[1 0f 2] Angels of the Sacred Realms

If you have ever done any research on Angels, you’ll find there is not very much information, unless of course, you research the most known and popular Angels.

And there is even less detailed information on or about the nine Angelic Realms.

Today, I’d like to pull back the veil — just a little — on these Angelic Realms, giving you a glimpse of what is waiting for you …

There are three Angelic Hierarchies and nine Angelic Realms … neither is more important than the other. They are, however, at different levels of vibration. Let’s begin with the Hierarchy closest to us in vibration …

*The Heaven of Form

Angels in this Hierarchy are the closest to humankind, offering personal assistance and the gift of transcendence to higher levels of energy along your Spiritual Path. Within the Heaven of Form are …

… Guardian Angels who guide us towards or away from people or situations that may do us harm; assist us with Spiritual Growth and retaining lessons learned during our life-time

… Archangels are messengers of Divine Presence; work with subtle energies, guiding, assisting, answers prayers and opening doors to limitless opportunities

… Angel Princes are the protectors of Religions and the Guardians of Nations; represent the collective spirit or collective unconscious of humanity

*The Heaven of Creation

Angels in this Hierarchy are here to help us with unconditional love and understanding; relationships with ourselves and with others around us. Within the Heaven of Creation are …

… Powers are reflections of peace, harmony, serenity and balance; help us transform emotional turmoil creating a sense of peaceful contentment

… Virtues remind us of the possibility of miracles, transforming our thoughts into physical form; help us understand how to surrender into trust and faith

… Dominions gift us with grace enabling us to see past surface appearances; assist us in releasing the past, creating space for manifesting our deepest desires

*The Heaven of Paradise

Angels in this Hierarchy are closest to Divine Presence. There is no EGO … there is only Unconditional Love and Source Light. Within the Heaven of Paradise are …

… Thrones are pure thought, transforming thought into matter in the physical realm; aide humankind with being in the moment

… Cherubim are all-seeing and all-knowing; help us to receive wisdom and knowledge; assist us in knowing all is in Divine Order, occurring in Divine Time in accordance with our dreams

… Seraphim the highest and most radiant of all Angels; help us deepen our connection with Divine Source

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Angels of the Sacred Realms

The purpose of all of this is bringing more awareness into the lives of as many women and men just like OR someone you know, who really wants to know …

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Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Soul Essence for you and just you …

Heathcote National Park

Heathcote National Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello Bright Light,

Are you looking for something very special to give to yourself or to the Lady or Man in your life?

Would you like to have a special, made- just- for-you scent, a scent that no other person on this entire planet has or will ever have?

Soul Essence is exactly that. It is a very special scent created just for you, with you and for you and your Soul Vibration.

You are unique and special. There is no one else like you anywhere. Why shouldn’t you have something that is as unique as you are?

Each Soul Essence is made from Organic Essential Oils. The blend itself is created just for you, a true reflection of your Inner-Spirit.

Your Essential Oil Blend is received during meditation from Angels for you and your Soul Vibration. Holding you and your energy in my heart, I ask Angels for the right and perfect combination of Essential Oils specifically for you.

Are you ready to align your heart and Soul?

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No other person on this Planet will ever have an identical Organic Essential Oil blend like yours; this is my promise to you and from Angels who guide me.

I would love to create a Soul Essence just for you!

To you and your path…

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

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Stand In Your Truth with Heart and Soul

Barn Owl in flight at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Truth is that which resonates deep within your heart center and within your Soul. It is about integrity with who you are. It is about having the courage to know what is real for you and what is not.

Are you aware of what your truth, your Inner-Spirit Truth is? In part it is all things, thoughts and emotions that, blended all together reflect the Spark of Divinity within your inner core, your Inner-Spirit.

It is that part of you that keeps you moving forward no matter how many times you want to say enough, I don’t want to play anymore.

This is not about giving in or giving up because the path becomes challenging at times.

This is not about feeling sorry for yourself or wishing your life was different.

It is about knowing the difference between having a moment of feeling overwhelmed or having doubt than simply refusing to take the one step you know you have to take because in reality there truly is no other choice except to move forward.

It is about knowing that you are walking your Spiritual Truth with passion, compassion and unconditional love for yourself and every other living, breathing creature.

Standing in your truth with heart and Soul means understanding and accepting you just as you are in this moment with all the dings, scrapes, all the bruises and all of the scars that tend to rise to the surface just in case you forgot how difficult it can be to simply keep stretching and stretching beyond everything you have ever known.

It means being able to reach out to someone when you have once again come up against another wall that threatens to block you from your dreams, from healing and even from fulfilling your Life’s Purpose.

