Are you giving what’s missing

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Angels of Love and Romance: 5 Ways to Attract Your Soul Mate

2-Part Teleseminar Series

“Angel Thursdays” in February!

February 5th and 7th

7:00pm New York Time

(6:00pm US Central; 5:00pm US Mountain; 4:00pm US Pacific)

Hello Bright Light,

Do you know the secret of giving what’s missing in your life?

One of the most powerful relationships in your life is your Soul Mate Relationship. Everyone wants to love and be loved, to feel that special connection with a man or woman, who makes their heart sing.

A person who brings comfort, acceptance, supportive, love and simply fills the space in your Heart Chakra, matching your vibration in a way that creates a sense of knowing you are both with the right and perfect for you person.

February is a time each year, when the lack of what your heart wants, can be a challenge especially when it appears that there are so many people who have what they want and you’re “still waiting” for your Soul Mate to manifest into physical form.

Are you tired of attracting the “wrong person” despite all you are doing to attract a loving relationship, “the one” for you?

Are you feeling discouraged, disappointed, maybe even frustrated and that somehow they’re not good enough?

Here’s what others are saying …

“Dear Terrie Marie:  Thank you for the opportunity to attend your class on Angels.  It was a great spiritual experience for me.  The class provides insight about the role of Angels in our lives.  How they can be a vehicle for help and spiritual growth.  I felt the class gave me enlightenment, and reaffirmation.  Thank you so much for the experience.” Maria; El Paso, Texas

Everyone deserves to a loving relationship. How you feel about yourself determines EVERYTHING about your relationships.

Which is why I’m going to walk you through step-by-step, how to heal your relationship energy, move forward and finally ATTRACT the relationship you have always wanted AND deserve.

This 2-Part Webinar Series is for you to answer all your questions once and for all exactly how to …

*Heal Your Relationship Attraction Energy

*How to Tap into the Vision You Have for Your Life

*How to Eliminate Self-Sabotage

*What Really “Scares” You About Being in a Relationship

*How to Clearly Ask Romance Angels to Help You Manifest Your Soul Mate Relationship

“I have learned, finally, to interpret things I have heard thought and seen by asking Angels to help me discern the meaning of the messages I have been receiving all my life.  Empowering and uplifting. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Sarai D; El Paso, Texas

Angels of Love and Romance are here to help you in every area of your life.  Here’s what gets to happen to you and for you when you ask Angels to help attract to you your Soul Mate Relationship ….

* Magnetize You and Your Relationship Energy

*Attract Your Right and Perfect Match, your Soul Mate to YOU

*Discover How to “Stay in the Present Moment”   *Clear Emotional Energy Blockages

*Give What’s Missing

I want to help you attract your Soul Mate which is why I’m offering Angels of Love and Romance: 5 Ways to Attract Your Soul Mate for only $37!

Click here for all the details AND to register!

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS …  Save the dates, mark your calendar right now and do your best to make it to the live calls. The calls will be recorded so you can listen to them. The Audio Replays will be available within 1 to 2 days.

“Yes, I am ready to Attract My Soul Mate!”

PSS … both calls are being recorded so you won’t miss a thing!!! BUT you have to register to receive the audio recordings and begin attracting your Soul Mate now!

About Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms. Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms., author of Inner-Balance and Harmony: Angel Messages for Healing  and Inspiration, is an Internationally Acclaimed Master Angel Messenger who helps men and women connect with their Angels to improve and empower their lives, attracting and manifesting more of what they want and so much less of what they don’t.  Terrie Marie has worked with thousands of men and women helping them connect with their Angels, many times in a matter of minutes!  Visit  to receive your free Angel gifts. Get in touch with Terrie Marie by email at

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Answers to your questions about … Angels of Love and Romance

Hello Bright Light,

It’s Terrie Marie and I want to share with you just how to work with the Angels of Love and Romance.

Each time I share these Angel images, the Paintings and Angel Card Sets, the simplicity and the energy of these Angels resonate at the heart and even the Soul level. It is quite amazing and humbling to see the looks on people’s faces when they see them.

First, allow me to introduce you to the Angels of Love and Romance to you:

*Angel Donqu’el: Angel of Love and Romance; works with both men and women seeking their right and perfect partners and Soul Mate. Angel Donqu’el will help you heal a broken heart so you can love again.

*Archangel Jophiel: Beauty of God; Archangel Jophiel will assist you in seeing past physical realm perceptions, past surface appearances.

*Angel Ana’el: Grace of God; will help you with attracting the right and perfect Soul Mate, partner; love and romance, affection, peace, harmony. Angel Anael will help you overcome shyness and assist you with self-confidence and believing in yourself.

*Angel Mihr: Angel of Friendship and Love; will assist you on any and all levels with many different all kinds of relationships –  family, friends, business associates, love relationships.

*Archangel Ariel: Lion of God; Relationship Harmony; Archangel Ariel will help you in your quest to purge all that is not of love and light from within and around you.

So where to begin …. Each Angel Painting includes a message and the Angelic Gifts for that specific Angel.

Let’s say, for example you have decided to work with a particular Angel, Angel Ana’el. You would begin by choosing a time and place where you will be undisturbed for at least 15 to 20 minutes, quiet your mind, breathe deeply and release your breathe slowly. Focusing on your breathing think about what you want in your relationship.

Then read the message from Angel Ana’el, close your eyes and simply align your wants and your desires with the knowing that all is being manifested into physical form. The length of “time” is up to you .. meaning, if your wants and desires are not a match to your belief system, then it will require a bit more “time”.                           

