in a state of gratitude and appreciation for all that is no longer a part of your life and your path. Be in a state of gratitude and appreciation for all that is a part of your path and your life now this moment. Be in a state of appreciation and gratitude for all that is yet to be for it is coming.

The only question remains, are you open to receive or are you delaying all that is yours?

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Angels – Archangel Ambriel Will Help You Gain Clarity

English: Sunrise at North Point Park, Milwauke...

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What is clarity? Clarity is defined as being able to see clearly. It is about clearing away confusion, doubt, disbelief and fear. It is clearing away the debris, the fog that appears when you have doubts about the next step or set of steps along the path before you.

As you are willing to see through the fog of doubt and confusion, you clear the way to seeing, sensing and knowing the truth. It is about being willing to see, to discern that which is for your highest and best good, that of your Higher-Self.

Archangel Ambriel, when asked, will assist all who seek clarity of mind, emotion and an awareness of the path before them. The gift of sight clears the way for all that is before you. Call upon the Angel of Clarity and Truth revealing unlimited possibilities which await you.

What does clarity really have to do with following your path, expanding your conscious awareness? Seeing clearly means being willing and able to see past surface appearances, past the mask of perception that someone may be attempting to hide behind.

It is important to understand or to be aware that being willing to see beyond surface appearances does not mean you are then required to continue to travel the path with someone. It is about total acceptance which includes your choice of traveling companions along the journey in physical form.

A Message from Archangel Ambriel*

What is it you seek beloved child of light? Do you seek to speak your truth more clearly? Do you seek new opportunities in job or career? Do you know what it is you seek this day? Take a few moments, light a candle of red or silver. Declare your intentions for that which you desire most. Be truthful with yourself, what is it you truly desire? Perhaps you seek a love relationship, a harmonious working environment. Perhaps you seek a deeper connection with Divine Source Energy. Focus your thoughts, your emotions upon what you desire rather than not having what you desire. Focusing upon what you do not want brings more of what you do not want, to include negative emotions and thoughts of lack. Turn your thoughts to giving thanks for all you desire; open your heart, mind, your Soul. Clear your inner space; create space for all you desire and more. Speak your truth with clarity. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Seeing clearly reveals the truth about a situation, an experience and even about someone. Being able to see clearly gives you the gift of knowledge and wisdom.

Seeing clearly enables you to reach through the fear of the unknown. It creates a sense of confidence and reassurance that all is occurring in Divine Order and arriving in Divine Time.

Speaking your truth is an excellent way to see with clarity. As you accept who you are with each step, with each experience, you are able to clear the path before you with grace and ease, trusting all you sense, know, see and hear.

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Ascended Masters – What Is An Ascended Master?

English: Great Buddha, Changhua, Taiwan

Image via Wikipedia

To better understand what an Ascended Master is, I will share with you my understanding of what it means to ascend. To ascend is to rise above and reach through the fear of the unknown. This, of course is just the beginning.

Ascend is defined as to float or suspend the physical in the air, above the physical plane of dense material energy. It is releasing, temporarily, all that is not of love and light. It is expanding conscious awareness, reaching higher and higher levels of consciousness.

To ascend is to walk the path before you as righteously as possible, living a life from the viewpoint of unconditional love and total acceptance. It is about transcending judgment, fear and limitation through healing, forgiveness of the Self and others. It is about honoring where you are, striving to the best you possible with the understanding that there are moments where faith and trust are the only stepping stones to an even higher sense of awareness.

Ascension in its simplest form means to rise above. To purify your mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual energy bodies, releasing all negative energy, thoughts and emotions. The physical body is purified through righteous actions and thoughts. It may require several lifetimes in physical form to resolve and dissolve memories of worthlessness and dis-empowerment.

It is also about surrendering the need for material things and sometimes other people in the physical sense, rising above the laws of gravity. The higher your energy vibrates, the higher your sense of conscious awareness.

Conscious awareness causes you to see, hear, feel and act differently because your awareness is no longer heavy with fear, doubt and confusion. It is instead laced with unconditional love, light and Spiritual understanding.

