Angels – Rainbow Angel Lillianna of the Realm of Green Light

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The Heart is the center of your emotional energy body. Emotions are the central core of all that resides and radiates outward from within. It is said emotions control our every thought, action and reaction. There is much truth for there is very little that is not filled with the emotion of love or fear.

Green, a combination of yellow and blue, is the center, the heart of the Rainbow. Greenlight bridges both the physical and Spiritual realms symbolizing balance, healing, nurturing, growth, prosperity and abundance.

Lillianna, Angel of the Green Ray, gifts you with heartfelt compassion, love and acceptance, unconditionally. There is only Love. There is only Divine Light. Step into the light of loving forgiveness, shed all pain and sorrow. Open your heart to your true essence, your true sense of Self.

Most often, the Heart Chaka resonates with the color green. The focal point of your energy centers symbolizes harmony, love, compassion, balance, growth and nurturing yourself and others. The Heart
is also the center of forgiveness and loving kindness. It is through love that healing truly begins. Remember, beloved Child of Light to also forgive you as you heal from all that is now behind you.

Crystals associated with Angel Lillianna are Green Tourmaline and Malachite. There are many shades of green to delight the eye which enhance healing your emotional energy body.

Green Tourmaline is a healing stone not to be taken lightly. Not only does it resonate with the energy center of the Heart, it also resonates with and assists in aligning your entire physical Be-ing. It is capable of balancing all of you Chakra’s simultaneously. This is a very powerful, vibrant stone, to be respected and worked with gradually so as not to over-stimulate your physical body. Spiritual Properties:
resonating with the most subtle of Spiritual Expansion at a very deep, profound level of understanding and healing. Green Tourmaline is a very powerful healer, allowing you to reach through the veil of forgetfulness, enabling the user to retrieve health and emotional stability, regaining strength and vitality naturally.

Malachite is another powerful healing stone. It is dense and magical, calming and soothing frayed nerves, bringing a sense of harmony to the Heart Center as you move through the healing process on many levels simultaneously. It is a stone for manifesting wealth, prosperity and great abundance. If you are experiencing a lack of self-wroth, Malachite will assist you in healing the chasm of having absorbed and accepted the sense of self-worth others have projected upon you.

A Message from Lillianna*

Beloved child of Divine Love and compassion, do not be distressed as you go about your day healing from days long since past. As you become more aware of your true Self, your true essence of light and love, know you are not alone in you in journey. Know you are supported in Spirit and on physical form for there are many who support and love you unconditionally without imposing their will upon you.  You are love in all its purest form. You are love expressed without fear of reprisal. You are love expressed in a smile, a kind gesture, a word of comfort, a moment of silence. You are whole, complete and perfect. You are love.*channeled through Terrie Marie, the Angel Lady

Call upon Lillianna to assist you in all you do. Come from love and love shall come to you. Come from loving kindness and you shall be shown the same. Do not look for love, allow love to come to you attracting to you all you desire in your life and more.

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Angels – Rainbow Angel Arrianna Angel of the Realm of Blue Light

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The color blue is associated with the Throat Chakra, is the color of movement, free flowing energy and communication. Blue symbolizes emotion, speaking your truth not only to others but also to you. If you cannot speak your truth to yourself, it is more difficult to express your ideas, concerns and your desires.

As a symbol of Divinity, it represents boundless imagination, the unlimited potential you brought with you into this life. When you gaze up at the sky, at the horizon, at a lake or the ocean what do you see?  Do you see an edge where your vision is simply blocked from seeing further? No, you are gifted with seeing beyond that which is directly in front of you.

Arrianna, the Angel of the Blue Ray, gifts you with peace and understanding, the ability to see beyond the moment, to travel beyond that which is now behind you. She will assist you in experiencing peacefulness, soothing and calming excess energy creating a sense of harmony deep within your inner core essence. This Rainbow Angel calls upon you to become consciously aware of your own Divinity, the Spark of Divinity within you.

Celestial Blue by any other name is that of Aqua Aura, the sky, the ocean and of waterfalls. Aqua Aura is the crystal of the Blue Ray, that of Rainbow Angel Arrianna. Blue is soothing and calming. It is a symbol of Spirituality and the Divinity within. The color blue calms the Spirit and soothes the Soul.

