Angels of the Powers Gift You with Balance and …

Angels of the Powers gift you with peace, balance, harmony and serenity. They guide you through emotional turmoil, creating a sense of peaceful contentment … when you “ask” these Angels to help you.

Emotional turmoil can be caused or “triggered” by almost anything, especially when you are physically tired or your energy level is low and needs to be replenished.

When you are consciously aware of what you feel — even if in that moment you are not sure what “triggered” you — Angels of the Powers can help you “move through” what you are feeling or experiencing, with less drama.

Ophaniel, Angel of Divine Order, is just one of these powerful and loving Angels of the Powers. There are cycles in every area of our life and work and balance, being in balance is crucial to our Spiritual Path.

We experience highs and lows, darkness and light, confusion and clarity, just to name a few of the countless kinds of cycles within Divine Order itself.

Often after finishing a major project like creating a new Angels’ class or designing a new set of Angel cards, there will be a bit of a “let down” because it’s literally giving birth or “bringing forth” information and images channeled from Angels themselves.

Being connected for hours at a time can be draining physically, mentally and emotionally. The physical body becomes a channel for Angel Energy at the highest levels of vibration and the “recovery period” depends solely on how much energy you and your human self are able to manage and process.

Angel Ophaniel can help you — when you ask — shorten your “recovery” time, bringing your human self and Spiritual Self back into alignment with each other.

This is just one Angel who reaches out to you from the Powers Hierarchy.

So far we’ve “talked” about …

*the 3 Mystical Angel Heavens of Form, Creation and Paradise

*the first 3 Angelic Hierarchies which are Guardian Angels, Archangels and Angel Princes

*Angels of the Powers and about Ophaniel, the Angel of Divine Order

Very soon I’ll be sharing how to join me “Behind the Angelic Veil” into the Mystical World of Angels and how they help you on your Spiritual Path so you can live your purpose with prosperity and abundance.

Until we connect again …

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.