Angels – Camael Angel of Divine Justice

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What is Divine Justice? Does it mean there is retribution for those who are less than kind or who cause undue hardship others? Divine Justice in my understanding is that which is radiated out from your inner –Self is gifted back to you tenfold. For each moment of radiating light and love, you receive in kind and more. For each unkind act of malice or discontent whether it is directed towards you or others will be visited upon you.

As you become more aware of whom you truly are, you become more accountable for your thoughts, your actions and your emotions. As your vibration continues to reach ever ncreasing intensity or resonates with higher frequencies, it is essential to maintain balance in all areas of your life. This means it is necessary to be balanced in physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual energies.

Camael, whose name means, Divine Justice, is the Gatekeeper of Heaven. He will, when asked, assist you in resolving issues of dis-harmony and unrest returning you to your true state of harmony, peacefulness, contentment and joy.

A Message from Angel Camael*

Balance in all things brings peacefulness, harmony, joy.  Balance in all things opens the path before you in harmony.  Balance in all things clears the path before you, illuminating all perception of shadow and darkness.  Balance in all things creates opportunities for loving you and others.  Balance in all things creates opportunities of increased prosperity, abundance, spirituality, quiet, laughter, joy, a deeper sense of love.  In all things seek balance within; balance shall be made manifest in all around you.  Your innate wisdom shall guide you without fail.  Focus not upon that which creates harm within you.  Focus not upon fear based thoughts.  Focus upon that which creates peace, harmony and joy.  At the
edge of everything you have ever known, step out into the unknown for there will be stones to support your footsteps or you shall be given wings to fly. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Balance is a word that is often misunderstood. Balance is that which resonates for you along your path, not the path of another for you. It is balancing of emotions, thoughts and energy. There is always a certain amount of shadow in the presence of light. Shadow serves to remind you that there is always a choice to see, feel and to hear differently.

How would you know harmony feels like if you did not experience dis-harmony? Contentment is often the result of working through all manner of being discontent with where you find yourself in the moment. Joy often is accompanied by happiness after tears of sorrow have been shed along the way.

Balance is another expression of Divine Justice in that all things are created equally. You have the choice of which path you will travel balancing all things or being out of balance.

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Angels – Angel of Tranquility and Peacefulness

Morning mist on Lake Mapourika, New Zealand.

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Imagine a lake, a beautiful peaceful lake. It is completely calm, almost like a mirror reflecting clouds passing by, birds flying overhead. If you are near the shore, you can see the reflection of the trees and perhaps even the rushes or cattails. This is an image, a symbol of tranquility, a sense of peacefulness deep within.

What is tranquility to you? It is a sense of inner calm? It is for me a sense of inner peace when all things are in balance one with the other. It is a sense of peace with all that is happening around me whether it be chaotic or quiet solitude.

Imagine if you will, floating in the center of a beautiful lake. There is a slight breeze, you breathe deeply the air is sweet and fragrant. It does not matter if you know how to swim or not because this is a magical place. Now imagine, if you will, floating in the center of calm, blue lake. The clouds above you drift slowly by taking with them all your cares and worries, all the stresses of all that seeks  to drain your life-force energy.

Be willing to float in total surrender experiencing peaceful tranquility. Your mind is quiet. Your emotions are only of love and harmony. Your physical body is relaxed as you have released everything into the beautiful lake which supports and nurtures you on all levels in all directions of time and space.

Your mind is free from the lists of “should, could, would”. There is only a sense of utter calmness, total freedom from all that has come before this moment and all that was laid at your feet moments ago.

A Message from the Angel of Tranquility*

This moment is all there is.  All that has come before has brought you to where you are.  Where do you wish to be in moments yet to come? Close your eyes beloved child, float in total surrender.   Arms outstretched, surrender all that does not please you. Surrender all that causes fear and doubt.  Surrender all that has come before. Surrender the need to control that which is outside of you.  Surrender the need to control the path before you.  Surrender is sweet bliss, for in surrendering all that is not of love, that which is love surrounds you in a sea of tranquility. How shall you choose to surrender this day?  *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Be willing to let go of all that is not of love. Be willing to release all your cares and worries into the light for transformation, for healing. Be willing to simply allow Divine Source Energy to flow around you, though you and within you.

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Spiritual Expansion – Divine Guidance through Claircognizance

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When was the last time you just KNEW something without any apparent rhyme or reason? You just simply knew something to be true, or that your question had been answered creating a sense of calm peacefulness within.

Claircognizance is a feeling a knowing; one that usually resonates in your Solar Plexus or Heart Chakra. The next time you “know” something, stop for a moment. Observe and acknowledge where in your body this feeling or “knowing” resonates. This exercise will assist you in discovering how to recognize when you are experiencing Claircognizance. Your self-confidence will increase, empowering you with trust, discernment and clarity.

Are there times when words just seem to come out of your mouth as if someone else is speaking through you? Perhaps a friend or colleague has asked you a question. You weren’t even sure if you knew the answer before it was so effortless spoken aloud. This is one way in which your sense of knowing manifests into physical form. For some, the sense of knowing will resonate in the middle of the back of their head as if a thought simply popped into their mind. Another way of describing this is a sudden “aha” moment.

To expand your sense of knowing, your gift of Claircognizance, each time your intuition nudges you, take a moment to discern what you feel and where in your body it resonates. You may even get chills on your arms, up your back or down your legs. Become aware of how your body reacts. You will, in time, become more and more aware. Doubt and uncertainty will become distant memories. You may choose to record your impressions, thoughts and feelings in a journal recording the date and time if you wish. After some time has passed, go back through your journal, reflecting on what truly was given to you through your sense of knowing. You will begin to recognize a pattern, trusting all you receive.

Archangel Raziel, whose name means, Keeper of Secrets and Esoteric Knowledge, is ready to assist you in expanding your gift, to use it wisely with courtesy, compassion, speaking with loving kindness.

A Message from Archangel Raziel*

All is well; all resonates within in truth, love and light. Speak clearly; listen to the words of others. Do they have the sound of truth or are they filled with shades of gray, shadow and darkness. In the light all is revealed. Allow all that is not of light and light to dissolve from within. Accept your gift with reverence, with grace, with humility. Step out of the shadows into the light where all is gifted you for your continued expansion within, radiating outward for the benefit of all. All is given you by the Creator of All There Is. Take nothing for granted beloved child for there is much before you this day. Assist those who cross your path with compassion and integrity.  Be at peace this day. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Sometimes it may appear to others that you are showing off or being a know-it-all. Be kind in your thoughts and your actions towards others. It may very well be the other person wish they had the answers or that answers came to them as easily as they do to you! If you are unsure if what you are receiving is truly Divine Guidance, hold your tongue until you are sure.

In my way of understanding, Claircognizance is remembering, recalling information as if accessing records or documents already written just waiting to be re-discovered by you!

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