Aqua Aura draws you in moment by moment, assisting you in releasing fear of the unknown. It offers protection from the conscious mindful negativity of others, dissolving negativity within you, allowing you to open your heart to the Realm of Spirit. It offers psychic protection, the opportunity for self-transformation and multi-dimensional healing.

Are you willing to open your heart, your mind, Soul and your Spirit to all that is gifted to you in the Realm of Spirit? Place Aqua Aura in your left hand, call upon Angel Arrianna to assist you in seeing the truth for yourself, your truth, not the truth another would have you see. Be willing to speak your truth to yourself. It need not be spoken aloud. It is essential you become aware of and accept you as you are now this moment. If you are not content with where you find yourself, begin where you are and move forward one step at a time.

A Message from Arrianna*

Child of light to whom do you speak your truth if you do not speak it to yourself? Where do you gift your eyes to seeing if not your truth? Sit in the silence; look up at the sky on a cloudless day. Can you not see far into the horizon beyond all that is now known to you? Inhale the coolness of the skies, the oceans, the lakes and the rivers. Allow your Spirit energy to flow past all you have known. Allow your Spirit energy to flow out beyond the horizon of what is now behind you. Begin where you are beloved child of light, see beyond that which is known to you. Speak your truth with love in your voice, in your heart. See your truth when you gaze into the reflection of your Soul. Be not afraid of who you are, for you whole, complete and perfect. You are a child of light. You are created in the likeness of Angels. Be kind to you this day, seek peacefulness and harmony. Joy and laughter shall follow you always as you flow effortlessly along the stream of life before you.* channeled through Terrie Marie, the Angel Lady

Arrianna is waiting to heed your request to speak to yourself with loving kindness as you begin to flow with the stream of energy rather than against it. Flowing with the energy stream enables you to transition from where you are to where you want to be effortlessly. Begin now, begin today. Don not wait any longer to accept you as you are for you are light and love.

The sound of a gurgling stream, waves gently rocking the shore with their rhythmic song is music to my restless Soul.  What speaks to you?

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Angels – Rainbow Angel Archangel Taharial Guardian of Rainbow Light

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The Guardian of Rainbow Light is the Gatekeeper of Divine White Light, the Guardian of Pure Divine White Light. White Light in the world of art is the absence of all color, a type of void. In the Realm of Spirit, white light is all inclusive; it is all that is of love and light. White light shines before you through the stillness showing you the way along your path. It shines through all that would blind you to seeing, to discerning all that is not for your highest and best good, for your Higher-Self.  Pure Divine White Light is the essence of All There Is in all Realms.

Archangel Taharial, whose name means, Purity of God is the Guardian of all that is sacred, all that is of love and light. This Archangel is purity in its wholeness, it is complete unto itself.  Ask for guidance, for  assistance in discovering your Life’s Purpose. Once you have asked, be open to guidance given be willing to step beyond your comfort zone into all you already are in the Realm of Spirit.

Apophyllite, a beautiful gleaming milky-white crystal, will assist you in lifting the veil between the physical realm of matter and the Realm of Spirit. It will promote a sense of expanded consciousness; enhance your innate intuitive ability. It resonates with the Third Eye and Crown Chakra energy centers.

You may also choose to work with the following Crystals and Minerals in reaching through the veil between Realms:

*Angelite: instills a sense of peaceful calm and tranquility, enabling the healer to deepen his or her connection with Angels. It resonates with the Throat, Crown and Third Eye Chakra energy centers. Be willing to expand your awareness with yourself and the Realm of Spirit, with Rainbow Angels.

*Angel Aura: its shimmering light resembles a Rainbow in all its glorious colors. It will allow you to reach through the veil of forgetfulness into the Realm of Angels. If you listen closely, with an open heart, you will hear the song of Angels. You might even begin to sense the energy of Rainbow Angels all around you.

*Fluorite:the stone of the Rainbow Bridge of Light, empowering all who have the courage to step all that is known into a marvelous realm of energy and light unlike any other. Expand your sense of knowing; re-charge your Chakra energy centers simultaneously. This stone will calibrate itself to your vibrational frequency, gently, cleansing and balancing your entire physical Be-ing with your truest, purest
sense of Self, your Inner-Self.

Are you willing to close your eyes, opening your heart and your mind to an incredible journey across the sky across time and space as we know it journeying across this realm into the Realm of Rainbow Angels?

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