Stone of Vision and Mystery … (Rainbow Moonstone)

Everything along your path begins with seeking that sense of what it is you’re here to do AND then HOW to accomplish this purpose without losing sight of being able to do more than sustain an abundant living.

There are many cycles … as above, so below … light and dark … expansion and resistance …. abundance and limitation … to everything there is a cycle and to every cycle there is a sense of completion.

What does this have to do with the Stone of Vision, Mystery and the Priestess? Well, simply put, everything.

With each New Moon cycle there’s the beginning of allowing into your visible experience, that which you desire most … understanding, knowledge, clarity of purpose, answers and easily recognized messages.

The Full Moon brings the current cycle to completion … a time of letting go, release and moving forward with a lighter, higher-vibration.

Rainbow Moonstone encompasses both the allowing and releasing within its energy. This magical stone,has the capability to assist you in your dreams and inner-journeying, protecting you while you go within.

The lights and darks of Rainbow Moonstone are part of its mysterious energy. As I gaze upon this magical stone, it touches a part of my conscious mind that encourages me to tap into its energy.

Tapping into its energy is made easier as you follow the natural patterns of whites, smoky white, deep charcoal grays and black spaces.

The intricate design within this beauty, Rainbow Moonstone, can help you connect with your inner-intuitive self, touching the Priestess energy within deep.

Mysteries reveal themselves as we sit in the silence, quieting the conscious mind chitter-chatter, allowing us to connect with the subconscious mind, the keeper of all things great and small … all our dreams and deepest desires.

As we allow ourselves to take a step away from, quieting the conscious mind, we create space energetically for images to rise to the surface, giving a glimpse of the bigger Vision of our lives here on Earth.

This, a glimpse of the bigger Vision for my life, is the more I’ve searched and longed for so many years.

As my fascination with Crystals, Minerals and Stones grew, the restlessness within my Heart and Soul started to calm.

There are many new gifts from Mother Earth and Rainbow Moonstone is one of these special gifts.

Mystery lies in the unknown. Visions rise from the depths of our inner-self and help us connect with the true purpose of our being here doing what we feel called and compelled to do. 

Rainbow Moonstone can help you go within, helping you decipher the messages hidden inside the images of your dreams. 

Much Love and Infinite Blessings,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Element Angels – Ophaniel Cycle of Divine Order (Angels of the Elements)

Lunar libration. see below for more descriptions

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Divine Order, what is it anyway? Have or do you plan out your day, perhaps even an entire week only to have experiences seemingly pop up out of nowhere? How do you handle little things or bigger things? Sometimes it is of course easier to go with the flow other times it is a lesson in surrendering to that which is before you.  Perhaps a few minutes, days, weeks or even months go by flowing fairly smoothly. At some point there is usually a “aha” moment where everything seems to have fallen into place even better than you could have orchestrated on your own. This is an example of the Cycle of Divine Order. Things or situations appear to be out of balance, when it may be you who is out of balance with the natural flow only to discover a much better outcome has manifested!  This is not to say you are at the whim of outside forces, there is always the gift of choice.

The moon graces us with its travels across the night sky, changing shape along its journey. Take time to observe the cycles of the moon. In what way or ways do you experience cycles within you? There are cycles of rest, cycles of great activity. During a cycle of apparent non-activity comes great growth or expansion. Do you dig seeds you have planted just a few days ago to see if they begin to set out roots? Then why do you, at times, insist in knowing exactly how things are progressing or if they are progressing fast enough?  Practice watching the moon, it continues peacefully along its nightly journey changing, morphing, renewing itself with ease phase, each cycle.

Do you seek guidance as to what to do or how to move more easily from cycle in your life to the next? Angel Ophaniel is an Angel of the Moon, ready to assist you. Not sure how to ask an Angel for their help? Write the Angel a letter, speak your request or simply say….Angel, please help me.

Trust your inner guidance, your intuitive sense, take time to discover or re-discover you. Seasons change slowly other times more quickly. Allow you the gift of changing slowly or quickly, flowing from one cycle to the next.

A Message from Ophaniel*

All is well, occurring in Divine Time in accordance with the Divine within. Trust the answers which come in the silence of sleep time, in the stillness of mediation. Trust all is unfolding as it is to be, showering you with all self-confidence discovering your uniqueness along the way. There is no greater joy than the realizing of dreams being made manifest in physical form as in the realm of spirit. Seeds once planted, grow, bear fruit and are ready for harvest in their own time. So it is the same with you, for you also experience cycles of change, cycles of creativity, and cycles of renewal.  Be patient with all things, for in being patient all shall be revealed in its time. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Allow yourself the gift of flowing from one cycle into another with grace and ease.  How do you cope with the many cycles in your life?

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