Angels and Crystals are perfect together

Imagine pairing Angels and Crystals to raise your vibration to the next highest frequency. That’s exactly what happens when you bring together high-energy crystals and Angels.

This is a project the Angels and I have been working with for 8 months. Channeling the Angels and Archangels who wanted very much to be with you in more than energy and to work with specific crystals to help you become a mover and shaker of your current reality.

Here’s what I mean beautiful Soul  …

*Manifest Your Desires – Archangel Uriel, Garnet and Yellow Agate activate your Solar Plexus, the power center for manifesting and attracting more of what you want into your life (tap here)

*Protection and Clear Your Path – Archangel Michael, Blue Apatite and Hemimorphite crystals clear your path and protect you from negative energy (tap here)

*Love and Relationships – Archangel Jophiel, Rhodonite and Hemimorphite help you heal your heart with unconditional love (tap here)

*Prosperity and Abundance – Angel Barakiel, Malachite and Chrysoprase tap into the flow of prosperity and abundance (tap here)

*Dream the Dream – Archangel Haziel, Iolite, Hemimorphite, Chaorite, Chrysocolla and Moonstone help you tap into that undeniable belief in the power of your dreams, trust and faith (tap here)

*Chakra Balance – Archangel Metatron and 7 Crystals help you balance all 7 major Chakras, clearing blockages and increasing the flow of energy (tap here)

*Intuitive Gifts – Archangel Jeremiel, Chaorite, Iolite, Blue Apatite and Moonstone help you tap into your natural gifts of knowing, seeing, hearing and sensing (tap here)

*Spiritual Path and Life Purpose – Archangel Chamuel, Chaorite, Hemimorphite and Black Tourmaline protect you on your Spiritual Path to fulfilling your Life Purpose (tap here)

These beautiful mini-sphere Crystal Bead Bracelets are blessed and charged with Angel Energy. There are Angels and Archangels for each bracelet to help magnetize, align, attract, manifest, raise your vibe and tap into your deepest heart’s desires to live your life the way you choose to live it!

Much Love, Light, Peace and Purpose,

The Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Blue Crystals and Minerals – Chrysocolla the Peace Stone


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Blue symbolizes peacefulness, serenity, emotions, and unlimited potential within you. The Peace Stone, known as Chrysocolla possesses a very high energy frequency. Gem Silica is another name for this incredible healing stone of deep blues and greens.

Renowned for its incredible virtues of peace and compassion, it enables the user to breathe deeply releasing emotional pain and sorrow. As a healing stone it is capable of healing at the cellular level, clearing blockages in both the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra.

Resonating with the Throat Chakra, Gem Silica dissolves any fear of speaking your truth, realizing your worth, your true sense of Self. When speaking your truth remember to speak from the heart with love in your voice, your energy and in your eyes.

The Heart Chakra works with Chrysocolla to balance your emotions, healing from wounds past or present instilling a sense of peaceful calm.

Chrysocolla may we carried in your pocket, worn as a pendant between the Throat and Heart energy centers, placed on your desk at work, in your home. If place on your bedside table or under your pillow, it will work with your during your sleep and dream time. Emotional healing can be both subtle and dramatic creating within you a heartfelt energy shift changing your life.

*Angelic Realm Association: Archangel Raphael, whose name means, He Who Heals, will assist you in healing your inner-Spirit. Archangel Gabriel, whose name means, Messenger of God, will assist you in speaking your truth with loving kindness and integrity.

*Element Angel: Kokabiel, Angel of the Stars, will assist you in staying focused upon the path before you, illuminating your every step. Anpiel, Angel of the Sky, will assist you in seeing beyond physical realm
limitations, recognizing your unlimited potential.

*Ascended Masters: El Morya Khan, will assist you with Ancient Spiritual Truths, gaining insight into all your Life’s Purpose and beyond. Master Hilarion, will assist you with the courage to create your own reality, healing your sense of self-worth, opening the door to unlimited possibilities before you.

*Healing Properties: emotional wounds from heartbreak, dissolve Throat Chakra blockages, soothes frayed nerves, calms emotions; peacefulness, compassion; tolerance; patience

*Vibrational Frequency: extremely high vibration; balances male and female energies

*Spiritual Properties: heighten your connection with Divine Source, reaches through the veil between the Realm of Spirit and the physical realm of matter

Using Chrysocolla during meditation will bring peace of mind and heart to the user. Hold this magical healing stone in your left hand, allow its vibration to flow through you cleansing, balancing and aligning your mental, physical and emotional energy bodies with the Divine Purpose for your life.

