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[Prosperity] Relationship Abundance


When we hear the word relationship, most of us automatically think of an intimate relationship, having a partner to go through life with sharing our trials and our triumphs.

The most important relationship we can ever have is the one you have with yourself.

There are three kinds or levels of relationship you have with yourself …

#1 – The first level is all about self-love, loving yourself unconditionally.

If you don’t love yourself and all the scraps, scars, dings and bruises that you have experienced and accumulated over your lifetime, then you don’t — not really in truly — accept yourself wholly and completely.

There was a time when I had no idea what that meant, to love myself unconditionally. I was very busy trying to fit in, to be normal like everyone else around me.  It was almost an obsession to like others so I wouldn’t be different.

I didn’t like who I was turning into, much less love myself. I mean, really? Love myself? No one else seemed to love me, not the real me deep down on the inside, so how could I possibly love myself?

It took a lot of effort, determination and many Dark Nights of the Soul to truly be able to love and accept me — the real me, including the shadow parts I sometimes wished weren’t there to remind me of my failures.

But I would be denying who I am if I disowned even one moment or experience or any of the people who crossed my path along the way.

#2 – Who are you really?

Knowing who you are and what you came here to do is the next deeper level of discovering the true relationship you have with yourself.

You are whole and complete just the way you are. Sure, okay, so maybe you haven’t felt whole and complete. Maybe you feel broken on the inside.

The question is how do you or can you get to a place where you feel like you’re actually healing and patching up the holes, tears and rips in your heart, mind and Aura?

One step at a time. Place one foot in front of the other by going within and identifying what’s real, what’s not real, what’s yours and what really belongs to someone else.

Then you do the work to heal, release, let go and create space for something or someone new.

#3 – The third or deepest level is belief and value.

Do you believe you have what it takes to manifest your dreams?

Do you value what you have to offer others?

Before you start saying or thinking yeah, yeah Terrie Marie, I’ve heard all this before, do yourself a favor … ask yourself … do you?

All of these levels of who you are, are important because without any one of them, you wouldn’t be whole and complete.

Once you really GET this, you can then start to see and feel who need and want to become to realize your dreams, living your purpose full-out.

You have to know who you were and who you are now, so you can take that Leap of Faith to get you to where you want to go, where in your heart you just know you need to get to no matter what.

The question is, are you ready to nurture the most important relationship you can ever have? I hope so. I truly hope so.

Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.