Angels – Angel Barakiel Will Help You Open Your Heart and Your Mind

Afrikaans: Kleurryke blomme in die Weskus Nasi...

Afrikaans: Kleurryke blomme in die Weskus Nasionale Park in Suid-Afrika. English: A field of flowers in the West Coast National Park in South Africa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Angels are by your side the moment you ask them for their help. There is no delay there is only acceptance, unconditional love and support for you every time without except, without judgment. There is only love and there is only light. There is no room for shadow and darkness in the light.

Ask Angel Barakiel, whose name means, God’s Blessing, to help you open your heart and your mind to that which you desire most. There is nothing you cannot do if you are willing to release the fear of the unknown.

What does it mean to open your heart? If you are more afraid of allowing someone into your heart or you have built so many walls of protection against hurt and betrayal, you will always be on the outside looking in.  Give you the gift of being loved and cherished by first loving and cherishing yourself.

As the walls around your heart are built and reinforced with every disappointment or rude unkind remark, you create a fortress that is nearly impossible to penetrate. There are many people in your life that love you.

What does it mean to open your mind? Opening your mind is about being willing to hear, acknowledge and consider seeing differently. It is about being willing to see another person’s point of view.

Be willing to open your mind, your thoughts and your heartfelt emotions to all that is already in your life. Release that which no longer resonates and allow the newly formed void to be filled with faith, love and light.

Opening your heart and your mind does not mean you have to accept what someone else does or says as your truth for you. It is about honoring what your friend or loved one feels is the truth for themselves just as you desire to be honored for your truth.

A Message from Angel Barakiel*

In the name of the Creator, give thanks for there is much too thankful for. In the name of the Creator, humble yourself to receive all that is made manifest in the Realm of Spirit in your name. Do not doubt all that waits for you in the Realm of Spirit. Do not doubt all your good shall be made manifest into physical form before you. Have faith all is arriving in Divine Time. It may appear your good is being kept from you. We ask you to look around you can you not see the many blessings which surround you this moment? Are you willing to accept that which is, looking to what shall be? Are you open to receiving all your heart’s desires?  Do you seek peace and harmony, healing and forgiveness, joy and laughter? That which you seek with an open heart and an open mind shall be gifted to you. You are whole, complete and perfect now, this moment. Know you are loved, cherished, and blessed beyond measure. Look behind you, have you not journeyed along the path before you learning, loving, forgiving and healing yourself beyond your imagination? How then can you have doubts? Trust, have faith that all is occurring in Divine Time. Give thanks for there is much to be thankful for. Accept all that is shown to you, because there are untold gifts for you with each step along the path before you. With an open heart and an open mind lovingly set one foot before the other, the path before you is more beautiful, more loving, more harmonious and more abundant than you imagine for you are a most precious gift of love and light. Go forth beloved one, for you are loved beyond measure. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

Angel Barakiel is waiting for you to ask him to help you remove the wall around your heart and in your mind one brick at a time.

Yes, there will always be a few who are unkind. Are you really willing to allow those who are unkind prevent you from moving forward?

In the end, the people who mind don’t matter and the people who don’t mind are the people in your life who do matter. These are the people who are supportive and encourage you along your path for you. The people who matter have only love and light in their mind and in their heart for you.

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