You. Your Voice. Message. Experience.

Hello beautiful Soul,

What is it you came here to help others do? Seriously … what is it you are doing and want to be doing more of … you know fulfilling your Life Purpose even more if you could just figure out how to get in front of more people.

Maybe you or someone you know is:

*Life Coach or Spiritual Mentor

*Akashic Records Reader or Teach others

*Naturopathy for Animals or Naturopathic Practitioner

*Aromatherapy. Feng Shui Consultant, Yoga Instructor

*Graphic Design, Web-Developer, Sales Funnel Expert

*Publishing for Amazon or Kindle

Those are just a few of the categories that are part of the Living Spirit & Wellness Global Directory …

15 minutes could change your life and your business!

That’s all it takes, 15 minutes to create a listing for your business or service.

Here’s a super short video of what the directory looks like.


We’re already growing — Living Spirit & Wellness Global Directory of Healers, Readers, Spiritual Leaders, Empaths and Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Practitioners — maybe you or someone you know really needs to get their specialty out into the world but haven’t quite figured out how to do that … there are so many steps, processes and … well, you get the idea …

This is exactly WHY the Living Spirit & Wellness Global Directory has been created … to create an online platform for everyone who chooses to join us so that they are in front of more of their ideal clients and customers.

Early Bird Special of only $27 for the first 12 months … that’s less than $2.25 (US) a month! Early Bird Special ENDS November 30th and the listing fee goes up to $47, December 1st.

YOU, your gifts, expertise, energy and your message needs to get out there more than ever before especially with what’s happening around our world these days.

Have questions? Let’s get you on my calendar for a 15-minute consult with me. I’ll happily answer all your questions so you can make the right and perfect choice for you and your services. (tap here to get on my calendar)

We’d love to have you be a part of our Living Spirit & Wellness Global Directory, expand your current horizons so that you can fulfill your purpose of making a difference  … it’s the reason you are here now in this place and time … to make a HUGE difference in the lives of others and by getting on front of potentially tens of thousands who are looking for you or someone you know.

It’s time beautiful Soul it really is … you and your Gifts of Transformation matter now more ever before.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Purpose,

The Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


StairWay to Inner-Enlightenment Academy of Metaphysics January 2012 Open-Enrollment Begins Today!

Hello Bright Light!

I am so excited to be sharing with you a very special opportunity to work with me!

It is my StairWay to Inner-Enlightenment Academy of Metaphysics!

Each and every time you experience a mind-set shift or a shift in your energy, you cross through a doorway or energy portal.

There are five Energy Portals Plus Initiation and Certification.

The five Energy Portals are:

*Become Comfortable in Your Skin

*Becoming a Clear and Perfect Channel

*Access Your Intuitive Gifts and Psychic Powers

*Connecting with Spirit

*The Secret of Balance

*Initiation and Certification

Each Energy Portal is a Private One-Day Intensive with me by phone, Skype or In-Person.

I share with you my personal step-by-step system how to do what I do.

Each time I work with someone one-on-one, I receive messages that are unique and personal to you from Angels and Ascended Masters.

I would really love to work with you. Attached is your application to apply for one of the six remaining spots to work with me..

The open-enrollment period begins today, January 23rd and ends at midnight January 31, 2012. After January 31st the special open-enrollment savings goes away.  Click the link below for your Application today!

This is for you if…

*you want to experience your personal breakthrough

*you are ready to begin fulfilling your Life’s Purpose with passion

*you want to discover your Intuitive Gifts and Psychic Powers

This is not for you if…

*you would rather stay in your comfort zone

*you are not ready for inner balance or harmony in your life

*you aren’t willing to take action

This is for you if…

*you are tired of hiding from your truth

*you want to access Angel Energy with clarity and trust what you receive

*you are open to transformation in all areas of your life

I encourage you to fill-out the application even if you are not sure this if right for you or if you are unsure if you are ready.

By filling out the application, you will have a better idea about where you are and where you want to be in your life.

I would really love to work with you so fill out the application today and forward it by email directly to me at 0r fax your application to 915-626-5054.

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.