When used during an energy healing, it will enable the practitioner and the client both to receive powerful emotional healing, releasing the heart to move forward in love and light.

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Shift Your Energy – Transformational Energy Healing


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Transformational Energy Healing blends traditional Usui Ryoho Reiki, Sound, Angelic Light Weaving, and the use of crystals and gemstones into one healing modality.

Hello, my name is Terrie Marie, the Angel Lady. I am an Angelic Realm channel, connected to and communicating with Angels daily. As a conduit, a channel for thee Angelic Realm, I share thee Angels energy and intuitively received messages for all who seek a better way along the journey called life.

In 1989 I discovered a book “The Spiritual Value of Gem Stones” by Wally and Jenny Richardson and Lorena Huett (1980). Excited about discovering the power and energy of different crystals, I taught myself to channel energy in through my left hand and out my right hand. For the next 20 years I would practice channeling energy with family and friends relieving pain and suffering. I received my Reiki Master / Teacher Attunement in 2006. In 2009, I was attuned as an Angelic Light Weaving Master Teacher by Archangel Raphael, with Golden Rainbow Light.

Transformational Energy Healing is a symphony of Reiki, sound, Crystals and gemstones, cutting cords and Angelic Light Weaving.

Spiritually guided life-force energy enters my Crown Chakra flowing through my physical body and out through my hands.

Traditional Usui Ryoho Reiki is the laying-on of hands, an energy healing modality which detoxes the inner-Self and the physical body.

Sound is an integral part of energy work providing focus for the conscious mind allowing thoughts and emotions as well as the physical body to relax. As the conscious mind relaxes, the body releases stress. Mind and body relax into soft meditative music becoming open and receptive to Divine Source Energy flowing throughout the physical body and into the Auric energy field.

Crystals and gemstones enhance the overall energy healing experience. Crystals and gemstones have their own unique vibrational signature resonating to specific energy frequencies. Each vibrational frequency or energy signature assists in dispelling negative energy, promoting healing from within re-aligning body, mind and Soul.

Attachments more commonly referred to as etheric energy cords or simply cords, are cut during energy healing. Cutting negatively attached cords are essential to overall well-being. Negative energy cords drain positive energy from the physical body and Auric Energy Field. When cutting cords, it is not possible to cut only negative energy cords. It is important to note that all positive energy cords such as positive attachments to family and friends, automatically re-attach. Only negative energy cords remain detached.

Angelic Light Weaving works in and through the Auric Energy Field or subtle energy bodies, aligning corresponding Chakra energy centers within the physical body, radiating outward from the physical body into the mental, emotional, spiritual and Etheric energy bodies.  Golden threads of Rainbow Light are gently woven in, around and through your Auric Energy Field; above, below and within your physical body, emotional and spiritual energy fields. Angelic Light Weaving seeks to calm, cleanse and balance the subtle energy bodies, harmonizing the Auric Energy Field with the physical body.

Transformational Energy Healing begins with the client laying face up on a flat surface. The floor, bed or dining room table will work just as well as a massage table. After the practitioner grounds, the client’s Aura is gently swept from head to toe cleansing away any outer negative energy debris. The Aura may be swept with feathers or the hands. Kyanite is placed on the client’s torso to dispel negative energy as it is brought to the surface from within during the energy healing.  Reiki energy beginning with the head is given, continuing down the length of the body to the feet. The client’s Aura is then cleansed with Angelic Light Weaving. Etheric cords are cut using a Selenite crystal wand or sacred knife.  Crystals and gemstones are used to cut any remaining negative etheric cords, cleansing and balancing the physical body and Auric Energy Field, and for calming the inner-Self with the outer physical body, unifying body, mind and Soul.

The benefits of receiving a Transformational Energy Healing are relaxation and stress reduction, calming the nervous system, releasing negatively charged or stored energy, quieting mind chatter, creating a peaceful state of serenity. The human body is its own natural healer. Transformational Energy Healing is not intended to replace proper Medical Care or Advice; it is an alternative healing modality whose intention is to promote a sense of overall well-being, assisting the body’s own natural healing process.

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Crystals and Minerals – Azurite Malachite Jewel of Wisdom

Jewel of Wisdom and Discernment

The Jewel of Wisdom is a wonderful, naturally occurring combination of Azurite and Malachite. Both minerals gift us all with their own unique qualities of healing, discernment, wisdom and calming the Spirit.  When combined, each integrates with the other creating its own unique energy frequency, its signature vibration.

