After the Workshop – How to Speak Your Truth through Automatic Writing

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What can be said about an experience like the one we all shared Saturday? Working with Archangel Gabriel and all the countless Angels who were with each one of us as we each sought to connect with our inner Self, our core essence.

Before we actually began the journey inward, we invoked thee Angels, Archangel Gabriel to join us. There was a “hush” all around us and an air or excitement in anticipation of what would happen next. We shared a little about our experiences with each other about Automatic Writing. There was a short discussion of what Automatic Writing is, what my experiences are, how thee Angel of the Day messages came to be, how in the beginning, it was a challenge for me to “set myself aside” allowing thee Angels messages to flow through me.

A few of the questions asked during the workshop were:

*How do you know if you are really receiving guidance from Angels or its really coming from ego chatter?

Trust that only Sentient Beings of light and love will come through you. It takes practice to become comfortable with allowing your hand to “float” above the page, to allow your fingers to “dance” along your computer keyboard. Do not doubt what comes through you, trust your inner guidance, your inner Self .

*What kind of questions can I ask?

You can ask anything you choose. The only limitation are those you place on yourself.

Prior to a short meditation invoking Angelic White Light protection, I asked everyone to write 1 or 2 questions they would like an answer to.  After the meditation, there was 5 to 10 minutes given for everyone to write what was being given to them. The 1st thing I asked each particpant to do was to look at their handwriting, their usual handwriting and then look at the slight difference in their handwriting in their answers after invoking Angelic White Light. Everyone noticed a slight change. This is one way to validate that the information is coming through rather than from you.

After a very short break, there was a guided meditation, an inward journey to create a safe haven to access at will, their Creative Writing Studio. Before the meditation began I asked everyone to be ready to record any and all thoughts, impressions, any messages they may have received while creating their Creative Writing Studio. After the meditation everyone began writing. The experience for each and every student was vastly different from their first automatic writing experience early in the workshop.

After sharing experiences, not personal information recieved, the experience itself, I asked the students to access the same energy, the same “space” they experienced during the guided meditation and then write what was being given to them.

We were blessed in having several students in physical form and one student who joined us from Illinois by cell phone. The afternoon was filled with Angels and their wonderful energy.

And now I wish to invite you to receive daily guidance from thee Angels when you visit from Terrie Marie the Angel Lady and Desert Rose Healing Arts!

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