Transformation is the key to ascension in any moment.  Once transformation begins, the next higher vibration is that of transmutation the actual metaphysical form of alchemy from dense physical energy matter to the vibration of golden Spiritual energy. Transcendence is the attaining of ascension in its highest form, crossing over into the Etheric Plane.

An Ascended Master is, in the esoteric Metaphysical term, a human who has resolved all past issues and memories that have been experienced healed and released through multiple incarnations into physical form, rising to inhabit the Etheric Plane. The Etheric Plane or Dimension is the space in-between the Realm of Spirit and the Earthly plane of dense physical matter.

Once transition from physical form to the Etheric Plane has been completed, an Ascended Master may choose to incarnate into physical form to raise the vibration and share knowledge which assists many in understanding Spiritual teachings.

There comes a point or a lifetime in which it is the last incarnation into physical form and an Ascended Master chooses to remain in the Ethereal Dimension of non-form. It is from the Ethereal Dimension that Ascended Masters communicate with many people who are in physical form.

You need only ask an Ascended Master for his or help. Having asked, be open to receiving the guidance, validation, confirmation and the messages you seek to raise your own vibration, expanding your conscious awareness to higher and higher levels of understanding.

As you raise your vibration, you in turn raise the vibration of all whom cross your path and that of the world in which you live, work and play.

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Angels – Angel Radueriel Will Help You Take Flight

English: Flying bird at sunrise.

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The time is here to begin again, to begin stepping beyond your comfort zone. It is time to take a deep breath stepping out of the shadows of what no longer serves you or your Higher-Self.

Angel Radueriel is the Angel of Poetry, Wisdom and Insight. This Angel will help you take flight beyond all you have ever known releasing all that has attempted to bind you to the past. She will hold your hand guiding your footsteps teaching you to believe, trust and have faith all is truly possible.

For a moment, close your eyes breathe deeply and take a look back at where you were. See all you have accomplished, all that is behind you and all that is before you. Be willing to open your heart and your mind to the limitless possibilities that await you.

If you feel there are experiences, situations or relationships which have prevented you from moving forward towards attaining your dreams, your goals, be willing to release you from the emotional and mental attachment to the past.

Open your heart; begin accepting this truth of your wholeness, that which is complete within your heart center and within your core essence of light and love.

A Message from Radueriel*

Do you seek the wisdom of the ages or perhaps the wisdom you seek is discernment, aligning you with Divine Source Energy, Universal Knowledge. How will you go about seeking this wisdom, the wisdom of discernment? Sit in the silence, sing songs of praise and gratitude, give of you to you and to others unconditionally. Perhaps you prefer to write; express yourself in a way which resonates within. Discernment creates a sense of knowing within, a knowing that all is well, all is occurring in Divine Time in accordance with the Divine Plan for your life. We do not say to you all is pre-destined for there are as many choices as there are birds, bees and butterflies. Winged creatures take flight easily and effortlessly, so too can you. Take flight beloved one for there are many choices all gently guiding your footsteps along the path before you. Take heed; listen to the still small voice within for it is the Divine Spark of Divinity within you speaking your truth, love and light. Create the life you desire. Transmute the energy within you. Emerge in wholeness, for you are whole, complete and perfect, now this moment. Discernment provides choice. Discernment provides the wisdom to know that which is for your highest and best good. Insight is knowing all is as it is to be. Insight is knowing your truth. Insight is knowing what has come before may no longer resonate within you. Insight is trusting all is well with you this day. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

It is time to allow you to emerge from the past, stepping into the realm of possibility and opportunity. It is time to emerge in your wholeness, for in truth you are whole and complete now this moment without exception.

Be willing to allow all that has come before be the foundation for all you desire to have, be and do in this lifetime. Allow you the freedom to begin to pursue your dreams. Be willing to step beyond everything you have ever known, spread your wings taking flight.

Be willing to acknowledge all that has come before bringing you to where you are now this moment. Be willing to acknowledge that you have the gift of choice and discernment to guide you along your path, enjoying the journey.

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