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You. Your Voice. Message. Experience.

Hello beautiful Soul,

What is it you came here to help others do? Seriously … what is it you are doing and want to be doing more of … you know fulfilling your Life Purpose even more if you could just figure out how to get in front of more people.

Maybe you or someone you know is:

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This is exactly WHY the Living Spirit & Wellness Global Directory has been created … to create an online platform for everyone who chooses to join us so that they are in front of more of their ideal clients and customers.

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YOU, your gifts, expertise, energy and your message needs to get out there more than ever before especially with what’s happening around our world these days.

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We’d love to have you be a part of our Living Spirit & Wellness Global Directory, expand your current horizons so that you can fulfill your purpose of making a difference  … it’s the reason you are here now in this place and time … to make a HUGE difference in the lives of others and by getting on front of potentially tens of thousands who are looking for you or someone you know.

It’s time beautiful Soul it really is … you and your Gifts of Transformation matter now more ever before.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Purpose,

The Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Spiritual Expansion – What Is The Difference Between Past Life Regression and Soul Restoration?

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A Soul is a glowing orb of light. It is whole. It is the Keeper of Esoteric Knowledge and Wisdom. It is all things. It is all-knowing. It is unconditional love and acceptance. It is.

Choosing to incarnate into physical form presents challenges the moment you or your Soul Essence descends from the Realm of Spirit into dense physical matter, into human form. Crossing through the Veil of Forgetfulness allows for the choosing of how you will fulfill your Life’s Purpose, the agreement you made to experience life and assist in raising the vibration of this planet in physical form.

There are many Souls who have chosen to incarnate multiple times, many for hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes. With each incarnation there are inherent challenges that may be brought forward from a previous lifetime. Not all issues or agreements have been fulfilled. Some agreements are not valid in your current lifetime and do not need to be revisited. There may however be one or two key issues, obstacles or life-traumas that require healing in this present lifetime.

Past Life Regression, in my understanding, allows you to go back into the energetic signature of previous lives to re-connect with an event or a series of events which have manifested during your current life. The events may manifest into challenges of self-image, a lack of self-worth, relationship issues or perhaps even a poverty consciousness. During a Past Life Regression opportunities for healing occur through re-discovery, reconnecting and understanding, allowing the past in its literal sense to simply dissolve in this lifetime.

Soul Restoration is only concerned with the present, this current lifetime. It is not about going backwards into what is now behind you. It is about retrieving the energetically missing piece of your Soul that somehow became temporarily detached, not disconnected, during your incarnation into physical form.

The “something that is missing” the one thing that seems to always prevent you from moving forward completely and wholly is the focus of Soul Restoration. It is about becoming consciously aware of where you are and what is not working at the Soul level, integrating the gap of what was with was is.

It is about bringing your entire Self, your emotional, mental and physical energy bodies into alignment with your Soul Essence, your Spirit. Restoration is all that it implies in its simplicity and complexity. It is restoring, it is bringing of all fragmented pieces back into alignment one with the other. It is re-aligning your Life Essence with your true Self.

In truth there is no separation from Divine Source or within your psyche, your Spirit or your Soul Essence.

Experiences during your entry into physical form and during your life as a small child or even as a young adult have set an overall tone of what has manifested or not manifested thus far.

Balance is essential in all things, all places and in all experiences to include the relationship with yourself and with others.

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