Spiritual Expansion – Becoming Comfortable In My Own Skin

From the beginning of conscious memory, I didn’t feel like I fit in or belonged anywhere. It always felt like I was just visiting no matter where I was. No place felt like home. It was more like I was observing people, places and situations.

In many ways I felt lost and alone. Friends were difficult to make a challenge to keep. Emotions and experiences affected me more deeply than most if not all the people around me.

I was often challenged for seeing things differently. As a child I was considered outspoken. Having my opinion of how things ought to be caused frustration, bitterness, feelings of being betrayed and even anger.

For many years there was a very tall, thick brick wall behind which I hid my heart, my Spirit, my uniqueness. Things still hurt, people still misunderstood and my heart still got broken. Instead of learning how to cope with my true-Self, I hid behind a sharp tongue laced with anger.

I attracted abusive partners as a way to keep my human self in-line as an attempt to be like others, to be normal. At some point I remember making a conscious decision to stop being angry. Hiding behind a wall didn’t protect me from the very things I wanted and needed protection from. It simply wasn’t working.

My perception of my childhood is one that is filled with not being loved enough, never being good enough no matter how I tried. Today I am pleased to share with you, through years of Soul searching and much self-healing, my relationships with my biological family have healed.

I chose to come of out hiding from behind the brick wall I had built around myself although at that point I no longer knew who I was. There was a lot of self-doubt, insecurity and confusion about why I was in a place that at times is extremely harsh on all levels and in every way possible.

During the fall of 1989, my Mom introduced me to crystals through a book titled The Spiritual Value of Crystals and Gemstones. I didn’t just read that book devoured it and all it had to offer. I began using crystals for their Metaphysical healing properties.

I taught myself to channel energy long before I had heard of Reiki or knew what it was or how it worked. I practiced on friends and family whenever I had the changes. Channeling energy, like many things I would later discover came naturally.

There was still little clarity about my purpose and why I was here. If only someone would tell me what my purpose was, surely I could figure out the rest. If only someone or something would point me in the right direction everything would be OK. Maybe then I would be loveable, accepted and be of value to someone.

I read a lot of books, meditated and worked on myself. I tried a lot of techniques and yet nothing really fit. I was closer with each step forward, still I knew there was something more.

In 2005, I discovered a coffee shop here in El Paso, Texas named Butterflies of Wisdom. The moment I walked in it felt like I had come home. I met other Seekers, Light-Workers and Healers.

We all believed a little differently, saw, heard and felt things a little differently from each other. The most important thing for me is how everyone accepted themselves and each other without judgment, without condition.

This incredible coffee shop and its amazing owners, Carlos Luis Gonzalez and Scott Centers, provided a safe haven, an environment for this lost Soul. I began to blossom little by little. I started taking classes, lots and lots of classes. My thirst for understanding my Life’s Purpose was insatiable. I continued to study, read books, meditate and worked on forgiveness and self-healing.

With each step forward I discovered more about who I am and how to assimilate my truth, walk my own talk while remaining authentic to my core essence, my true-Self.

Since those first classes, I have consciously expanded my sense of awareness and my intuitive gifts. Expansion came at a cost. I was already highly sensitive to energy, my own and all the energy around me. At times it was more than I could handle and I became overwhelmed.

As I crossed through yet another energy portal, I taught myself to balance, integrate and assimilate the ever widening gap between my energy vibration and the energy of others around me. I asked for and created filters to protect myself from absorbing unwanted energy and thoughts of others around me.

I have been where you are. I understand the deep Soul level pain of not knowing why you are here, not knowing what your purpose is or how to fulfill your Life’s Purpose. Our circumstances are different; the heart-felt Soul level ache is the same.

My sole purpose for being here in this realm in this time is to radiate unconditional love and Source light so that I can help you fulfill your Life’s Purpose.

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Angels – Zachriel is the Angel of Memory

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Memories are filled with happiness, joy and laughter. They are also filled with heartbreak, disappointment, fear of the unknown and lack of self-worth. There are many other types of memories that are in your mind, your thoughts and in your emotions.

