Prayer Request – Peaceful Healing

Healing Garden at Celebration Health.

Healing Garden at Celebration Health. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Angels we ask for peaceful healing in all places and in all faces.

Let there be only that which is of the highest and best good for everyone no matter the circumstances.

Allow compassion to flow easily and freely from the heart center of everything living, breathing being whehter the being is 2 legged, 4 legged, creepy-crawley or the winged creatures among us.

Many things are happening to many people. We ask for peacful resolution to all that is front of each and everyone being both physical and animal.

Angels we ask for and give thanks for peaceful resolution and healing in all places and in all faces.


Prayer Request – Co-Existing in Peace and Harmony

Angels we ask for our hearts to be softened to the plight of others

Angels we ask for your guidance along the paths before us

Angels we ask for our hearts to forgive all that is left undone and all that is done to others and to ourselves

Angels we ask for your loving healing energy to smooth the way before us and all who walk the land

Angels we ask for all to live in peaceful harmony one with the other knowing all needs, wants and desires are granted withougt causing another to suffer by the hands of another

Angels we ask the waters, the skies and the land be covered in light for all to see the many blessings in all directions of time and space from this moment forward …


Prayer Request – For All Hostages, All Enslaved or Imprisoned Everywhere

Ben Lomond (Walking Against Their Will)(45 of 199)

Image by Stephen_G via Flickr

Angels we ask in your name to deliver all who suffer at the hands of others

Angels we ask every person is being held against their will be released unharmed and in good physical health

Angels we ask all who have been held against their will be healed in body, mind and heart

Angels we ask you to guide and soften the hearts of all who seek to hold, enslave others against their will for whatever purpose or gain whether political or financial

Angels we ask you to release all who imprison themselves believing the only way open to them is to assert their dominance over others

Angels we ask for healing on all levels in directions of time for who walk the land

We give thanks for your loving guidance and so much more


Angels – Angel Hvare-Khshaeta Will Help You Step into the Light

English: Staring straight into the shining sun...

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In all things there is light and shadow. In all things there is love and fear. In all things there is harmony and disharmony, peace and chaos, balance and unbalance.

Angel Hvare-Khshaeta, whose name means Shining Sun, will when asked, assist you in shedding all that is not of love and light. Step into the light of the Sun. Allow the warm rays of the Sun to melt from you all that would prevent you from moving forward along your path.

The words, Let There Be Light, is so much more than a simple phrase. It is about allowing you to be open to the many possibilities before you. It is about surrendering all that is no longer working for you. It is about being able to reach through the fear of your current comfort zone and move beyond all you have ever known, to all that awaits you in the light.

The Sun provides much more than warmth and light. It is a symbol of trust and faith, renewal and regeneration. All creatures, all living things grow, expand and reach for the light.

Each time you reach within finding the courage and the strength to move beyond all that is now behind you, you step into the light. As you become more aware of who you are, your true Self, you create another comfort zone and feel safe to let out a sigh of relief. Once again you are asked to step beyond your current comfort zone to all that awaits you.

A Message from Hvare-Khshaeta*

Let there be light this day. Light a candle of white illuminating all which attempts to hide from you. Shine the light of the Creator upon all your thoughts and all your emotions. Be willing to see that which attempts to hide from your inner sight, your inner knowing. All is illuminated in the light; there are no shadows in the light. Look upon all people, all thoughts, all situations that would cast shadows upon you with love, acceptance and with forgiveness. Surrender all that has become illuminated. Surrender thoughts of lack, loneliness, fear based emotions. Accept where you are, look to where you desire to be. The Light of the Creator shall guide your footsteps along the path before you. Let there be light this day. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

As each day passes and flows one into the other, take a few moments to appreciate all you have released and all you have embraced. Expansion is simple and yet it is never easy nor is it difficult.

Expansion requires that you dismantle dysfunctional or outdated thought patterns, releasing judgment and embracing forgiveness and healing. Expansion is a way of life. Meaning, if you truly want to fulfill your Life’s Purpose, heal your physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual energy bodies, becoming comfortable with discomfort is the key to expanding beyond your current level of knowing and understanding.

Are you willing to mirror your words of wanting harmony, balance and to shed all that is no longer working for you? Or are you content with disharmony and discontent?

Step into the light with one foot in front of the other. Step into the light, feel the warmth on your skin. Feel all shadows melt away from you. Never stop learning, never stop growing and expanding conscious awareness of your truth in the light.

Leave the shadows now, do not look back. Look to the horizon, gaze at the rising and setting of the Sun. Have faith all is revealed in the light.

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Prayer Request – Gratitude for All Who Serve, for All Who Have Given the Ultimate Sacrifice

A dove carrying an olive branch.

Image via Wikipedia

Angels we ask you bestow your loving grace on all who serve humanity in whatever way resonates within their heart center

Angels we ask you forgive all who feel they may have in some disgraced themselves or their families

Angels we ask you to heal the hearts and minds of all who answer the calling to aid and protect

Angels we ask you heal the hearts of the families who have lost someome they love and cherish

Angels we ask you help all of us remember all who have and continue to serve

Angels we ask you help us remember all who have given the ultimate sacrifice of being away from the families they love

Angels we ask you help us remember and be grateful in thought and deed for all who have given their lives for their beliefs in keeping so many protected and our of harm’s way


Prayer Request – Peaceful Solutions for All

Angels we ask you in the name of all that is Sacred, calm the tempers of all who are in the streets speaking their truth, speaking for those who cannot or will not speak for themselves

Angels we ask you calm the energies among all who are in opposition against each other

Angels we do not ask for judegement, we simply ask for peaceful solutions for all people in all places now without delay


Prayer Request – Peacefulness in Heart, Mind and Spirit

Tropical View HDR

Image by Rick Collier via Flickr

Angels we ask you calm the hearts and minds of man and woman as they take to the streets expressing fear and frustration.

Angels we ask you calm the hearts and minds of Law Enforcement to ensure the safety of all concerned.

Angels we ask you calm the hearts and minds of all Leaders everywhere in all the lands.

Angels we ask you still the waters, the air and the Earth beneath our feet.

Angels in you name we ask for peacefulness in heart, mind and in Spirit.


Prayer Request – Peace, Harmony, Healing

Dresden Hofkirche

Image via Wikipedia

Angels we ask for peace in all places and in all situations

Angels we ask you to calm the inner-spirit of all who are feeling out of balance in any way

Angels we ask that all negative energies, all thoughts and emotions become calm before taking action in any way

Angels we ask you to bring harmony and compassion to all people, all animals, all sentient Beings

Angels we ask for healing. Healing for all who have no homes, who are hungry physically or Spiritually.

Angels we ask for healing of heart, body, mind and Soul.

Angels we ask for healing for friends and family who suffer loss of someone special and loved

Angels we ask all this and more.

Angels we give thanks for the many blessings seen and unseen.


Prayer Request – Patience During Times of Transition

Angels we ask for patience during times of transition from where we are to where are to be

Angels we ask for guidance and support

Angels we ask you teach us to trust in ways we may not completely understand

Angels we ask you lead us to the edge of all we have ever known with complete faith that the way is being revealed to us with every step

Thank you for understanding the ways of being Human and for your unconditonal love



Prayer Request – Peacefulness and Serenity

Angel of Peace

Image by Lawrence OP via Flickr

Angels we ask you to infill our hearts, minds and Spirit with peacefulness.

Angels we place into your open hands all our cares and worries knowing your loving guidance is always showing us the way.

Angels our plea is simply yet profound, we ask for peacefulness. We ask for serenity as we go about our daily lives.

Thank for hearing, honoring and having already granted our request.