So what did you come here to do?

Do you ever wonder, I mean really, really wonder what the heck you’re doing here especially if you feel like you haven’t really ever ‘fit in’ no matter how hard you’ve tried?

I can remember as a small kid, thinking there was something really wrong with me because I wasn’t anything like anyone in my family … never mind not having friends or if I did, it didn’t last long.

Even in High school, I’d get super bored with things, people … yeah, not very nice to say but it’s true.

It’s like I could tell within just a few minutes, hours or at the most a couple of days that ‘this’ just wasn’t going to work.

Being on my own, by myself, making up stories about ‘other places’ was about the only time I really felt ‘safe’ and ‘at peace’ … being away was my secret garden … I’ll bet you know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t you <<first name>>?

Want to change that? You know, how it feels to be you in this world where you’ve been labeled ‘different’ and be totally okay with that?

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