Each time you remember something, it isn’t important what the memory is, what is important is that each time you remember something your body and your emotions relive the memory as if it is happening now.

If you are open to a quick experiment, think of a situation that is not pleasant. How does your body feel? Do you feel uncomfortable?

Now think of something that is pleasant, a happy memory. Now how does your body feel? Can you sense your emotions and your body experience an entirely different energy?

It is essential to understand or at least to recognize that with each memory there is energy. Energy permeates everything in your life, in your body, your emotions and in your Aura. Some say you are here in physical form to experience as much as possible, lessons your Soul craves. In my understanding it is more than this. It is also about the agreement you have made to journey the path before you. It is about fulfilling your Life’s Purpose with as much love and integrity as possible.

Memories or remembering people, places and situations can be freeing or they can limit you. Limitations become emotional, mental and Spiritual barriers. Barriers become blockages creating fear of moving forward, fear of letting go, fear of change. Fear can paralyze you in staying where you are even if do not like where you are or what are feeling.

A Message from Zachriel*

See beyond self-made limitations. Limitation is taught by others, reinforced by the Self. Limitation is fear based thought which no longer serves your highest and best good.  Limitation is a perception of
not be-ing, do-ing, or having all that you desire.  Be willing to see past the illusion of lack, limitation.  Step into the light, remember who you are.  You are light.  You are love expressed fully, without hesitation.  There is only love or fear.  Do you choose to remember loving thoughts, situations, experiences?  Yes, acknowledge all that has come before, for it has brought you to this moment.  We ask you see past the limitation of what was, seeing past perceived illusion.  Step into the light, bringing into harmony and balance all that you already are with who you have allowed your Self to become along the journey.  In any moment you are free to choose to remain in the shadows of what was or step into the light of what is.  Look about for there is much to be thankful for.  Look about, seeing past illusion, stepping into the warmth of love and light.  All is well, go in peace this day. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Be willing to step out of the shadows of your own fear, reaching through to freedom of choice, freedom to love and be loved. If what you have been doing is not working for you, why keep doing the same things over and over again. Try something different. Be willing to go beyond your comfort zone. When you get to the edge of everything you have ever known, be willing to take a deep breath and take one step at a time moving forward.

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Spiritual Expansion – What Are Spiritual Truths and Spiritual Agreements

It is said by many that agreements and contracts are made before agreeing to experience life in physical form. It is also said that there is a veil of forgetfulness that causes the Soul which inhabits a physical body to “forget” as if the slate is wiped clean. Yet, for many there are distant memories of places, times, relationships and experiences that cannot be explained rationally nor for the most part validated.

What is a Spiritual Truth? It is that which resonates within your heart center, the very core of your inner essence. It is a sense of “knowing” someone whom you have just met in physical form during your current life-time in this realm. It is a distant memory of another place or time. A Spiritual Truth is ancient knowledge. It can be a sense of “not fitting” a feeling which can at times seem a bit overwhelming.

It is a longing to “go home” which is not the same as transitioning from this life through death of the physical body. It can also be a reflection of not understanding why you are in physical form although deep within your Soul you are very aware of the greater good, the light you came to share, raising the vibration within you and others who share the path with you.

What is a Spiritual Agreement? An agreement is a form of contract that you chose to abide by during your experience in this realm as a physical being. An agreement does not mean that all things, all experiences must be difficult or traumatic. There are many choices which in turn create an unlimited supply of choices and opportunities with which to experience all that you agreed to do.

Choices made determine the way in which your chosen path unfolds before you. I do not hold the belief that all things, experiences and situations are pre-determined or pre-destined to occur. How a Spiritual Agreement unfolds as you travel your path is chosen moment by moment.

An agreement to fulfill your Life’s Purpose is not negotiable. The way in which you fulfill the agreement, living your Spiritual Truths are determined through life experiences as you weave through the beliefs of others which are often projected on to you.

