[2 0f 2] Secrets of Unleashing the Power of Angels in Your Life

During the past couple of weeks, we’ve shared …

… Gesele, Angel of Divine Life Purpose and how she can help us clear our mental and emotional energy to have a “clearer view” of what is happening on our Spiritual Path

… Archangel Metatron and his being the Keeper of the Akashic Records and being able to help us access ancient mystical teachings

… Archangel Michael and his ability to protect us from negative energy and clear our thoughts, path and emotions

… Melchizedek Angel of Spiritual Growth and Expansion and how he can help us with major decisions and nudge us when we’re not really paying attention to guidance we requested

… Asariel is the Angel that will help you trust that feeling in the pit of your belly deep within your Solar Plexus

… Nathaniel is the Angel who is ready to guide us through the process of turning fear and doubt into smoke and ash … clearing the way for healing and moving forward with our lives

Then we peeled back the veil into nine Angelic Realms giving you a glimpse into …

… The Heaven of Form: Angels in this Hierarchy are the closest to humankind, offering personal assistance and the gift of transcendence to higher levels of energy along your Spiritual Path

… The Heaven of Creation: Angels in this Hierarchy are here to help us with unconditional love and understanding; relationships with ourselves and with others around us

… The Heaven of Paradise: Angels in this Hierarchy are closest to Divine Presence. There is no EGO … there is only Unconditional Love and Source Light

When you join us for Angels of the Sacred Realms you’ll learn soooo much about Angels and the Angelic Realms …

Angels of the Sacred Realms

The purpose of all of this is bringing more awareness into the lives of as many women and men just like OR someone you know, who really wants to know …

… Angels are with them in ways that can feel, see or sense … so many of us — I have felt this way in the past — feel alone and isolated, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore

… how to connect with Angels in ways that work for them, instead of being frustrated with not getting the guidance and answers to their questions

… learn which Angels can help you the most with your dreams, goals and figuring out what your Divine Life Purpose is instead of … struggling to figure out which Angels can help you the way you need and want help the most

This is just part of what Angels of the Sacred Realms has to offer you … the bottom line is this … just $7 for a 30-day trial … exclusive, private community of like-minded women and men … group calls focusing on one Angel … click here to enroll now …

I’m being guided to add this … for everyone who chooses to join us between now and October 1st, will receive a special bonus gift … a chapter from Sacred Angel Realms: A Pocket Guide into Nine Angelic Hierarchies … Chapter Six: Dominions.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Prayer Request for all the Animals of this Planet

Nature - Animal - Wildlife - White White-taile...

Nature – Animal – Wildlife – White White-tailed Deer (Photo credit: blmiers2)

A good quality example of a Dartmoor Pony. The...

Warning!!!...Tiger in training...:O))

Warning!!!…Tiger in training…:O)) (Photo credit: law_keven)

Prayer Request for all the Animals of this Planet

 Angels as for your loving intervention in the name of all animals everywhere for the following …

Angels we ask for love and compassion

Angels we ask for health and well-being

Angels we ask for comfortable shelter

Angels we ask for enough food and water

Angels we ask for safety and protection

Angels we ask for humane treatment

Angels we ask for healing of body, heart and Spirit

In full faith and gratitude …..


Prayer Request – Peaceful Healing

Healing Garden at Celebration Health.

Healing Garden at Celebration Health. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Angels we ask for peaceful healing in all places and in all faces.

Let there be only that which is of the highest and best good for everyone no matter the circumstances.

Allow compassion to flow easily and freely from the heart center of everything living, breathing being whehter the being is 2 legged, 4 legged, creepy-crawley or the winged creatures among us.

Many things are happening to many people. We ask for peacful resolution to all that is front of each and everyone being both physical and animal.

Angels we ask for and give thanks for peaceful resolution and healing in all places and in all faces.


Prayer request – Peace and Harmony in the Workplace

Angels we ask you for peace and harmony in the workplace

Angels we ask for healing in the workplace

Angels we ask for clear, respectful communication in the workplace

Angels we you to clear out and remove all that is not of love and light in the workplace

Angels we you to fill the nooks and crannies, the offices, the cubicles, the hallways and doorways with divine white light and unconditional love

Angels we thank you for hearing and honoring our request

Thank you for this and all you do ….


Angels – Archangel Sandalphon Weaves Your Prayers Into A Garland

People praying during Durga puja. Original tit...

Image via Wikipedia

What is prayer? It is very personal and very different to each and every person. Prayer is a way of centering and balancing all your thoughts and emotions, grounding excess energy both negative and positive.

Prayer is a form of meditation as it enables you to heal, forgive, release and expand all in the same moment or moments.

