Are You an Energy Sensitive Empath?

There’s always someone who thinks and says (outloud) that what *you* feel is *over the top* or you can’t possibly be *feeling* what you say you are.

I heard that sooooo many times in my life, especially from family and friends. I began to doubt myself and think there was something *wrong* with me. 

Well, MUCH later, I realized that I’m sensitive to energy of all kinds.

That’s where these Crystal beauties can help you manage and avoid energy overwhelm … or maybe *you* know someone who’s really sensitive and could use some help to feel more balanced and grounded.

Being able to shield yourself from being overwhelmed with energy is essential. 

Working with these Crystal beauties and teaching my clients how to use them, has really helped and they can help you or someone you know who’s sensitive to energy too.


Raise Your Vibe Connect to Your Guides

Hello beautiful Soul,

One of my favorite ways to connect with my Guides is to have several crystals on my desk near me when I work. 

Another way is to *ask* a question (write it down first) as I’m going to sleep with Crystals under my pillow at night.

During sleep time, your conscious mind is less involved and you can actually get a clearer connection to your Guides in dreams or intuitive thoughts that pop into your mind.

Here are some of the crystals I work with the most to boost my intuitive connection.

Everyone needs reassurance, clarification and confirmation that they’re on the right path and taking the right next steps to help them achieve their goals, and exceed their expectations of what is possible.


Crystals to Boost Your Prosperity and Abundance

It’s interesting to me that everyone wants to increase their prosperity and abundance.

I’ve begun to say and teach my clients about Wealth Expansion because it’s like expanding your knowledge about Crystals and what they can help you do.

So Wealth Expansion is an up-level way to say *more prosperity and abundance* especially when you’re journaling, affirming and working together with your Guides to raise your inner vibe to receive more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

These Crystal beauties are among my top favorites for helping me do that … raise my inner vibe and reach into that next level of prosperity and abundance and wealth expansion.

When you connect with the energies of these crystal beauties, it’s possible to tap into the subconscious where all things are truly possible and there is only limitless potential, prosperity and abundance and wealth expansion.


3 Ways You Can Use Palmstones

Hello beautiful Soul,

Two years ago, I have a feeling that Palmstones would become part of the Crystal Energy Healing work I was going to be doing. 

Little did I know at the time that my Crystal Guides would have me start teaching Crystal Healing Mastery. 

It’s *crazy* sometimes how following Guidance can lead to something that’s so much more than you could have imagined … that’s where things are now and there must be at least 50 different Palmstones in my basket. 

I promised to share three ways you  can use Palmstones:

#1 – Hold a Palmstone in your hand during meditation, or while you’re walking.

Hold it in your left hand to start so that the energy from the Palmstone flows into and through you. After a bit, about 20 – 30 minutes, switch hands and hold the Palmstone in your right hand.

Now the Palmstone is drawing out of you any energies that don’t resonate with you.

For example, if you’re working or on upleveling your energy, you’d work with Dendritic Tree Agate, Dragon Stone Septarian or Black Opal, just to name a few, the Palmstone draws out energy that is not aligned with upleveling your energy.

#2 – Put several Palmstones under your pillow at night or on your bedside table.

The Palmstones will work with your energy during your sleep time, when the conscious mind is less active and offers less resistance to what you want to accomplish.

#3 – You can pair several Palmstones together on your desk to help you connect with your Guides, your intentions or whatever it is you desire to have more or less of.

Seeing the Palmstones near you while you’re working, creates a physical connection that helps remind you to stay focused on what you can do, what you desire and the energy of the Palmstones are with you during the day.

No matter which method you choose, be sure to clear the energy at the end of the day, after your meditation or in the morning. You can do this by placing your Palmstones right next to a BIG Selenite slab Selenite Charging Wand.

I’d love to know how *you* like these ways or how you use your Palmstones.

Much Love and Infinite Blessings,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


On My Desk Today

On My Desk Today … Labradorite, Green Opal and Golden Healer (aka Yellow Hematoid Quartz)

This Palmstone Trio is a perfect blend of energies for unlocking your unlimited potential, tapping into intuitive guidance, bridging Heart and Solar Plexus energies to open the flow for manifestation, seeing with an open mind and heart, and gaining clarity about what’s next for you.

