Massive Energy Shifts Leave You Feeling Out of It?

*Chakra Crystal Alignment: Have these massive energy shifts left you feeling overwhelmed or out of balance?  Are you ready to Fine-tune your subtle energy bodies and your Aura to resulting in a positive, uplifting transformation? 

Get ready to dissolve and remove out the old-energies and get realigned for the coming new year and the new, more energy potent decade? (tap here for more info and to book your Private Session)

*Intuitive Crystal Angel Oracle Consult: Are you getting the messages, answers and guidance you’re wanting? Consults help you get the clarity you want from your Guides and Spirit about your path, the guidance, messages and answers they have for you.

Tap into a deeper understanding for your path, life and business.  (tap here for more info and to book your 1:1 consult)

Here are a few of the top questions I’ve been asked … 

Q: “How does this work?” 

A: When you tap the link, you get to choose the day and time that works best for you. You can do that here with this link (Private Consult Sessions)

Q: What if I don’t have any questions? Does that matter?

A: Most of my clients don’t have any questions but still want clarity and guidance.

Q: If something comes up during the Consult, can I ask it?

A: Yes, absolutely. This is about and for you. I’m happy to channel the answer fro you.

Q: What if I can’t remember everything or write it down fast enough for alter?

A: We got you! Consults are recorded and the beginning of your Chakra and 3rd Eye Crystal Sessions are recorded too.

Q: Will anyone else see the recording?
A: No. Your Recording is for you and you alone, unlisted on my Private YouTube Channel NO ONE has access to your video recording except you. Your privacy is my top priority!

Ready to get clarity and insights? Tap here now and let’s get you set for the coming year and new decade! 


New Year or New Decade?

The New Year brings so much with it … endings and beginnings … having clarity and confirmation about what’s next is critical. Ann Ljungberg, Business Coach in Sweden, shares her experience with you about her Crystal Angel Oracle Consult.

This is the ending of a year and a decade as well as the beginning of a new year AND a new decade.

This coming year is also leap Year …. this alone gives insight into what magic is waiting for us … to get clarity and confirmation … that’s the piece to be open to receiving.

We’ll bring together Spirit, your Angelic Guides and mine, setting the intention for CrystalClearGuidance(™)  and answers  for a deeper understanding for your path, life and business.

**This is NOT fortune-telling or psychic reading.** This is about clarity, guidance and answers to your questions for your life, career and business.

Aligning your Energy with your dreams, desire and the vision you have for your life, career or business is a powerful and empowering way to get rid of old energies and make way for what’s coming in for you during this time of transition.

Make NO MISTAKE this — right now — is a time of HUGE transition and transformation … if you’ve been feeling a bit pulled, drained or not quite yourself, then this is a perfect time to get a Chakra Crystal Alignment

Ready to ‘see’ more clearly? Perhaps understand and recognize the images and the messages in your dreams? Personally, I hardly ever dream (or remember that I have) and yet, lately, I’ve been having rather prophetic dreams about what’s happening or about to happen in my life. If this is something that ‘calls’ you, a 3rd Eye Crystal Alignment, will be most beneficial for you.

Questions about which is best for you? Message me … 

Much Love and Infinite Blessings,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Master Crystologist and Intuitive Channel


Have you been in one of those

… those REALLY HUGE conference rooms with 200 to 300 people, packed online webinars and self-study course that only get you so far?

Are you done with not getting the deeper, crystal clear messages and answers to your questions about your life, relationships, financial abundance and prosperity and whether or not you’re on your right path for you?

We have a workshop for that will help you change HOW you get the answers, guidance and crystal clear messages from Angels, Spirit and your Guides.

It’s our newly updated, Intuitive Card Reader.

Join Workshop Here

*Workshop Dates: August 30th and September 6th

*Time: 4pm US Pacific / 7pm US Eastern

Yes, Workshop sessions are being recorded.

Yes, you get lifetime access to the live video workshop session

Here are 2 of the 8 most asked questions:

Q:Is it safe for me to do this? Am I going to let in any dark energy?

A: Yes, it is safe. We’re not going to open any portal to dark energy. Angels and Spirit are positive, high-vibe energy. We’re also going to set the Intention that ONLY high-vibe Angels and Spirit Guides are allowed to come through and into your energy.

Q: What kinds of cards can I use? Does it have to be a special deck?

A: You can use the cards you already have … Angel, Goddess, Ascended Master, Unicorn, Angel Oracle, Mermaid and Dolphin Cards (we will NOT be using Angel, Fairy or Dragon Tarot please). You can use traditional style Tarot cards.

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Also Receive:

Card Reading Layout Guide (a $97 value)

Three eBooks to help you connect to Angels and Spirit, for immediate download:

*Inner-Balance and Harmony: Angel Messages for Healing and Inspiration Meditation Journal eBook

*Sacred Angel Realms eBook

*Angels, Chakras and Your Energy eBook

You’ve probably tried one of those “mass group programs” read books and maybe even been giving readings …

Not really feeling the kind of confidence you’d like to feel, giving readings to help people.

These two 90-minute live video workshop sessions will help you:

Empower your self-confidence interpreting your cards.

Discover how to trust the ‘Intuitive Hits’ you get from Angels and Spirit.

Confidently leave the ‘guidebook in the box’ tapping into the deeper messages beyond the printed meanings on the cards

Instead of trying to do this all on your own, tune-in to and clear your intuitive gifts, during the Intuitive Card Reader workshop.

Go beyond the word messages on the cards, see past the surface and trust what you’re given.

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