Did you hear what Heather is saying about ….

“Terrie Marie, that was simply amazing! I have never felt anything like this before not even when I received my Reiki Master / Teacher Attunements AND we are thousands of miles apart!

I want to share with what I experienced during my Angel Attunement with you. It felt like someone was touching my head. Then I felt energy come into my body.

At one point I saw 5 different lights all around me, they weren’t blinking but they did move. I know this raised my Reiki Energy.

Then it felt like someone was hugging me and I felt such a deep feeling of Unconditional Love from the Divine that I started crying then I just felt at peace.

I’m changed Terrie Marie, I’m change from the inside out.

My hands feel different. I had injured my left thumb and I felt energy leave my thumb.

My palms are activated AND I even saw sparkles of light from my Third Eye and that has never happened for me before today!

I am blown away that I could feel everything and see Rainbow Light, the 5 Angels who were with me during this incredibly powerful Angel Attunement Ceremony.

You are always telling us to wrap ourselves in Rose Light and I want to tell you that I felt and still feel like there is a really huge cocoon of Rose Light all around me! I have shifted to another level of vibration.

I’m going to tell all my friends about this! Thank you so much for this Angel Lady! Heather Gentzler; East Berlin, Pennsylvania

Later that same day I received an email from Heather saying that she had 3 Reiki Sessions and her daughter asked for Reiki and then told her Mom “what happened to your hands I never felt anything before” … Angel Attunement is truly life-changing in an incredibly powerful and profound way …

Yes Terrie Marie I want to order and receive my Angel Attunement as soon as possible!

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