It helps you align with all you desire to have and to do. It helps you align so that you are able to release all that no longer resonates with your current energy vibration.

Archangel Sandalphon, whose name means, Power and Glory of God, will when asked assist you by delivering your prayer requests to the Realm of Spirit on your behalf. Be willing to go within before you speak your requests out loud. Come from that place within you of unconditional love and total acceptance.

A Message from Archangel Sandalphon*

All you have asked, all you have sought, all these things and more are woven into a garland. A garland of your prayers, your wants and your desires lay about your shoulders to comfort, to assist you along your journey. All have been answered in the Realm of Spirit and in your heart. Yes, beloved child, not all has been made manifest in to physical form. Your requests have not always been for your highest and best good. Discernment is a gift given to you to choose wisely in love and light. Choices made are steps along the path before you providing the gift of choice. Look within you, you know what is for your highest and best good. We understand the path before you is not always to your liking, it is not always smooth, nor is the why of things always made clear to you. Know, trust and have faith all is in Divine Order, occurring in Divine Time according to your true essence within, according to your inner truth and your desires for happiness, love fulfilled, prosperity and abundance. Take heed for all shall be made manifest as your true Self desires it to be. Choose wisely. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

As you learn to speak your truth, the truth of all that choose to allow into your life, you align with all that is already made manifest in your name in the Realm of Spirit.

Ask Archangel Sandalphon to carry your sacred requests to the Realm of Spirit in your name for your highest and best good and for the highest and best good of all concerned.

Connect with Terrie Marie, Angels and the Realm of Spirit every day when you click this link from Terrie Marie the Angel Lady and Desert Rose Healing Arts!  Enter your name and email address to begin connecting with your own Spirituality!


Prayer Request – Earthquakes Healing Around the World

Tree front

Image via Wikipedia

Angels we ask for the calming of the Earth

Angels we ask for the waters of the Great Oceans to remain calm

Angels we ask for healing for all who have been injured in any way

Angels we ask for healing of Earth Mother and Sky Father so that all may live in peace and harmony

Angels thank you for this and all you do for all of us ….


Prayer Request – Co-Existing in Peace and Harmony

Angels we ask for our hearts to be softened to the plight of others

Angels we ask for your guidance along the paths before us

Angels we ask for our hearts to forgive all that is left undone and all that is done to others and to ourselves

Angels we ask for your loving healing energy to smooth the way before us and all who walk the land

Angels we ask for all to live in peaceful harmony one with the other knowing all needs, wants and desires are granted withougt causing another to suffer by the hands of another

Angels we ask the waters, the skies and the land be covered in light for all to see the many blessings in all directions of time and space from this moment forward …


Prayer Request – Healing of Human, Animal, Earth Mother


Image by dj @ oxherder arts via Flickr

Angels we ask for healing of body and mind for all living creatures both human and animal

Angels we ask for healing of all plants, forests, rivers, streams, lakes, mountains, meadows and the skies

Angels we ask for all to be healed without delay, without condition and without exception

Angels we ask you carry light, love and healing to all places, all faces

Angels we ask Earth Mother be cared for, held Sacred as in the days of the beginning

Angels we ask all animals be free of torment to live in peace and harmony one with the other and with humankind

Angels we ask all humans to healed in body and mind, releasing all pain, sorrow and torment replacing all that is unwanted with loving kindness, harmon, joy, compassion, prosperity and abundance for there is more than enough for all to live in peace

Thank you for hearing and honoring our words, our please for your loving healing light and energy

So be it, so be it, so be it and so it is


Prayer Request – Gratitude for All Who Serve, for All Who Have Given the Ultimate Sacrifice

A dove carrying an olive branch.

Image via Wikipedia

Angels we ask you bestow your loving grace on all who serve humanity in whatever way resonates within their heart center

Angels we ask you forgive all who feel they may have in some disgraced themselves or their families

Angels we ask you to heal the hearts and minds of all who answer the calling to aid and protect

Angels we ask you heal the hearts of the families who have lost someome they love and cherish

Angels we ask you help all of us remember all who have and continue to serve

Angels we ask you help us remember all who have given the ultimate sacrifice of being away from the families they love

Angels we ask you help us remember and be grateful in thought and deed for all who have given their lives for their beliefs in keeping so many protected and our of harm’s way


Prayer Request – Peaceful Solutions for All

Angels we ask you in the name of all that is Sacred, calm the tempers of all who are in the streets speaking their truth, speaking for those who cannot or will not speak for themselves

Angels we ask you calm the energies among all who are in opposition against each other

Angels we do not ask for judegement, we simply ask for peaceful solutions for all people in all places now without delay