There’s someone who needs YOU

To help them figure out why they aren’t getting …

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*clear answers to their questions, not hearing guidance they really want and need

*the right coach or mentor to help them grow their business with the right tools and guidance

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— OR —

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There’s someone … lots of someone’s who need YOU, your gifts, your unique of helping others tap into what they came here to do … don’t make them wait another moment.

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That’s it … We’d love for you to join us.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Purpose,

The Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


PS … If you think this doesn’t apply to you …. If you’ve been doing what you’re doing for a while, wouldn’t it be nice to take a Leap of Faith … yeah, it’s a BIG STEP … take it with a deep breath and do it anyway. Take a look at the Directory Home Page ….

PSS … Don’t see a category that ‘fits’ we’ll create one for you. That’s what we did for Marie Waters. She created her Pendulum Reading listing, then we created the Pendulum Reading Category and now Marie Waters is listed where her ideal clients can easily find her!


El Paso Psychic Fair! Saturday and Sunday October 15 and 16th!

El Paso Psychic Fair October 15 and 16, 2011 — Last Fair for this calendar year!!

Saturday and Sunday October 15th and 16th, at the Hawthorn Inn and Suites, located behind the CattleBaron on Airway Boulevard.  The hours for both Saturday
and Sunday are 11:00am to 7:00pm. $5 admission good both days!

*Crystals and Minerals!

*Crystal and Mineral Pendants  AND Crystal Pendulums – original designs by the Angel Lady!

*Hand-Hammered Singing Bowls from Tibet!

*Chakra Oils, Angel Oils, Gift Sets for the perfect Christmas Gift!

* Special Organic Herbs for protection, purification, cleanisng and balancing – White Sage, White Sage & Lavender, Lavender, Inner Spirit Cleanse

*Books, Tarot Cards and Angel Cards: Wings of Spirit and Guidebook

*Terrie Marie’s Meditation CD’s to assist you along your path

Receive 10% savings on your entire purchase with coupon! Click on link below for your coupon!

See you at the Fair!!!

El Paso Psychic Fair Flyer and Coupon