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What is Oneness? Oneness is the sense of connection with Divine Source that which surges through all living creatures. It is that part of you, your inner-Self that is always, eternally connected with Spirit. It is the place within your core essence in which all things, all situations , emotions, thoughts, all things integrate becoming one. It is a sense of being interwoven, energy flowing freely within and around you on all levels in all directions of time and space.

What is the Spark of Divinity? It is the light which radiates deep within your inner core, your true Self as it was intended. The Spark of Divinity is much like the flame of a candle which is always glowing
steadily, sharing its light as many times and as much as it is asked. The light of one candle lights a thousand other candles while maintaining its own brilliant glow. The candle lacks nothing in the giving of light.

A Message from Angel Omniel*

Oneness, harmony, alignment … become one with your inner-Self, creating harmony, being in alignment.  In all things be true to you.  There can be only oneness for you are not separate from the Creator of All There Is.  There is only harmony for dis-harmony is fear based ego perception of being all alone. All alone when seen differently is all one, all one with Source Energy, Creator of All There Is.  Oneness is being in harmony with your emotional heart center.  The heart of the matter is that you are always one with Source, always in harmony, always in alignment. Appearances, perceptions tempt to distract you from that which is your truth.  Seek first the kingdom of heaven within you; all shall be given to you in the moment of the asking, the seeking, and in the knocking upon the door.  All is given to you every time without exception. In the Realm of Spirit, all is made manifest, you choose to see or not to see.  You choose to hear or not to hear.  You choose to experience or not to experience. Become one with your desires, become one with your inner-Self.  If you want prosperity, feel prosperous.  If you want love, be loving.  If you want peace, be peaceful.  If you want harmony, be harmonious. Be that which you are in the eyes of God, Creator, and with Spirit. Simply Be. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

The Spark of Divinity allows all to experience Oneness with the Creator of All There Is, unconditionally. There are no limits, no judgment, no criticism within your heart space. There is only love, there is only light. There is only acceptance for you are whole, complete and perfect. You are a child of light and love. Look within, be willing to see not only the Spark which resides within you, be willing to see it all faces, in all places.

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