There are countless factors, choices, decisions which create the tapestry of your in physical form. When you stop and turn to see where you have been, it often appears to be a tangled web of distraction and misdirection. In truth, you would not have experienced all that has brought you to where you are now. It is also a truth that had you followed your heart, your inner heart center regardless of what others think or thought about you the path would have been smoother.

You have the choice to remain where you are or start now to begin living in your truth, speaking and acting with loving kindness first for you and then with others.  Begin where you are, choosing differently.
Speak differently. Act differently. Reach through the fear of the unknown.

Ask Angels to guide your steps, your thoughts, your actions. Ask Angels to heal you, your body, your emotions, your Spirit.

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Angels – Rainbow Angel Dalirianna Angel of the Realm of Red Light

Quartz (Var.: Jasper), Baryte :: Locality: Fru...

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The color red is almost primal in its vibration and its intensity. It signifies anger, protection, heat, flame, passion. Red also resonates with a sense of belonging. It commands attention. This color is also grounding as Mother Earth often displays marvelous high energy reds from the center of all inner creation.

Dalirianna is the Angel of the Red Ray. Her energy is high, powerful, full of action and able to transform all in her path.  The base of our physical existence begins in passion and journey’s through many series of fight or flight experiences.

Gifts brought to all who are open to seeing, hearing, feeling and even given to action are endless possibilities for rising about and beyond the base nature from which it is said all creatures are born.

Resonating with the Root or Basic Chakra, this color is the very essence of life in many forms. It is the strongest hue in the prism of the Rainbow. Its energy is vibrant, its wavelength the longest and at times the “loudest” for it will not be ignored.

The stones which correspond with this base energy, the stones with which Dalirianna works most closely are Carnelian and Red Jasper.

Carnelian is also known as the Artist’s Stone, it activates creativity, possibly unearthing hidden talent or latent gifts. It is an excellent stone for relieving depression, grounding, overall well-being; aids in focusing thoughts, intensify concentration, increase physical energy. It will assist the Soul along its journey through the physical realm. Work with Carnelian will encourage a sense of self-trust, enabling the user to better discern the many choices before them. Among its amazing properties is the ability to release energy blockages, freeing you to move forward through fear.

Red Jasper is a powerful yet most often subtle, assisting you significantly over time. It is capable of balancing your inner-Self with your outer physical body. Red Jasper closely resonates with Earth Mother and will assist you on Shamanic Journeys. Take heed to prepare yourself properly should you choose to undergo a Shamanic Journey.

A Message from Dalirianna*

Beloved child of earth, you are loved beyond your understanding beyond your knowing. There is always a way to surround you with that which protects and provides for your every need. There is no more
basic a need than that of survival on many levels in many ways. It is not so much the survival of the fittest as in against one another. It is more about the survival of you against the ego chatter which creates a sense of fear rather than that of love and harmony. Take heed for all is before you with openness and passion for all that lay before you. Allow you to reach through the fear of that which faces you in the moment, knowing you are whole, complete and perfect. Call upon me I shall lead you through all to love transforming all, if you will but allow it. Go in peace, flow with rather than against. All is well.
*channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

The gift of transformation is in its very nature is one of consumption. Fire and flame consume, transform and ultimately creates transmutation preparing thoughts, emotions, and at times the physical realm for transcendence.

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Angels – Archangel Sandalphon Angel of Prayer, Higher Truth and Healing

One of Melozzo's famous angels from the Basili...

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What is Higher Truth? Your higher truth emanates from within, the still small voice which resonates from deep within your core essence. The Spark of Divinity within each one of us begins with the receiving of unconditional love and light of the Creator of All There Is.

What is Prayer? Prayer is the language of your Soul Essence, the quietness of the mind when asking, seeking guidance from thee Angels, from the Spirit. In truth, all we seek is already contained within. All we seek to know about ourselves, our reason for being is contained within our Soul. Prayer is the asking for all to be revealed to us in the moment of the asking.

What is Healing? Healing is the releasing of all that has or continues to cause you pain, sorrow, discomfort in any form whether it be thought, action or emotion. Healing is releasing the fear of not having all you desire for in truth it is already yours.