Be willing to get up again and again rising to the next challenge, the next hurdle that attempts to distract you from all that you came to do in this lifetime, in this place and in this time.

Take a step back, remember to breathe and know you are supported and loved beyond measure.

Use your gift of discernment to realize what is being manifested and what is a time of rest. Be willing to see beyond the moment, practicing gratitude for what is, while you always keep looking to the horizon for the next rainbow filled moment worthy of celebration.

Stand in your truth means accepting who you are and having the courage to speak your truth to yourself. It means having the courage to keep silent when you know your truth and your energy are unwelcome.

It means accepting that some cannot see you because the light that radiates from within is too bright causing you to be invisible.

Allow all you are to begin resonating with your Soul Vibration. Be willing to rise to the next level and the next and the next. Be willing to flow with Divine Energy instead of against it.

Offer non-resistance to those who would cause you harm. Hold firm to your truth from your heart center knowing that no matter what you are walking your Spiritual Path with integrity, passion, compassion and unconditional love and acceptance.

Standing in your truth with heart and Soul requires strength and courage to be true to you and all that resonates within you.

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Changes, Updates, OnLine Courses …. transformation ….

Hello Bright Light,

You will NEVER guess who this is! OK you do know who this is … it’s Terrie Marie the Angel Lady and I want to share with you some of the things that have been and are happening ….

Not really sure where to start …. For the past several months there have been many changes and updates here at Desert Rose. True there always seems to something new happening!

For many of you these changes and updates have been transparent meaning seamless. For some of you maybe not so much, and some of you are new to my email list, we have just begun out journey together.

As the demands for Readings, Energy Healings and Personalized Soul Mastery Mentoring increase, I am continuing to create ways we, you and I can work together in ways that resonate with you the most.

Here are just a few of the many ways in which I have created to work with you to help you along your journey as you travel the path before you ….

*StairWay to Inner-Enlightenment Academy of Metaphysics opening its Virtual Doors in January 2012 (a short note of appreciation to my Academy Students for trusting me to help you along your path for you … there are truly no words…)

*Crystal VIP Days – Angel Secrets Unveiled and Secret Energy of Crystals Revealed

*Emerald 3-Month Extended Studies Programs – Secret Language of Angels

*OnLine Readings by Phone, Skype and In-Person by appointment

*Distant Energy Healing

*EBooks and HomeStudy Courses

*Breakthrough Discovery Sessions

*Soul Mastery Breakthrough Mentoring Sessions (private and personalized for you)

So with that said here are some of what’s “in the works” for you to help you discover and fulfill your Life’s Purpose with passion, clarity and with financial prosperity and abundance ….

*OnLine Courses beginning March 2012 and the 1st OnLine Course is: How to Connect with Angels to Receive Messages and Guidance. It will be a 2-part TeleSeminar 90-minute each. Watch your in-box for details!

*My webmaster and I have been creating and developing a brand new website dedicated to my StairWay to Inner-Enlightenment Academy of Metaphysics with lots of information about each of the Six Energy Portals, the benefits, results and breakthroughs you will experience each step of the way as one of my Academy Students.

*Free OnLine TeleSeminar Preview for the Academy of Metaphysics. Watch your In-Box for details the first week of March 2012

*Complimentary Breakthrough Discovery Sessions – I will be, beginning March 2012, be offering and accepting requests for three (3) Complimentary Breakthrough Discovery Sessions each month. These sessions are offered at no obligation to you. The intention is to help you discern how we, you and I can work together in a way that resonates for you whether it is a Crystal VIP Day, HomeStudy Courses, Reading or Energy Healing, Soul Restoration or becoming an Academy of Metaphysics Student.

*New HomeStudy Courses are being developed for you

A special note for all my Facebook and Twitter Friends and for my Blog followers  …. Sorry I have not been posting as much during February because of all the transformation happening within and around me …please bear with me a little longer.

Remember to breathe …

Energy if everything and everything is energy!

How you do energy is how you do everything!

To you and your path…

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

PS… may already be aware that I have been studying for and have recently received my Masters Degree in Metaphysical Sciences. I have already begun working on my Dissertation for my Ph.D. in Metaphysical Sciences!

PPS… thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding as I fulfill my purpose and commitment to you along your path …..


Wings of Spirit EBook Introductory Offer (time sensitive)

Hello bright light!

What is Wings of Spirit? It is one my new EBooks! Wings of Spirit is filled with 44 Angel Messages to help you access Angel energy in a whole new way! You can ask Angels questions and simply by opening the book, you will be given the right and perfect guidance or message!

