Spiritual Expansion – Divine Guidance through Meditation

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The gift of being able to receive guidance, answers to questions, clarity along the path before you reverberates deep within your very core, your inner essence. As a Light Worker, whether or not you practice energy healing for example, walking your talk is paramount to the journey before you. There may be times when the chatter, extraneous thoughts in your mind are all shouting for your attention! It is essential to once again center yourself, aligning your inner self with your outer physical and energy bodies.

Meditation is as easy or difficult as you chose to make it. Meditation is quieting the mind, clearing out unnecessary “mind chatter,” enabling you to allow your inner guidance, your intuition to become part of your conscious mind. There are many ways and many places to practice the art of meditation. There are countless books, classes and CD’s to assist you along the way. The intention here and now is to assist you in expanding, developing or encouraging you to discover a way which resonates with you to quiet the seemingly never ending noise in your head.

One of the ways in which to meditate is to find a quiet place outside under a beautiful tree, by a lake or gurgling stream. One of my favorite places is beside a waterfall. OK so not many of us, including me, have access to a waterfall, so the next best place is a special chair, a corner of your bedroom. If possible, choose an area in your home where you can be at peace, undisturbed for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

In the beginning, you may choose to start with 5 minutes. Just the idea of sitting still for me in the beginning was overwhelming. What would I do, how would I possible get my mind to be quiet for 5 minutes! Play soft, peaceful music; focus on the flame of a white or silver candle. Focus your thoughts, your entire physical being on the cadence of your breath. Thoughts will come and go, some days will be easier than others to quiet your mind.

It is in the silence your consciousness will expand, allowing that which appears to be beyond your reach at this moment to suddenly, as if by magic be presented to you in a way which makes total and perfect sense. Meditation is a way to regulate the physical body, allowing you to de-stress, resolving issues within without over thinking, over analyzing every word, action or deed. Simply allow your body and your mind to find a natural rhythm. In time, for some it will require more practice, you will relish the peacefulness within.

The Angel of Meditation, Iahhel will assist you in preparing for the silence within; quieting your mind, your emotions, your thoughts, allowing all to float away from you with ease.

A Message from Angel Iahhel*

Breathe in …..breathe out…..feel your body relaxing, releasing all your cares and worries. Breathe in…breathe out….as thoughts surface, allow them to float out of your mind. This is your time of nurturing you in a different way, experiencing a sense of oneness, stillness, harmony and balance from the inside out. Gift you with time and patience trusting all is being revealed to you in Divine Time. You will discover much about your inner essence, the truth of who you truly are. Smile for there is much to be grateful for. All you seek is found within. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Once you have been meditating for a while, people or situations which caused discomfort or irritation will affect you less. Yes, there will those occasions where you will encounter stress, concern and possible doubt or fear. By taking time to meditate you will, in time, experience more peace in more areas of your life more consistently.

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Angels – Angel of Serenity What Is Serenity?

High Desert greets the Sun

Are you willing to release attachment to that which is now behind you? Are you willing to step into the light of a thousand white candles? To experience serenity is to be willing to move away from all things, all situations, all people who no longer serve your highest and best, your Higher-Self. It is about allowing, graciously allowing all who choose a path different from yours, a path that is away rather than with you. Releasing is a gift given to you and to others as we, all of us, attempt to follow our chosen path with as much integrity as possible.

The path less traveled is a way of life, it is not always chosen, at least not in the beginning, by all who choose to follow the path before them. The path before us all is often filled with opportunities to choose again and again and yet again. There are many distractions, people in our lives who for one reason or another choose to step away following their own pathway, their own journey.

So how does serenity flow into choice? It flows with acceptance, with unconditional acceptance for others and for ourselves as we journey in this Realm of physical matter, of physical manifestation with its many choices, many gifts, many delights and yes even disappointments along the way.

A Message from the Angel of Serenity *

Challenges, conflicts arise before you in many ways presenting illusions of discontent, mistrust, dis-ease, dis-harmony. The path less traveled is one of serenity, releasing that which attempts to distract you from your true path. Stay the course beloved child for there is much for you to do, much light to share amongst all who would see it. Be not afraid for there is nothing, no-one, and no experience to fear. That which at first appears to be an obstacle, a challenge, a loss may indeed be a blessing being gifted to you. Allow all that is gifted in love and light to seek you. Allow all that is placed before you that is not of love and light to simply flow past you for there is no truth in darkness and shadow. The path less traveled is the way of serenity, peace and joy, harmony and contentment, abundance and prosperity, a knowing all is well this moment and every moment. Breathe beloved child for all shall be revealed to you. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Choose to experience serenity as much as possible. Serenity is a state of harmony and bliss knowing there are choices for all concerned. Choose how to react or choose non-reaction. Choose to graciously allow Divine Source Energy to flow into and through your life. Ask thee Angels to assist you, to guide you as you walk the path less traveled.