A Message from Archangel Sandalphon*

What do you seek beloved child? How do you seek the desires of your heart, mind, and Spirit? Ask and it is given. Knock and the door shall be opened to you. Seek and you shall find.  How do you communicate with the Creator?  Do you sit in the silence?  Do you speak your desires aloud or silently to yourself? Do you write your desires and burn them by the flame of the candle?  Do you seek answers?  Perhaps you seek forgiveness, love, abundance, harmony, or joy. In all things, know your prayers are answered in the moment of the asking. Be open to receive that which you desire. Be open to receiving guidance in the form of whispered thought, people crossing your path, songs, passing conversations, experiences, or passages in a book. Be open to receiving that which you seek. Give to you as you would give to others.  Love you as you would love others. Be open to receiving that which you seek.  All shall be made manifest; in the Realm of Spirit all is already yours in the moment of the asking. Know it is so. In the asking, in the receiving, in the giving, you shall find all; the way is made open to you.  *channeled through Terrie Marie, the Angel Lady

Be willing to step aside, to step out of your own way, being open to all that you already are in the Realm of Spirit where all is already known, all is manifested in your name for your highest and best good. All is in made whole, you are whole complete and perfect now this moment.

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Angels – Taliahad Angel of Water Emotion

San Antonio River Walk

Where there is water, there is movement. Where there is movement, there is freedom. Where there is freedom, there is the ever changing churn of emotions, cycles of renewal and regeneration, moving forward, releasing the past.

Taliahad, the Angel of Water, gifts us with the waters of renewal and regeneration. Call upon Taliahad to assist you in moving forward, healing emotional wounds. Be willing to allow the waters of renewal and regeneration to carry away pain and suffering. Angel Taliahad works with Archangel Gabriel assisting you in speaking your truth with softness and clarity.

Emotional healing is essential to your overall well-being, balancing body, mind and Spirit. The Soul, your Soul, speaks the language of unconditional love and forgiveness, the language of acceptance without condition, without judgment.

Which do you prefer? Do you prefer to stay where have been or would you prefer to heal all pain and suffering moving forward knowing all is healed? You can choose this and more, you need only ask. You need only be open to receiving emotional healing beginning with your inner Self. As your inner Self heals wounds carried from past relationships, healing begins to radiate outward, projecting in all directions of time and space. There no are limitations, there are no boundaries, there are no wounds too deep, too old, or too new that cannot be healed if you are but willing, truly willing to release all that has come before.

Releasing pain and suffering, involves telling a different story or simply stop telling the story of that which happened so very long ago. You are not the same as you once were. Why then would you do yourself an injustice by re-telling a story that no longer expresses who, what and where you find yourself now, this moment?

A Message from Taliahad*

Drink of the waters of forgetfulness, the waters which allow you to relive only that which was sown in love and compassion. It does not serve thee to wade in the muck and mire of what once was. Instead beloved child of light, allow you to flow with the stream of loving consciousness to waters which are clear, cool and soothing. Renew your Spirit, your thoughts, your heart in the cool waters of forgiveness, making way for that which is before you. Drink of the waters of compassion releasing you from a future of reliving that which is clearly behind you. Free yourself to love again, easily, without fear without doubt.  *channeled through Terrie Marie the Agngel Lady

It is not suggested you deny what once was, it is suggested you acknowledge what was, choosing instead to focus upon that which is positive and loving. Seeing all involved wrapped in a beautiful, soft bubble of loving rose light, healing all involved. Healing allows you and others to be released from a pattern of continual energy exchange which no longer serves anyone.

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Angels – I’ahhel Angel of Meditation

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There are many, many ways in which to meditate quieting your mind, your heart, your Soul and your Spirit. Light a candle of white or rose, focus your gaze upon the flame. Soften your focus, watching the flame grow and recede, becoming brighter and brighter, changing colors within its self.  Play soft music, allowing your mind to drift away, allowing the stillness within to renew your Spirit, calm your heart.

