the first 3 Angelic Hierarchies are …


A few days ago, we “talked” about the 3 Mystical Angel Heavens of Form, Creation and Paradise and the gifts Angels have for us, to help us along our Spiritual Paths to living our purpose with prosperity and abundance.

Today we’ll be exploring the first 3 Angelic Hierarchies which are:

#1 – Guardian Angels: These amazing Angels accept us as an assignment and stay with us our entire lifetime. Sometimes, the same Guardian Angels choose to accompany you each time you incarnate into physical form.

Guardian Angels have a little more latitude or freedom in the way they are allowed to help, guide and protect us … but we still have to “ask” for their help.

#2 – Archangels: Are messengers for or from Divine Source and have a higher vibration than Guardian Angels.

Archangels have been gifted with the ability to transform dense, leaden Earth energy through Spiritual Alchemy, a metaphysical process of removing mental and emotional energy blocks.

#3 – Angel Princes: These Angels are protectors, helpers and guides for humankind. They represent the collective unconscious and Spirit of Humanity.

Angel Princes attempt to guide decision makers with Universal Laws, compassion, truth, unconditional love and Divine Right Action.

Remember … we must “ask” Angels to help us. They are not allowed to intervene in our lives unless we are in great danger and it isn’t our time to transition from this life to the Other Side.

The 3rd in this series about the Mystical World of Angels is about the gifts Angels of the Powers offer us …

“Talk” with you in a few days!

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.