3 Reasons

Do you know someone who busts their rear to change their circumstance and yet is still stuck?  Maybe that’s you.

They might even attend all kinds of free webinars and TeleSummits believing that “this time” they’ll figure out once and for all exactly how to manifest what they want and stop struggling.

It’s possible that it might really happen that way. Yet, the sad truth is that most of the time, the “HOW” is someone telling you to just do it. Yes, you’re given the what, where, and why, which are important.  The missing link is the correct, how.

In so many ways it’s simply easier to keep doing the same things and staying in our comfort zone.  Yes, even if we hate what’s not happening.

It’s like wanting to have that magical, almost unreachable channel of being connected to our Higher-Self in such a way that we have an absolute faith in our ability to create our own reality.

Here’s the exciting part … you can! And here’s the other really exciting part …. I am opening my secret manifestation vault and sharing all my secrets, tips, techniques, and tools with everyone who’s choosing to be a part of this brand new program called, Manifest More Money in 90 days or less.

Here are the 3 big reasons why most people aren’t getting the results they really wish to receive …

#1 People don’t think they can really have or deserve to have what they desire most
#2 People lack the know how to proper manifesting skills to get what they truly desire
#3 People lack belief that they have the skills and the power to manifest what they desire most

It’s so much easier to take or stay on the safe road, hoping, wishing and praying that somehow things will change all by themselves doing what you’re doing right now.  And the truth is you’ll continue to get the same results.  So STOP!

Decide you’re worth it and change.

Let’s be open and totally honest with ourselves, if what you’re doing isn’t working or not working consistently for you … why are you going to do the very same things over and over again?

That’s insane right?

Please allow me to support you; to share my proven ways that will help you break free from limitation and your present “Money Story”.  Which by the way isn’t even yours.

Up until now, I’ve only taught the know how to my private clients and if now is your time to shine then I suggest you click here to discover your path to financial freedom.

Dare to Be Different, Dare to Dream!

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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Are you open to receive?

There is an interesting, almost peculiar way that the Law of Attraction works and it’s something so subtle that it took me years to figure out!

Of course the first step is to ask … there are several more, very important steps but the intention for today is to share with you something that is even more important than asking for what you want and that is …

…. Are you open to receiving what you’ve asked for? Now, before you say “YES!” think about it for a few moments and really ask yourself if you are “open to receive.”

Of course we all believe — I certainly did — that all we have to do is “ask” and then “wait” for whatever we’ve asked for to simply show up, that’s not exactly how it works.

Let me explain … there are negative thought patterns, beliefs and emotions that prevent us from being open to receiving what we want.

Look around at your life and where you are right now … if you aren’t where you want or thought you’d be “by now” then something is stopping you, blocking you from being open to receive what you’ve asked for.

Here are a few examples of what might possibly be holding you back from being open to receive …

*working 60 + hours or more every week and you want more clients or customers

*telling the same worn out negative “Money Story” to yourself or anyone who’ll listen

*seeing only what isn’t manifesting in your life

*complaining that “it’s” not manifesting fast enough or big enough

Any one of these statements might be the reason blocking you from receiving.

When you are really open to receiving what you’ve asked for, then you are able to step aside and out of the way, allowing the Law of Attraction to simply work its miracles!

Being open to receive is all about …

… Doing things differently

… Doing different things

… Seeing past the surface of appearance

… And so much more!

What’s showing up for you as you read this blog?  Share any ah-ha’s or questions you might have in the comments below.

This is just a small peek of what you’ll be discovering really works and why.  Understanding why something works is more important than knowing the steps!

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The false power of using affirmations …

If you’re anything like me, then you probably attempted to use affirmations by now for all kinds of situations from changing your thoughts or shifting emotions, to transforming all kinds of different types of situations.

The sad part about using affirmations is that there is a false power or belief that affirmations alone will literally change everything.

Actually, the truth is affirmations might literally change and transform anything!

Here’s the other side of that truth, affirmations are only as powerful as your belief in using them!

In my blog post today I share what I have learned about affirmations and what they’re all about, if you want to hear more about my experience with affirmations, then head on over to my blog.

Here’s what I have learned about affirmations and what they are all about:

* your energy and where it is (positive or negative)

* how and what you are really focusing on

* the words you use

 * the “Money Story” you are telling yourself and anyone who will listen

Affirmations are very powerful! AND yet, you have to know how to use them to work with you instead of against you.  That’s right, your affirmations might be working against you.

In the comments below share your experience with affirmations.  Have affirmations benefitted you?  Have they helped you to achieve your greatest desire?  Or is the idea of having an affirmation practice a new concept?

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