Call upon I’ahhel to assist you in clearing the mental chatter, empowering your conscious mind to quiet, receiving requested guidance. It is not difficult to sit in the stillness for a few minutes each day or evening. If you will but rest your mind for 5 minutes, you will be able to cause a shift within your inner Self, within your physical body, Aura and energy fields.

As you ask for guidance, be willing to open your mind and your heart to receiving guidance, direction, clarification, even validation. You may not always receive guidance during meditation; you will increase opportunities to receive guidance by quieting your thoughts, slowing your breath.

I’ahhel, whose name means, Quiet Solitude, shall be your constant companion during times of stilling your mind. This Angel seeks only to enhance your meditation experience.  Develop your own way of becoming one with your inner Self, your core essence, opening your connection with the Divine Source of All There Is.

A Message from Angel I’ahhel*

Quiet thy Self beloved one; know you are love beyond measure this day and all the days before you. Practice the silencing of your thoughts, still the swirling of emotions within thy center. All is well with you this day….all is healed…all is given in the moment of the asking…al is healed in the silence between each breath….all is known on the space between thy thoughts….feel the heartbeat of winged creatures and you shall know the heartbeat of all the Creator’s creatures as your own. Go forth in peace and contentment. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Create a special space in your home or room where you can simply release all your concerns or worries knowing you are free to express your innermost thoughts, your dreams, and your desires. As you practice meditating, becoming quiet, your will experience a sense of peacefulness as you go about your day. True there will be days when whatever you choose will not bring the desired relief.

There is no right way or wrong way, there is only your way. Discover what works best for you as you journey the path before you, speaking your truth with loving kindness.

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Blue Crystals and Gemstones – Lapis Lazuli Stone of Truth and Integrity

cristaux de lazurite (=lapis-lazuli)

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Known as the stone of communication, it is a power stone enabling you to speak your truth with integrity. It will enhance a sense of tranquility, calming frayed nerves, increase self-awareness.  The blue color ray symbolizes movement, free flowing energy, moving forward.

The color of Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue with flecks of gold throughout. Ancient Egyptians prized this beautiful gem for its natural ability to align both them with the physical realm and that of the Gods. It was believed that the Soul resided in the mind, in the center of the brain. It was used during meditation allowing the user to more fully connect with the Divine Source of All There Is, the Realm of the Gods. It was highly regarded as a mental healer and Soul purifier. The deep colors of blue and gold were power symbols for the Pharaohs’ and High Priests and Priestess’, representing the life giving waters of the Nile.

Lapis resonates with both the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye. When placed directly on the Throat Chakra or worn as a pendant, it will begin to dissolve and clear any blockages, enabling you to speak your truth with compassion and clarity. Placing Lapis directly on your Third Eye Chakra during meditation it will cleanse and balance your energy center, clearing the way to see beyond physical realm perceptions.

This blue and gold gemstone symbolizes purity of thought, purity of heart, infinite possibilities and the wisdom of the ages. Holding, wearing or placing Lapis near you will assist you in releasing limiting beliefs, propelling you forward on the path before you. It will encourage integration between your physical, mental, emotional, mental and Spiritual bodies with your Etheric Energy Body.

*Angelic Realm Association: Archangel Taharial, whose name means, Purity of God, will assist you in speaking with clarity, integrity, choosing your words carefully so as not to cause harm upon yourself or others. Archangel Gabriel, whose name means, Messenger of God, will assist you in clearing blockages in your Throat Chakra, accepting yourself with grace and ease.

*Healing Properties: self-expression, integrity, balance and cleanse Throat Chakra

*Vibrational Frequency: calming, tranquil, strong, intense blue alchemy of truth and communication

*Spiritual Properties: wisdom of the ages, purity of thought, purity of heart, purifier of the Soul

Working with Lapis Lazuli for an extended period of time, will cause you to transform your leaden Physical Realm energy into the higher vibrational energy of the Spiritual Realm utilizing the flecks of gold within its core essence. A word of caution, if you are not yet ready or willing to accept your truth, your inner Self, it is best to wait until you are sure you are ready for once begun cannot be undone.

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