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Angels – Angel of Power

Song of the Angels by Bouguereau, 1825–1905.

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What is power? Power is managing the Self, both physical and Spirit filled. Power is the attainment of self-empowerment, a sense of confidence in the knowing, sensing, seeing, hearing, believing and trusting in your inner guidance. It is practicing and having faith you are following your path, knowing you are being guided with loving-kindness.

Knowing your truth is the first step or conscious awareness towards power of the Self. How do you know what your truth is? Your truth is that which resonates within bringing clarity, harmony and a sense of fulfillment. Be willing to speak your truth to yourself.

Accepting you as you are now this moment is another step along the path before you in your awareness of who you truly are, a child of light and love, loved beyond measure. Acceptance is essential in learning to speak your truth, to walking in the light along your path, not the path of another.

Power is trusting that which you receive from Divine Source. Trusting and having faith that all is in Divine Order for the highest and best good of all concerned regardless of outward appearances, perceptions of others.

A Message from the Angel of Power*

Breathe deeply, exhale slowly. Breathe deeply, exhale slowly. Calm your mind, still your thoughts.  Feel this moment come to life.  There is only this moment there is no other.  Seek the light and love within you, there is no power greater than the Light of the Lord, Creator.  There is no power greater than the light which shines from within you this moment.  Become a beacon for yourself.  Illuminate all before you; accept all that has come before for it delivered you to where you find yourself now.  Look forward; focus upon where you choose to be.  Seek illumination within. Light the way for yourself, no other can light the way for you.  Look to the light beloved child for all is indeed in Divine Order.  If what you see, hear, feel, does not please you, choose differently.  In the choosing you empower you.  How shall you choose to celebrate, empowering yourself? *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

How would you manage both the physical and Spirit? Allow you to flow with Divine Source as it flows within, around and through you aligning you with Divine Source Energy.

There are as many paths as there are stars in the night skies. There are many twists and turns, things and people that co-incide one with the other. There are no accidents, there are no coincidences. There is only that which aligns you with Divine Source, should you choose to allow it.

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Tip of the Week – Conditional vs Unconditional

Understanding, mural by Robert Lewis Reid. Sec...

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Conditional versus unconditional …. love, acceptance, support, compassion…..

Conditional, in my understanding is having or attaching a condition or parameter for giving something to someone else. For example, if I say “I accept your choices for you” only to later say to someone “yeah but you should have known this” or “I didn’t want to say anything at the time but….” Attaching a condition for loving someone translates into “if you do this I will love you more” or “if you don’t do this for me I will withhold support, understanding, love and I may even ignore or blow you off”.

Unconditional, in my understand is being wholly and completely open, accepting, supporting and being compassionate when things appear to not go the way we thought they would. Your decisions for you and your path are yours, not mine nor anyone elses. If I say to you “I accept your decisions, you have my support regardless of what you choose for you” trust I will not at some later date say “well I knew it wouldn’t work” or “why did you choose that you know you are always choosing wrongly, can’t you see what these choices are doing to you?” It is not my place nor anyone else’s place to judge whether or not your choices are “correct” or for “your highest good”.

True, each one of us has filters or veils through which we view, see and experience the journey before us, myself included. Daily I practice discernment. Discerning the “chihuahua ego chatter” from that of my truest desires to accept everyone, to include me, in the most open and loving way possible. To support someone means, unless there is grave danger to body or Spirit, to support them through crisis, emotional dis-stress, dis-harmony, assisting someone who reaches out to you to guide them back to their sense of balance and harmony.

Being or giving unconditionally does not ask of you nor does it require you or anyone else to remain in an un-loving environment, to remain in an unpleasant situation. It does not mean you allow another to violate your boundaries for you.

Each one of us desires, and at times craves to be accepted, loved and supported for who we are, choices we make along the way regardless if another understands us or our choices. Knowing that what one person chooses for himself / herself is their truth is all that is necessary for any of us to accept another’s choices, accepting their path is different from our own.