One gift to be treasured is enhanced communication between the physical and Spiritual Realms, enabling all who choose to work with this incredible duo, an expanded sense of conscious awareness. Another gift is its extraordinary healing power, interlacing and integrating your upper or Spiritual Realm Chakra energy centers one with the other.

Azurite-Malachite resonates with the Heart, Third Eye, Throat and Crown Chakras. In working with the Heart Chakra, it assists in releasing past emotional trauma no matter the origin. The Throat Chakra is opened more fully, enabling you to clear any blockages caused by not being able to speak your truth. The Crown Chakra is our direct connection with the Realm of Spirit, enabling all who choose, to reach through the Veil of Forgetfulness, remembering our Life’s Purpose. The Third Eye, our Chakra of sight and seeing, clears the pathway to recognizing our inner essence, guiding us along the journey we chose long ago.

Ancient Egyptians used Azurite to heighten Spiritual communication with their Gods and Goddesses, soothing the Soul along its physical realm journey. They also used the power of malachite to effect great change within their physical bodies, healing at the cellular level.

*Angelic Realm Association: Archangel Gabriel, whose name means, Messenger of God, will assist you in speaking your wisdom with truth and integrity. Archangel Raphael, whose name means, God Heals, will assist you in reaching through the fear of what is now behind you, seeing beyond surface appearances, healing on all levels. Archangel Taharial, whose name means, Purity of God, will assist you in knowing and accepting your true self, the Spark of Divinity within.

*Healing Properties: self-confidence, emotional healing, softens the tongue, reduces stress, relieves tension

*Vibrational Frequency: powerful, healing, soothing, strengthen the immune system, ground excess energy, integration

*Spiritual Properties: enhance intuition, calms the Spirit, transformation, re-birthing the Spirit, heals the psyche

If you seek to open, cleanse, or expand your Third Eye, working with this incredible duo of malachite and Azurite will, when worked with consistently, open your inner forms of communication with the Realm of Spirit in ways you have yet to imagine!

This stone is very powerful, yet it is subtle in the way it transmits or flows energy through you, weaving its magical properties of wisdom, healing and communication. There is no part of your core essence, your physical body or your Ethereal energy body that will be left untouched.

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Angels – Archangel Raphael Healing and Harmony

Archangel Raphael represents the Divine Healer within each of us.  He is the patron of travelers, and of journeys within, assisting you in healing your body, mind, and Spirit on all levels, in all directions of time and space.  This Archangel is the protector and guide for healers, in all healing professions.  Call upon Archangel Raphael to assist you in releasing limiting beliefs, healing your heart from hurt or disappointment, real or perceived.  He will, if asked, guide you to the right and perfect healer or physician to assist you.

Colors usually associated with this Archangel are emerald green and amethyst purple. Green is most often associated with the Heart Charka and purple is the color of healing and for healers. Purple is also associated with the Crown Chakra, Spiritual Expansion and conscious awareness.

A Message from Archangel Raphael*

There is much which surrounds you that is not of love and light. In all things heal you. Heal your core from that which is behind now behind you. That which is now behind you has brought you to where you are. Celebrate giving thanks where you are for it shall be your stepping stone to all that is before you. Look within; discover your own Divine Spark of Divinity. Your inner Spirit is whole complete perfection.  Your inner Spirit needs nothing, no one outside itself, for all things, all needs, all desires await you in the Realm of Spirit. Your physical self seeks healing, comfort, love, joy, abundance, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance. Know you are all things to yourself and to all who surround you. Choose to heal your inner Self. Choose to release all that no longer serves you. Choose to step into the light of forgiveness. Stepping into the light creates a sense of freedom, releasing you from past burdens, worries or concerns. Burdens do not aid you in the seeking of happiness and joy. In reaching for joy in all things, great and small, align yourself with the light, in oneness. In truth there is no separation between your core essence of love and light and your physical self. Your core essence is always connected with Divine Source Energy. In truth you are always connected with your inner Spirit, always connected with your Higher Self, with the One Source of All There Is. Choose healing. Choose peace and harmony. Choose light. Choose to love you unconditionally. Choose courage. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Do you seek you a love relationship, perhaps your Soul Mate? Begin healing your heart space, the physical center of love and emotion. Release all past relationships, clearing space for your Soul Mate, your life’s partner. Release feelings of not being loveable or of being unloved. As you focus on your inner healing, your energy shifts. As your energy shifts you project or radiate a loving energy attracting more love into your life. As you become more loving, loving you and others more openly, you attract to you all you desire and more.

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