The Aphrodite Stone ~ Cobalto Calcite

Cobalto Calcite ~ The Aphrodite Stone Unconditional Love Energy

Compassionate. Loving. Nurturing.

It’s easy to be compassionate with others, not always with yourself. Having the Aphrodite Stone by your bedside or in your Meditation Space, is an easy way to begin to experience this loving energy.

Going within to that pure-heart-space where Love resides is like being able to connect with the Cosmos, Universal Love Energy that offers you a comforting embrace that transcends everything.

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Rhodo-Calcite Heart Chakra Energy Healing


Rhodo-Calcite has many of the same qualities and characteristics of Rhodocrosite.

When help up to the light, you can see layers of pink ranging from light to med-dark. This mirrors the natural pink and white layers of Rhodocrosite.

This is a Stone of Unconditional Love, resonates and activates the Heart Chakra. It can help you heal, release and forgive deep emotional wounds.

Rhodo-Calcite’s soft, loving energy is soothing, calming and comforting.

PINK CALCITE:  Cleanses energy at the deepest levels possible. You need only be open, allowing the energy to flow deep within you.

Pink Calcite helps you release self-judgement and practice non-judgement of others. You do not have to ‘like’ what people around you are doing. This Crystal can help you accept the others choose for themselves, releasing judgement and even condemnation.

Holding this beautiful piece in my hand, my left hand, I could immediately feel the soft, loving energy flow into and through my heart center. It’s like my heart sighed with love and comfort and compassion all in the same moment.

METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Resonates and activates Heart Chakra; unconditional love, self-love, forgiveness and emotional healing; forgiveness of self and others.

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Angels and Crystals are perfect together

Imagine pairing Angels and Crystals to raise your vibration to the next highest frequency. That’s exactly what happens when you bring together high-energy crystals and Angels.

This is a project the Angels and I have been working with for 8 months. Channeling the Angels and Archangels who wanted very much to be with you in more than energy and to work with specific crystals to help you become a mover and shaker of your current reality.

Here’s what I mean beautiful Soul  …

*Manifest Your Desires – Archangel Uriel, Garnet and Yellow Agate activate your Solar Plexus, the power center for manifesting and attracting more of what you want into your life (tap here)

*Protection and Clear Your Path – Archangel Michael, Blue Apatite and Hemimorphite crystals clear your path and protect you from negative energy (tap here)

*Love and Relationships – Archangel Jophiel, Rhodonite and Hemimorphite help you heal your heart with unconditional love (tap here)

*Prosperity and Abundance – Angel Barakiel, Malachite and Chrysoprase tap into the flow of prosperity and abundance (tap here)

*Dream the Dream – Archangel Haziel, Iolite, Hemimorphite, Chaorite, Chrysocolla and Moonstone help you tap into that undeniable belief in the power of your dreams, trust and faith (tap here)

*Chakra Balance – Archangel Metatron and 7 Crystals help you balance all 7 major Chakras, clearing blockages and increasing the flow of energy (tap here)

*Intuitive Gifts – Archangel Jeremiel, Chaorite, Iolite, Blue Apatite and Moonstone help you tap into your natural gifts of knowing, seeing, hearing and sensing (tap here)

*Spiritual Path and Life Purpose – Archangel Chamuel, Chaorite, Hemimorphite and Black Tourmaline protect you on your Spiritual Path to fulfilling your Life Purpose (tap here)

These beautiful mini-sphere Crystal Bead Bracelets are blessed and charged with Angel Energy. There are Angels and Archangels for each bracelet to help magnetize, align, attract, manifest, raise your vibe and tap into your deepest heart’s desires to live your life the way you choose to live it!

Much Love, Light, Peace and Purpose,

The Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Are You Helping Spirit and Your Angels Help You?

Hello beautiful Soul,

Not sure HOW to attract more of what you want?

What about MORE people to serve?

Hmmmm …. Sure who doesn’t want to be of service, attract more clients and customers AND get paid to do what they love?

Before some of you roll your eyes art me or whatever … let’s get real for just a few minutes.

Everyone, yes even you and me too, want the kind of lifestyle where we dream of serving in a much BIGGER way than we are right now.

No matter where you are in your business …

*just getting started

*dreaming of getting started

*been doing ‘this’ for a while now

*well on your way to mid or high 5-figures or crossing over into 6-figure incomes

Everyone wants to do more. To do more, there needs to be more exposure (the right kind of exposure!)

So here are 10 ways to help Spirit, your Guides and Angels help you …

#1 – Are you on Facebook or even Instagram? Start doing livestreams. Sure, they can be scary and nerve-wracking BUT they are amazing for helping your potential clients really get a sense of your energy. And with time, it will get easier … promise!

#2 – Yup, email inboxes are stuffed to the gills and back again BUT if you’re not collecting email addresses and emailing your online community at least 2 or 3 times a week, they are going to forget all about you and what you have to offer them that is really going to help them.