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If you have been wanting to work with me and you love to read just like I do, then this is a way for you to get started! All the information in each of these 7 EBooks has been channeled through me enabling me to share high-energy information, knowledge and wisdom with you as easily as possible.

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To your path and your Spiritual Growth ….

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

Ps …I look forward to working with you whether it is through these amazing EBooks, in a Crystal VIP Day, Live-Event Workshop, Private Mentoring, Intuitive Reading, Energy Healing  or as one of my Academy of Metaphysics Students!


Prayer Request – For All Hostages, All Enslaved or Imprisoned Everywhere

Ben Lomond (Walking Against Their Will)(45 of 199)

Image by Stephen_G via Flickr

Angels we ask in your name to deliver all who suffer at the hands of others

Angels we ask every person is being held against their will be released unharmed and in good physical health

Angels we ask all who have been held against their will be healed in body, mind and heart

Angels we ask you to guide and soften the hearts of all who seek to hold, enslave others against their will for whatever purpose or gain whether political or financial

Angels we ask you to release all who imprison themselves believing the only way open to them is to assert their dominance over others

Angels we ask for healing on all levels in directions of time for who walk the land

We give thanks for your loving guidance and so much more


Angels – Archangel Haniel Is The Angel Of Inner Wisdom and Strength

English: Negative low tide at Ocean Beach in S...

Image via Wikipedia

What is Inner-Wisdom? In my way of understanding, it is a sense of peace and serenity as you walk the path before you trusting that all is unfolding as it is intended. It is about releasing the outcome knowing that the journey is the path of discovery and change.

What does it mean to have strength? It is the ability to reach through the fear of the unknown to the other side, banishing doubt and confusion. It is about knowing that you are protected and loved beyond measure. It is about gaining clarity with each step forward.

Archangel Haniel, whose name means, Glory of God, will when asked will assist you in recognizing and accepting your inner wisdom. She will be by your side supporting your every step as you place one foot in front of the other.

Expansion is a form of change. Change is reaching beyond your known comfort zone. It is not for the faint of heart or for those who do not want to go beyond their current comfort zone.

A Message from Archangel Haniel*

There is a knowing deep within you, a knowing that all is well, all is in Divine Order. There is much change occurring all around you. There is much change occurring within you. Change need not be feared, for in change there is expansion beyond the limitations of what was. Expansion is growth, emotional healing, seeing, hearing, and feeling differently.  Expansion is being open to all that awaits you. Expansion is being willing to shed all that no longer resonates within your heart, mind, Soul and within your Spirit. Expansion is accepting that the path before you may not be the same for another. Expansion is loving, gentle, and compassionate. Expansion is accepting where you are, where you have been, remaining open to all that is before you this day and all that is yet to be made manifest before you. Walking in the light, being in the light, radiating light gifts you with grace, knowledge; it gifts you with humility. Journey the path before you radiating light, radiating love, radiating hope, radiating courage and strength. Journey this day in peace filled contentment. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

If you are unwilling to take a chance and change even one small thing, you are committing yourself to a continuation of the same. If you continue to do the same things over and over again and expect a different result, you perpetuate unhappiness and a lack of contentment.

Expansion requires you release all that no longer serves you. It requires you to take action. It requires strength and courage one step at a time.

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Spiritual Expansion – What Is The Difference Between Past Life Regression and Soul Restoration?

English: A woman walking a prayer labyrinth

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A Soul is a glowing orb of light. It is whole. It is the Keeper of Esoteric Knowledge and Wisdom. It is all things. It is all-knowing. It is unconditional love and acceptance. It is.

Choosing to incarnate into physical form presents challenges the moment you or your Soul Essence descends from the Realm of Spirit into dense physical matter, into human form. Crossing through the Veil of Forgetfulness allows for the choosing of how you will fulfill your Life’s Purpose, the agreement you made to experience life and assist in raising the vibration of this planet in physical form.

There are many Souls who have chosen to incarnate multiple times, many for hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes. With each incarnation there are inherent challenges that may be brought forward from a previous lifetime. Not all issues or agreements have been fulfilled. Some agreements are not valid in your current lifetime and do not need to be revisited. There may however be one or two key issues, obstacles or life-traumas that require healing in this present lifetime.

Past Life Regression, in my understanding, allows you to go back into the energetic signature of previous lives to re-connect with an event or a series of events which have manifested during your current life. The events may manifest into challenges of self-image, a lack of self-worth, relationship issues or perhaps even a poverty consciousness. During a Past Life Regression opportunities for healing occur through re-discovery, reconnecting and understanding, allowing the past in its literal sense to simply dissolve in this lifetime.

Soul Restoration is only concerned with the present, this current lifetime. It is not about going backwards into what is now behind you. It is about retrieving the energetically missing piece of your Soul that somehow became temporarily detached, not disconnected, during your incarnation into physical form.