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the Angel Lady


May, 2011 – Renew Your Spirit –Angel Ambriel – Ganesh – Clear Quartz


Desert Rose Healing Arts

Renew Your Spirit

for the Mystic Healer within Each of Us

Angel of the Month – Ambriel

Ambriel is the Angel of Truth and Clarity. Angel Ambriel will, when asked, assist you in clearing thoughts of confusion, lack and doubt from your mind. He will assist you in seeking clarity in discovering your true potential. Increase your sense of worth and self-confidence. Angel Ambriel is eager to assist you in resolving any conflicting emotions concerning communication. He will assist you in seeking new job opportunities, clearing the way before you.

Ascended Master of the Month – Ganesh

Ganesh is the Ascended Master for clearing obstacles, prosperity and wisdom. Ask Ganesh to clear any and all obstacles that appear before you. Obstacles may manifest into physical form such as self-doubt, feelings of not being-worthy, the perception that there are no opportunities for you, that there is a scarcity of job opportunities. Ganesh will assist you in clearing obstacles from your path, creating opportunities where there appeared to be none just a moment before!

Crystal or Mineral of the Month – Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz amplifies the color ray frequency of all other crystals, minerals and stones; dispels negativity; provides protection, clears lower negative energies; promotes inner sight clarity and seeing, enhancing the Third Eye; energizes and cleanses. Clear Quartz crystals magnifies the energies of all other crystals, activates and stores energy; assists in balancing emotions.

Be open to receiving all you request, all you seek. All is unfolding before you in Divine Grace.

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Spiritual Expansion – Divine Guidance through Clairvoyance

Third eye

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Everything and everyone is comprised of energy, vibrating at many levels, emitting many different frequencies. We all see and sense things differently; intuitively receiving information in countless ways. One of the ways in which we receive Divine Guidance is through our sight, inner sight, clear seeing, Clairvoyance.

Do you sometimes experience seeing what appears to be a shadow out of the corner of your eye only to discover there is nothing there? Do you see beyond surface appearances into the heart, the Soul or perhaps another person’s Aura?

Clairvoyance is by definition “clear seeing” or seeing clearly through your inner sight. If you are a very visual person, it is very possible you have the gift of Clairvoyance.  When you close your eyes do you see vivid images whether they are in color, black and white or shades of gray?

Answers or messages may be gifted to you in the form of dreams or visions during you waking hours. As a child I would often daydream….not always a good thing during school hours! You may be reading a book, meditating, or gazing at something. Your conscious mind is occupied with another task allowing your inner sight to gift you with images, impressions, names of places or people you know. These are but a few of the many ways in which it is possible to receive Divine Guidance through inner sight. It is not necessary for your Third Eye to be completely awakened or open in order to “see clearly,” receiving messages.

How can you develop or expand this gift? Begin by quieting your mind, playing soft, relaxing music. Light a white or rose candle. As you focus on your breathing, allow your eyes to focus upon the flame of the candle. Soften your gaze just a little, how many colors do you see in the flame? After a few moments, close your eyes. Do you still see the candle flame? Open your eyes, gaze at the flame for a slightly longer period of time, close your eyes. Now do you see the image in your mind’s eye? Without forcing it, how long can you maintain the image? This simple, yet effective exercise will increase your self-confidence and your ability to trust what you sense through your gift of inner sight.

Angel Samandiriel, whose name means, He Who See Beyond, will when asked, assist you in developing or expanding your gift of “seeing.”

A Message from Angel Samandiriel*

Be cautious with thy sight beloved child. Seeing is a gift of trust, knowing that which is shown to you is to be shared with reverence, dignity, compassion and with love. For in the sharing, many may seek thee out. Be wise, be thoughtful, be tolerant of the ways of others for they know not the impact of their actions upon you. As you travel the path before you, you shall be gifted with messages in image form. Go within discerning if all you receive is truly Divine Guidance. Call upon me and my brethren to assist you along the journey before you this day. Be not afraid, all is well; all is unfolding in Divine Time in accordance with the Divine Purpose for your life. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

It is highly likely all who are gifted with Clairvoyance are sensitive to light; see Auras, sense shapes, possibly seeing energy shifts. Be discerning in what you see or watch with your physical sight, for images resonate more deeply for you than for people who are do not share this gift.

Receiving information by “seeing” is a gift to be treasured, respected and used with the utmost integrity. Those who “see” often receive images, answers to questions in the form of symbols, letters, numbers or memories. Many times a Clairvoyant will receive information for others. If you experience “seeing” for others, speaking with loving kindness when delivering messages is your greatest responsibility. People remember everything you say to them be it positive or negative. Be kind when sharing the gift of inner sight with others.