What’s next could be:

*allowing your Guides to show you a different way of doing something

*giving yourself permission to stop and breathe, stepping away for a hour or a day

*taking that leap into faith and trust

Having these Palmstone beauties next to me as I work on what’s next, is helping me calm my inner-self energies so that I can *hear* clearly.

Listening to Guidance is essential for everyone, and it’s no different for me, either.

When we *listen* I mean REALLY *listen* and then follow the Guidance being gifted to us, things unfold that much more quickly and easily.

Have an amazing day, beautiful Soul!

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Thank *YOU* for being a part of this journey and sharing the path with me and my Guides.


[case study] from hopeless to doable

Hello beautiful Soul,

Have you ever felt like this … that there have been moments along the way that everything — dreams, hopes and desires — seemed so far off in the distance, that it felt hopeless?

That’s how Rebekkah felt when we first me 2 years ago. You wouldn’t know it now because she’s no longer struggling to keep her head above water.

Here’s Rebekkah’s story …

It all seemed to start about 4 years before Rebekkah found her way to me. In truth, it had been a lifelong journey of trial and error, struggle, feast and famine for her.

She was literally at her wits end. We started by going below the surface of what she THOUGHT was holding back. This is what we talked about …

*where she was mentally, emotionally and financially

*what no longer worked for in her life and business

*what was working for her

*self-sabotaging thoughts, emotions and actions

You see, for Rebekkah, it had been a very long road to this point. She was exhausted on every level and that place of being at a fork in the road … she wasn’t sure she could ever have what she really wanted, what had been given to her in visions, guidance and during sleep-time dreams.

She had been told by so many that what she was doing and giving was really making a difference in the world and in the lives of the people she touched.

Rebekkah had a hard time with people saying this to her because she was struggling to the point that she felt like she was slowly dying inside and she didn’t know how to end the cycle.

Being authentic and in integrity meant everything to her. Where had she gone so wrong to find herself in such a messy, dirty, dark place? What was her Spiritual Path really all about and how in the world was she going to ‘get there’ from where she was?

This beautiful Soul had been such a bright light of hope for others.

Somewhere along the way, she lost sight of her value and worth. She got tangled up in what she felt she was supposed to be doing, and more importantly allowed herself to be talked out of what she knew, deep within, she was here to do.

Rebekkah was more than willing to do things differently; SHE JUST KNEW it was time to pursue her deep-seated beliefs about being a Sensitive Spiritual Entrepreneur and making the kind of money she knew to be possible, if she just knew how to get out of her own way.

The kicker was, Rebekkah was already helping others clear their negative beliefs and manifesting their dreams. This only made it more frustrating for her.

She was so in her own ‘stuff’ she couldn’t see where she was stopping and blocking her own prosperity.

That’s exactly what we did together one step-at-a-time.

We peeled back the layers of hurt, feelings of betrayal, disappointment and frustration.

*Struggle turned into surrender.

*Obstacles were dissolved, opening multiple channels of receiving her good.

*Challenges became Rebekkah’s stepping stones into trust and faith

Fast forwarding to the present moment, this beautiful Soul now radiates confidence and believes in herself with an unshakeable knowing, of who she is and what she came here to do.

Rebekkah is well on her way to achieving her dreams in ways she didn’t feel or believe were possible for her less than 18 months earlier.

Yes, like everyone else, she experiences doubt and fear from time-to-time. The difference is, the techniques and tools at her fingertips and in her Sensitive Spiritual Entrepreneurs’ tool box, through her studies in the Academy of Metaphysics, are the key ingredients that enable Rebekkah to keep moving forward every day.

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How much love, joy, harmony and conscious awareness, getting the clarity you really need. Want and deserve to have, are YOU willing to allow into your life beautiful Soul?

Much Love, Light, Peace, Prosperity and Passion,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.



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Crystal Clear Guidance is …

… easier than it seems. It is easier than you have been led to believe.

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No matter if you’re just getting started or

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Hello beautiful Soul,

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Much Love, Light, Peace, Purpose, and Passion,

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