When you feel lost, make a course correction …


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During the past few months, more specifically during the latter part of February and March, I have been re-building my business model from the inside out.

I have been sharing parts of this journey with you here. Yesterday, Monday, April 22nd, was my travel day from Phoenix back to El Paso, Texas. I love the drive, it gives me the freedom to “not think” about the next step or anything else that is or isn’t happening.

Taking a very deep breath, I share this with you … it’s one way I open myself to all that I am, being comfortable with being uncomfortable and vulnerable with my peers …

Interesting thing happened on my way home from Phoenix yesterday …. I took one wrong turn, I got confused about the highway signage and ended up on Loop 202 East. After a bit, I realized that I wasn’t where I wanted to be … I kept going until I just had to “get off the loop” and get some help, correcting my course …

I found someone to give me directions to I-10. Turns out they had no idea what they were talking about because I was on 60 East which turned into something else that would eventually get me to Tucson except that somehow I ended up in Mammoth, Arizona. I was heading East but I was still “off course.”

I felt guided to stop at a Circle K in Mammoth, Arizona to ask directions. There were 2 Highway Patrolmen talking to a man. I went into the Ladies room and when I came out there was 1 Patrolman still talking to the man (looked liked a friend).

I asked if I was heading in the right direction towards Tucson. No it was in the opposite direction I was headed. I nearly started crying. The 2 men gave me directions that took me back over the same “space” that I had just traveled. Once again I re-traced my steps knowing that this time I was much closer to my desired outcome.

I did get to I-10 and was once again in a familiar “groove” and indeed heading in the right direction.

I had started this segment of my journey just after 6am and finally found my “compass” and was on I-10 heading East by 10:30am. I had used 1/3 of a tank of gas and cried along the way asking my Angels to help me “get to El Paso”.

I just kept making course corrections until the right amount of seeking outside help and trusting that I was where I was supposed to be in the moment knowing that I would reach my destination.

This is a reflection of what I have been working through these past few months re-building my business model, re-directing my energies, experiencing several Dark Nights of the Soul, and finally closing the door on the “I can’t because” tribe and walking towards the “I can, I will, I am hiring you now” tribe.

I feel as though I am on track, there is more “work” to do … isn’t there always?

The whole point of sharing this with you is … if you feel like you are lost or you are not sure of the next step … keep going in the direction of your dream and make course corrections along the way.

It is that terrifyingly simple. Go within, seek balance, re-align who you are with what you know is possible and reach for the stars … remember to ask your Guides, your Angels each step of the way AND then be open to receiving all you have asked for amd more.

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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