#3 – Social Media is and has been ‘where it’s at’ for quite some time. Maybe you and I are connected on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Facebook. Posts are about a wide range of topics are related to or directly about Empaths and Energy and Angels too, of course. All the posts have information to help someone who takes the time to read or watch one of the few hundred videos I’ve done over the years.

#4 – Blog Posts or Articles, like this one that speak to the persons you want to attract and would love to work with AND these amazing beautiful Souls are waiting for YOU to help them find you. When you write about what it is you do in a way that speaks to your potential clients and customers, the energy is out there and it makes it easier to be found.

#5 – Okay, you have been ‘this’ for a while now, maybe a few months or even a few years and there are clients and customers who may not have heard from you lately or ever since their last session. Reach out; make a phone call, send an email, text or Private Message. Start with a “hello how are you” and go from there. Will everyone you reach out to say ‘yes’ … probably not. If you don’t reach out at all, you’re not going to connect to the ones who really need you right now.

#6 – How about offering a Free Challenge? Here are a few ideas: Tarot Challenge; Intuitive Connection Challenge; Facebook Live Challenge; Raise Your Vibe Challenge or how about a Challenge that reflects your specific skills and talents as a reader, healer, coach or consultant?

#7 – Host a Telesummit, choose a topic and invite Guest Speakers. Or you could Interview colleagues in your field of expertise. You get to know your colleagues and they get to know you AND your potential clients and customers get to see more of you too.

#8 – Hand Out Flyers or Business Cards in Local Area Businesses, in your city or town … or a neighboring town. This gives you an opportunity to become more visible and known in your area. You never know who prefers to meet with a Reader, Healer, Coach or Consultant face-to-face. Maybe offer to teach classes in the Metaphysical Coffee or book Shops.

#9 – Cross-promote a colleague with a complimentary service, class or workshop. This could help both you and your colleague offer a package that is even juicier to attract even more people for both of you. You could take it a step further and go-in-with 2 others for an even wider reach.

#10 – Spiritual Directories like the Living Spirit and Wellness Directory can help you reach out to more people. This is an online Directory that has the potential to help you stop being one of the best-kept secrets on the Internet and even in your local community. Check out the amazing Readers, Healers, Naturopathy Practitioners, Coaches, Graphic Designers and Self-Publishing Consultants who have listings in this Directory. (tap here to view member listings here)

The more people who know about you, the more you are ‘putting your energy out there’. By helping Spirit, your Guides and your Angels help you, you project MORE ENERGY and magnetize what you do best so that your potential clients and customers can not only find but also HIRE YOU!

The bottom line is this …. The more you are able to follow your dreams of doing what you love AND manifesting prosperity and abundance, the easier it is to do more of what you love doing.

It is that simple and yes, it can be complicated if you allow it to be.

STOP being a SECRET!

Choose 2 or 3 ideas from this list that really resonate with you and get started today.

Much love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

the Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


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June, 2011 Renew Your Spirit – Angel Muriel – Quan Yin – Rose Quartz

Indian lotus, sacred lotus or bean of India Ne...

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Renew Your Spirit

            for the Mystic Healer within Each of Us

Angel of the Month – Muriel

Muriel, whose name means, “God’s Perfume, is the Angel of Scent, the sweet nectar of Divine Light, emotion and grace within. When asked, Muriel will assist you in calming emotions allowing all that is no longer needed or wanted to simply be released from within. Be willing to release all that no longer serves you, all that is now behind you. Be willing to open your heart to all that is in front of you with gentle courage as you travel the path before you.

Mystical Goddess of the Month – Quan Yin

Quan Yin is the Mystical Goddess of compassion, nurturing your inner-Spirit with loving kindness. Quan Yin’s energy is soft, giving and loving filled with compassion for all regardless of where you find yourself in this moment or the next. This Mystical Goddess is often depicted sitting, standing or holding a Lotus blossom symbolic of renewal and regeneration. The  Sacred Lotus of renewal resides within your heart center. It will assist you in renewing your Spirit as you focus upon gifting all, including you, compassion.

Crystal or Mineral of the Month – Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the stone of love, kindness, compassion and heartfelt forgiveness. The soft, gentle yet powerful vibration of love is unlike any other. Love has the capability to heal all wounds past or present. Love is the most powerful of all emotions, of all vibrational energy frequencies. Be willing to fill your heart space with love, releasing all things into the light for transformational healing.

Be open to receiving all you request, all you seek. All is unfolding before you in Divine Grace.

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Pink Crystals and Gemstones – Pink Tourmaline Stone of Reconciliation

Tourmaline :: Locality: Himalaya Mine (Himalay...

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Rubellite, also known as Pink Tourmaline, is highly recognized for its soft yet powerful light pink vibrational frequency. It is one of the three Trinity Stones linking heart, body and mind, one with the other.  Its color ranges from light pink to a deep rosy-red.

The mind creates thoughts. Emotions create thoughts. Thoughts create emotions. Use the Trinity Stones, Rose Quartz, Kunzite and Pink Tourmaline to integrate and align your entire Be-ing, balancing your energy on multiple levels individually and ultimately, creating simultaneous alignment from within.