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Tip of the Week – Gift of Choice

Serenity Retreat - Early Fall

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What is choice? What does it mean to give the “gift of choice”? Like so many, many other ideas and concepts, there are countless ways to define or understand the “gift of choice”. I offer to you my perception, if it resonates keep it, if it does not resonate within you perhaps it will assist you in getting to where you choose to be along your path.

Choice is being able to release that which is not serving your highest and best good, your Higher Self. Choice is being willing to accept unconditionally, paths chose by those around you without judgement. Choice is forgiving myself from having judged, having been harsh in a moment of stress or heartfelt sorrow. Choice is being willing to consider another’s point of view without having to agree and accept it as my own. Choice is a gift I give myself and others.

This is what choice is not, as I understand it. It is not expecting someone else, to include myself, to accept all you say or do as truth. Your truth is not always the same for another person no matter how close, understanding or accepting they are of you and your ways, your beliefs. Choice is not expecting someone else to adopt your way of thinking if it does not resonate within them.

Choice is a gift you give first to yourself, for you cannot easily give to another with authenticity that which you do not first give you. Choice is a gift to begin again without fear of reprisal, fear of having failed, fear of not being accepted. Choice simply is a gift to choose again and again and again.

How will you choose to give the gift of choice to you and to others today?

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Spiritual Expansion – Divine Guidance through Claircognizance

Powerscourt Waterfall, near Enniskerry, County...

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When was the last time you just KNEW something without any apparent rhyme or reason? You just simply knew something to be true, or that your question had been answered creating a sense of calm peacefulness within.

Claircognizance is a feeling a knowing; one that usually resonates in your Solar Plexus or Heart Chakra. The next time you “know” something, stop for a moment. Observe and acknowledge where in your body this feeling or “knowing” resonates. This exercise will assist you in discovering how to recognize when you are experiencing Claircognizance. Your self-confidence will increase, empowering you with trust, discernment and clarity.

Are there times when words just seem to come out of your mouth as if someone else is speaking through you? Perhaps a friend or colleague has asked you a question. You weren’t even sure if you knew the answer before it was so effortless spoken aloud. This is one way in which your sense of knowing manifests into physical form. For some, the sense of knowing will resonate in the middle of the back of their head as if a thought simply popped into their mind. Another way of describing this is a sudden “aha” moment.

To expand your sense of knowing, your gift of Claircognizance, each time your intuition nudges you, take a moment to discern what you feel and where in your body it resonates. You may even get chills on your arms, up your back or down your legs. Become aware of how your body reacts. You will, in time, become more and more aware. Doubt and uncertainty will become distant memories. You may choose to record your impressions, thoughts and feelings in a journal recording the date and time if you wish. After some time has passed, go back through your journal, reflecting on what truly was given to you through your sense of knowing. You will begin to recognize a pattern, trusting all you receive.

Archangel Raziel, whose name means, Keeper of Secrets and Esoteric Knowledge, is ready to assist you in expanding your gift, to use it wisely with courtesy, compassion, speaking with loving kindness.

A Message from Archangel Raziel*

All is well; all resonates within in truth, love and light. Speak clearly; listen to the words of others. Do they have the sound of truth or are they filled with shades of gray, shadow and darkness. In the light all is revealed. Allow all that is not of light and light to dissolve from within. Accept your gift with reverence, with grace, with humility. Step out of the shadows into the light where all is gifted you for your continued expansion within, radiating outward for the benefit of all. All is given you by the Creator of All There Is. Take nothing for granted beloved child for there is much before you this day. Assist those who cross your path with compassion and integrity.  Be at peace this day. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Sometimes it may appear to others that you are showing off or being a know-it-all. Be kind in your thoughts and your actions towards others. It may very well be the other person wish they had the answers or that answers came to them as easily as they do to you! If you are unsure if what you are receiving is truly Divine Guidance, hold your tongue until you are sure.

In my way of understanding, Claircognizance is remembering, recalling information as if accessing records or documents already written just waiting to be re-discovered by you!

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Angels – Mihr Angel of Friendship and Love

Splendor of Mother Nature

What is a relationship? A relationship is a coming together, agreeing to disagree, sharing similar types of thoughts, interests, seeking acceptance. Relationships are easily and not easily maintained. There is always “work” involved whether it is with your inner Self or with someone else.