What is a belief system … it is what you believe to be true about what you deserve to have or not have. If there is any doubt that this will not happen because it hasn’t in the past, then you are right it will not happen.

If instead you are open to thinking, feeling and seeing this situation differently, you are in a “state of allowing” or the “energy of allowing.”

To work with the complete 5 card set, Angels of Love and Romance, you would follow what has been given to you for each of the 5 Angels. These images truly are a “labor of love” tapping in and tuning into Angel Energy to receive and channel an Angel’s Essence requires a tremendous amount of focus, clarity and a willingness to be completely open for long periods of time.

Each Angel Image is infused and encoded with Angel Energy at the highest possible vibration with Unconditional Love to support you in accessing your Inner-Spirit, and intensifying your connection with Angels and their loving, healing energy.

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS… are you in El Paso or Las Cruces and don’t want to pay for shipping? No worries contact me by replying to this email OR call me at 915-203-2531 and we’ll set-up a time that works for both of us!

Here are the links:

Angel Paintings:

Angels of Love and Romance 5 Card Set:

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms., author of Inner-Balance and Harmony: Angel Messages for Healing  and Inspiration, is an Internationally Acclaimed Master Angel Messenger who speaks and leads workshops that guide men and women who want Angels in their lives to hear, connect and communicate with their Angels. Terrie Marie has worked with thousands of men and women helping them connect with their Angels, many times in a matter of minutes!  Visit  to receive your free Angel gifts. Get in touch with Terrie Marie by email at .

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Soul Essence for you and just you …

Heathcote National Park

Heathcote National Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello Bright Light,

Are you looking for something very special to give to yourself or to the Lady or Man in your life?

Would you like to have a special, made- just- for-you scent, a scent that no other person on this entire planet has or will ever have?

Soul Essence is exactly that. It is a very special scent created just for you, with you and for you and your Soul Vibration.

You are unique and special. There is no one else like you anywhere. Why shouldn’t you have something that is as unique as you are?

Each Soul Essence is made from Organic Essential Oils. The blend itself is created just for you, a true reflection of your Inner-Spirit.

Your Essential Oil Blend is received during meditation from Angels for you and your Soul Vibration. Holding you and your energy in my heart, I ask Angels for the right and perfect combination of Essential Oils specifically for you.

Are you ready to align your heart and Soul?

In honor of Mother’s Day, I am offering Soul Essence at a very special savings. The thing is, the special savings is over May 7thClick on the link below to request your Soul Essence now.

No other person on this Planet will ever have an identical Organic Essential Oil blend like yours; this is my promise to you and from Angels who guide me.

I would love to create a Soul Essence just for you!

To you and your path…

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

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Spiritual Expansion – A Journey of Self-Acceptance

Water drop, single

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All that you are is a result of what is now behind you. Yes, you have heard and read these words many, many times before. Have you been able to discern exactly how to accept who you are?

This is an issue that many attempt to resolve within themselves. My intention is to share with you my understanding of how to reconcile what no longer is and being able to assimilate your physical energy with your Spiritual energy.

Self-Acceptance is part of the journey. It is a large part of being able to discover and then being able move forward towards fulfilling your Life’s Purpose.  If you are not able to truly accept you as you are it will indeed be a challenge to face all that is before you.

It would of course be much easier to simply stay where you are. What does this mean, stay where you are? It means exactly what the words and the energy imply. There are several choices, go backwards, stay where you are or move forward.

Staying where you are is surrendering all you desire to accomplish, to heal and giving-up on figuring out your sense of worth and ultimately fulfilling your Life’s Purpose.

So how do you accept you? How do you reconcile the gap between where you have been and where you want to go? It is simple, yet it is not always easy. It requires Soul searching, releasing excuses, releasing pain and sorrow. It requires you to reach through and beyond everything you have ever known. It requires that you not listen to ego chatter which only seeks to dis-empower you.

Self-acceptance requires you to absolute let go of everything you have come to know and accepted as truth along the way.  Surrender, total surrender is placing
all faith, trust and knowing you are Divinely supported in all ways.  It requires healing. It requires you to take action.

Responsibility for where you are and where you are not rests solely with you. If you are not able to trust that all is unfolding for you in ways beyond your knowing, to include your Soul Mate relationship, health and finances then you will have a much more difficult path to travel.

The key to self-acceptance is truly allowing you to fall into the hands of Spirit knowing you will be caught. Trust is a key ingredient to accept you are on the path for which you were intended, the path of discovering and fulfilling your Life’s Purpose.

It is about releasing fear, emotions and thoughts having anything to do with negativity or lack. It is about being responsible for success, for being a conduit of healing, a channel for the Divine to flow into, through and within in you. It is about being comfortable with being uncomfortable. It is about allowing your Divinity to radiate from within you regardless of what others may think, say or do.

Do not allow someone else’s negativity, disapproval or their self-limiting thoughts of lack dictate how you travel your path. Your path is yours, it is unique to you. You are unlike any other Human in this realm and yet you are the same. You are light. You are love. You are One with Source.

In truth you are whole, complete and perfect. In truth there is no separation from Spirit. In truth you are priceless. In truth you light reflected from Divine Source. In truth you are all these things and more than words are able to adequately express.

Connect with Terrie Marie, Angels and the Realm of Spirit every day when you click this link from Terrie Marie, the Angel Lady and Desert Rose Healing Arts! Enter your name and email address to begin connecting with your own Spirituality!

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Hello Bright Light!

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Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Terrie Marie

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