Pink Tourmaline works with and integrates your higher Spiritual Chakra energy centers with your physical awareness, the lower physical body energy centers.  It will assist you in balancing male-female energy, the yin yang pull of duality within the physical realm.

It enhances communication between the Realm of Spirit and that of the conscious mind, igniting intuitively received guidance, psychic awareness, expanding a sense of Mysticism. Rubellite may be used to heal relationships between friends, family and between lovers.

Are you willing to release the past? This crystalline stone will, if you are willing to be complete honest with you, will reach deep within your emotional energy body, cleansing and healing in all directions of time and space. Be willing to release you from reliving, re-playing old emotional tapes causing additional pain and suffering.

Place Pink Tourmaline on your Heart Chakra during meditation to encourage emotional healing, reaching beneath superficial layers, dissolving patterns of defensive behavior which no longer serves you.  It may also be worn as a pendant close to the Heart energy center.

*Angelic Realm Association: Archangel Ariel, whose name means, Lion of God, will assist you in healing emotional wounds, relationship harmony, awaken trust, encourages fidelity

*Healing Properties: heartache, balance male-female energy, removes energy blockages within the emotional energy body

*Vibrational Frequency: powerful, divine healing love, soothing, calms the Spirit

*Spiritual Properties: balance and align physical and Spiritual energies, simultaneous alignment, stimulates Mysticism

When used during healing sessions, it will enable the healer to become a better listener, expressing compassion rather than sympathy. It also encourages active listening, focusing on what is being said during a healing session, opening the healer the Spiritual Realm through the Heart Chakra radiating unconditional love and acceptance.

Working with this incredible, yet delicately structured crystal, you will begin to accept that it is once again safe to open your heart to love, trusting your sense of oneness with your Divine Self.

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Pink Crystals and Gemstones – Kunzite Stone of the Self


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Self-discipline, self-awareness, self-expansion are among the many gifts given the unique vibration of Kunzite. It is soft, it is powerful it is self-regulating in intensity, corresponding to the user for maximum benefit. It is a stone of Unconditional Love, healing deep emotional wounds from days long since past.

It is usually soft lilac-pink or pastel-pink in color, whose crystalline form appears to have many tiny, vertical ridge-like lines which act as conduits, or channels of energy. Kunzite is a powerful healing stone, calming the heart, softening emotional pain of heartbreak and rejection. It will cause you to expand your connection to the Infinite Source of Love and Light, Diving Source Energy; clearing your connection with your inner-Self, your core essence, the seat of your emotional existence.

This gemstone integrates, if you are open and willing to undergo such an emotional transformation, the Throat, Heart and Third Eye Chakra energy centers. Be willing to release blockages in your Throat Chakra, enabling you to speak more lovingly to yourself and to others, encouraging Heart Chakra healing at its very core, empowering you to see beyond pain and sorrow through your Third Eye.

Be compassionate first with yourself as you work with Kunzite. It will, in time empower you to focus on loving thoughts, communicating with softer words and tone of voice, which in turn increases self-love, self acceptance. Love is an incredibly purifying energy, penetrating deep into your physical and emotional body at the cellular level. It is possible to begin experiencing peacefulness within a very short time.

When used during mediation, Kunzite will center the physical body, assisting alignment of the Heart and Throat Chakras one with the other, in seamless unison.  It will amplify a sense of emotional equilibrium.

*Angelic Realm Association: Archangel Jophiel, whose name means, Beauty of God, when asked, will assist you in radiating compassion, giving and receiving love without expectations, without condition.

*Healing Properties: deep emotional healing, nurturing, compassion, relieves depression,

*Vibrational Frequency: rapid, strong, powerful self-regulating energy integrating inner and outer Self

*Spiritual Properties: clears connection with Divine Source Energy, activates higher consciousness

Allow Kunzite to protect your Aura from unwanted negative energy, from psychic attack as it stimulates positive self-talk, self-love and healing.

Be prepared to heal at an accelerated rate. Be prepared to connect with your higher consciousness. Be prepared to release all you have thought or believed about love relationships whether it is family, friend, or an intimate love relationship. Be prepared to allow all lower negative, painful memories dissolving no longer needed patterns of behavior, opening the pathway before you.

Connect with Angels every day when you click this link from Terrie Marie, the Angel Lady and Desert Rose Healing Arts! All you need to do is enter your name and email address to begin connecting with Angels!

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*Spiritual Properties: align emotional, physical, mental and Spiritual bodies, increased intuition

Being willing to heal trust issues, feelings of insecurity, will enable you to release past heartache, opening the way before you to experience a life filled with love and compassion. Yes, you may encounter unpleasant experiences as you travel the path along your journey. Know you have the tools to overcome and dissolve blockages, self-limiting beliefs of not having all you desire to receive and to give to another in the name of love.

And now I invite you to discover how you can directly align your inner Self with your outer physical body when you visit from Terrie Marie the Angel Lady and Desert Rose Healing Arts!

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