How to Manifest – Creating Sacred Space, Sacred Ceremony

Performing sacred ceremonies creates enormous power, focusing thoughts, emotions and intentions; stimulating and energizing cosmic energy and the person performing the ritual or sacred ceremony.

A ritual is a procedure, a way of focusing your intentions, emotions and energy enabling you to manifest your heart’s desire in physical form. A sacred ceremony creates an environment in which magick will occur. Rituals and sacred ceremonies are to be performed with purity in heart, mind, soul and Spirit removing doubt and negativity. Each creates a vacuum, an opening, a channel for manifestation from the Realm of Spirit into physical form. Focusing your intentions, emotions, and energy magnetizes all you desire to attract to you. There is no right or wrong way to perform your ritual or sacred ceremony.

Before you perform a ritual or sacred ceremony, you might consider creating sacred space, setting aside time when you will be undisturbed for at least 20 to 30 minutes or as long as you desire. You may choose to use candles, soft music, special paper, incense, a bowl for burning your intentions, crystals, or photo images representing your heart’s desires. You may include anything that will assist you in creating an environment of peace and harmony, allowing you to open yourself to receive all you desire.

There are many aspects to creating sacred space, such as choosing when and which elements to incorporate in your ritual or sacred ceremony. Perhaps you would like to include the multiple elements. You may want to consider performing your ritual or sacred ceremony when the moon is at its fullest, during a new moon, at sunrise or sunset.

Sacred space can be as simple as a corner in your home, a special room or even outside underneath your favorite tree. Follow your intuition when choosing to create your space outside. You may choose to sit on the ground, spread a special blanket or cloth to sit or kneel upon. Place crystals at the corners or the four directions around the space where you will be performing your ritual.

Inside your home, you may choose a wide window sill, or a corner of a room where you can set-up a table to place the objects you have chosen to assist you in focusing your intentions.

Once everything is prepared and you are ready, wear comfortable clothing, sit in a comfortable position, clear your mind, light the candles, play soft soothing music. You may choose to begin to clear your mind by focusing on the golden flame of the candle.

To close or end your ritual or sacred ceremony, it is important to release your request. To release your request to the Universal Source of All there Is, set to flame your written request, allowing all you desire, all you have declared be carried into the realm of the unseen, into the Realm of Spirit.

It is important to give thanks, expressing gratitude before and after performing your sacred ceremony. Snuff out the candles rather than blowing them out. Snuffing the flame of the candles retains the magical energy within the candles. Blowing out the candles weakens the magical energy, scattering it out in all directions. Sit in the silence for a few moments, absorbing all the wonderful, positive, powerful energy you have created!

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