The “something that is missing” the one thing that seems to always prevent you from moving forward completely and wholly is the focus of Soul Restoration. It is about becoming consciously aware of where you are and what is not working at the Soul level, integrating the gap of what was with was is.

It is about bringing your entire Self, your emotional, mental and physical energy bodies into alignment with your Soul Essence, your Spirit. Restoration is all that it implies in its simplicity and complexity. It is restoring, it is bringing of all fragmented pieces back into alignment one with the other. It is re-aligning your Life Essence with your true Self.

In truth there is no separation from Divine Source or within your psyche, your Spirit or your Soul Essence.

Experiences during your entry into physical form and during your life as a small child or even as a young adult have set an overall tone of what has manifested or not manifested thus far.

Balance is essential in all things, all places and in all experiences to include the relationship with yourself and with others.

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Spiritual Expansion – Soul Restoration the Cost of Being Like Others

Photograph taken within Clearwell Caves, exhib...

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The piece of your Soul, the missing link energetically speaking, causes frustration, disappointment and even at times prevents you from moving forward.

People will often say to me that no matter what they do or what they try, it just seems that moving past a particular experience or removing blockages in their energy keeps them coming right back to the same place they were when they started. And so they keep trying, they keep working only to find they are themselves stuck, frustrated and often feeling like giving up.

An energy blockage is much like a major snow avalanche or a flooded road. There just doesn’t seem to be a way around it no matter what. So the choices are to keep working at healing and forgiveness or simply give up and turn around. I don’t know about you but there is and has been only one option for me once I truly accepted my Spiritual Path.

I will not insult or offend you by saying that it has always been easy, it hasn’t. There have been many trials and even at times setbacks or what appeared to be setbacks. The setbacks were in most cases minor distractions along the way. I always found my way back to my main path or we would not be having this conversation.

So how does all of what I have just shared with you relate to your Soul and restoring it? The energy imprint of your Soul will continue to evade you unless you are willing to reach deeper into your Inner-Self to reclaim that which is “missing” and preventing you from truly fulfilling your Life’s Purpose. The choice as always is yours and yours alone.

To attempt to be “normal” is to deny your true Self. Gifts of seeing, hearing, feeling and simply knowing are most often repressed in an effort to “fit in” to live as “normal” as others, to blend in. There is a “cost” to being what is termed “normal” to be like others.

Each and every time you deny your truth, you deny that which is Sacred within you, within your heart center. To deny you is to deny the Spark of Divinity within your heart center.

There is always a “cost” whether you choose to remain where you are or move forward. No matter the choice the “cost” can include friendships, clients, family members distancing themselves from you and perhaps even a change in careers or your place of employment.

The good news is that all which falls away from you creates space to begin attracting better relationships and opportunities which resonate at a higher vibration and are a better match to you and your energy.

Be aware that the most important “cost” is to you, your Spirit and the way in which your walk your Spiritual Path. For many Spiritual-Seekers and LightWorkers, there comes a point when it simply no longer matters what others think, say or do. By the time this occurs, the repression of the true-Self has widened the gap in searching for the “something more.”

It can almost feel like a boomerang. Meaning, you move forward several steps gaining strength, courage and clarity about who you are and what you want. Then something will happen, perhaps a memory is triggered or fear raises it ugly, unkind self and you find that you are repeating behavior patterns and replaying old, worn-out emotional roller-coaster tapes and they send you right back to the beginning. I have on occasion thought to myself…I thought I healed this…..

If you are walking in the forest and you are focusing on a very large tree in front of you, it changes in appearance as you get closer to it. Once it is right in front of you, it looks different that when you father away from it. After you pass the tree and look back, it looks different yet again. These are simply different viewpoints, different aspects of the same tree. It is the same when something rises to the surface for healing or forgiveness. It is simply another facet of what is now behind you.

Take a deep breath and continue to move forward. With each step you take, you are closer to re-aligning your Inner-Self with that of your Soul.

This is the second in a series of articles on Soul Restoration, the re-weaving of your Spirit.

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Prayer Request – Peacefulness in Heart, Mind and Spirit

Tropical View HDR

Image by Rick Collier via Flickr

Angels we ask you calm the hearts and minds of man and woman as they take to the streets expressing fear and frustration.

Angels we ask you calm the hearts and minds of Law Enforcement to ensure the safety of all concerned.

Angels we ask you calm the hearts and minds of all Leaders everywhere in all the lands.

Angels we ask you still the waters, the air and the Earth beneath our feet.

Angels in you name we ask for peacefulness in heart, mind and in Spirit.