How do you nurture relationships? Nurturing is innate within every living being, man, woman and even among animals. It is about caring, being kind, compassionate, understanding, having faith and trusting all is unfolding as it is intended. There is no single path, no single way to create or be connected with you and with others.  Connecting is about creating a bond, usually with common or similar interests such as quilting or hiking.

Honoring yourself is paramount when establishing, maintaining, nurturing connections with others to include you. If you do not honor your own wants, needs, desires, you have little to nothing to give to someone else.

Mihr, the Angel of Friendship and Love is waiting to assist you on any and all levels. There are many kinds of bonds, family, friends, business associates, love relationships. In seeking another’s company, attention or energy what do you offer in return? No, it is not about what you get in return. It is about what you have to offer. In offering yourself, are you open to receiving that which you seek?

A Message from Mihr*

Beloved child, what is it you seek? Do you seek solace? Do you seek love? Do you seek companionship? All these things and more are yours for the asking for the seeking; give first to you until you fulfill your own desires. Then you shall have enough to keep and to share. You shall not deplete that which you need, that which all forms of life crave, love and acceptance. Do you accept you as you are? If the answer is no, how then do you expect others to accept you? Become that which you seek to attract and you shall attract to you all you seek, all you desire. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Are you willing to support another’s dream as if it were your own without judgment, without condemnation? That which you radiate outward, project out into the world around you, so shall you receive in kind. It is not essential to agree with another’s decisions for them. It is paramount you are able to support and at times offer guidance to assist your friend, family member or loved one along the path they have chosen for themselves.

Place yourself in the shoes of another, how well do you listen. How well do you support without judgment in total acceptance? Are you the kind of friend you wish to have in your life? Open your eyes, your heart, your ears be a better friend to you and to others. The unfolding will be pleasantly surprising!

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Crystals – 5 Crystal Formations Metaphysical Healing Properties

Macro of Amethyst Quartz. It is 3 inches (8 cm...

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Crystals are created in many different forms, shapes and sizes. They are sometimes carved into various shapes such as obelisks, spheres and pyramids. In an effort to better educate, re-familiarize myself and connect at a deeper level with the many wonderful gifts from within the Earth, we shall explore or re-discover a few of the many natural and man-made crystal formations.

*Rainbow Quartz is clear quartz with prisms contained or trapped inside. Rainbows themselves choose which quartz crystals to live within. Sometimes prisms are very tiny, there may be one or several prisms of different sizes, clarity and intensity.  There is no doubt you must be open to seeing beyond the surface appearance of a beautiful quartz crystal to see into its depths. Each tiny rainbow contains all the colors of the Rainbow.  A rainbow is a cosmic bridge between the physical realm and the Ethereal Realm of Spirit.

*Tabular Quartz crystals are naturally flat on two sides, being much wider than the other four opposing sides of the crystal which are significantly smaller or very narrow. These incredibly beautifully shaped crystals carry and maintain a very high, intense vibration, serving as bridges or conduits for increasing and intensifying a connection between two people, integrating and balancing Chakra energy centers or connecting two geographical points. A Tabular crystal will assist you in reaching through the veil to thee Angelic Realm, hearing and receiving guidance from your Guardian Angels.

*Obelisks originated in Ancient Egypt appearing in pairs, generally guarding the entrances to Temples and sacred sites. The Obelisk symbolizes the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses’ descent from the Heavens to the Earthly physical plane. It is a Greek word meaning needle. Needles are typically used to pierce fabric or leather. The intention of the Obelisk is to “pierce” through the realms, the veil which separates humankind from the Gods and Goddesses. It’s carved shaped enables it to pierce or break-up negative energies.

*Generator crystals Both naturally shaped and carved Generator crystals posses the same unique qualities and may be used to enhance meditation, tools to focus your intentions, intensifying and magnifying energy.  All six sides of a crystal come together, forming an apex or point. They are useful tools for increasing energy, magnifying the energies of any and all crystals within a 2foot radius.

*Clusters are many crystals which have formed one unit or a small city of crystal points. Crystal clusters are gifted to us in many sizes, shapes and a wide variety of quartz crystals to include Amethyst, Calcite Quartz, Citrine, Clear Quartz and Tangerine. Clusters may be used to cleanse and re-charge smaller crystals, to protect your home or office, to raise the vibration in your meditation space.

The shape of a crystal increases its own natural energy, assisting all who work with crystals to enhance meditation and healing on many levels to include the cellular level.

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