Introducing …

Conversations with Angels: Raise Your Inner Vibration Mentally and Emotionally

Are looking for ways to … clear negative energy … figure out what your life purpose is … and … finally get why some of your prayers are answered and others seem to be completely ignored?

That’s exactly what this book is about and for AND it’s directly from Angels themselves like never before.

Terrie Marie asks the Angels questions that we all want the answers too and what we can do to help ourselves have more by raising our inner vibration.

When it comes to overcoming our fears and challenges, we often rely on material resources that do not offer the desired level of effectiveness for such important matters. Many people believe that there´s some kind of universal procedure to ensure that our goals are met after being set, but they forget that what actually holds power is not in the material plane, but far beyond all time and space.

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Everyone has a ‘story’ this is mine …

Every one has a “story” of how they got to where they are and the challenges, obstacles and how they worked through them. This is Part One of my ‘Story” being a private person, it is not always easy to share the bumps, falling down and the many failures along the way.



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Angels and Crystal for Empaths

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Are you getting the messages from your Soul?

Is this your challenge? Trying to figure out what’s really blocking you?

You’ve been meditating, connecting to get clearer answers maybe even a direction or what step to be taking next.

Maybe you’ve gotten a Tarot or Angel Reading but just not gotten enough … not gotten insights  to those deeper levels of energy that really pull back the curtain of what it is your Soul is trying so hard to tell you.

It’s about tapping into the energy of your Soul, with practical guidance about how to raise your inner-vibe, getting rid of the block that has been buried in your sub-conscious mind.

A Soul Reading is about you and your life, giving you insights, clear guidance, messages and answers from your Soul’s energy, personal Angel Guides and Spirit.

Soul Reading with Angel Lady Terrie Marie

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This isn’t something new. I’ve been giving Soul Readings for about 5 years now and am finally listening to guidance to make these very special readings more available.

Get the names of Angels that are waiting to help you re-connect with your inner-you …


When a client says …

“Her messages channeled directly from Angels go beyond the prophetic. Terrie Marie is the real deal and I’ve studied and had readings, lots and lots of readings. She gives you what you want and what you need to really help you.”

Tina S Sredl-Niedzwiecki; Clear Vision Assets, LLC; Nevada


If you know this is right for you, tap here to book your session now.  My calendar tends to fill quickly these days. Waiting could cost you … why wait for the answers you’ve been wanting and needing to get from your Soul?

Much Love, Light, Peace and Purpose,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Rosario Garcia-Hawks Postpartum Doula

Rosario Garcia- Hawks is a Postpartum Doula and Reiki Master, helping Mothers and babies connect deepen their bond.


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FREE Webinar! Chakra Protection. Red Quartz. Uriel and Nathaniel

When You Know Exactly Why …

… it is so important to your overall Energy Health and Well-Being, to clear and open your Physical Chakra’s, dissolve negative energy blocks and what to do about it, you ‘ll be able to be protect yourself from being overwhelmed by negative energy, raising your vibe quickly and easily.


Here’s what you’re going to get in this Free Webinar ..

*How to Clear Blocks in Your Physical Chakra ‘s

*Learn How to Use 3 Different Grounding and Clearing Techniques

*Why Red Quartz is One of the Best Crystals to Use for Opening Your Physical Chakras

*Discover How Uriel and Nathaniel Help You Dissolve Trapped Energy

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Bev Kaplan Psychic Medium

Bev Kaplan is a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Therapist helping “humans” realize they are never alone and so much help is out there from other realms and this one. And teaches the importance of releasing and forgiveness it to free yourself from repetitive patterns and releasing the ego.

There’s a Free Gift Easy to Follow Guide – Angels Success and Prosperity: Become a Mover and Shaker of Your Reality at

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Early Morning Clearing Ritual

Clear your space, energy and your channels of receiving.


Angel Erica Psychic Medium Intuitive Counselor

Angel Erica is a Psychic medium and intuitive counselor, helping women connect their mind, body, and soul into happiness and success.







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Free video class today!

It seems we’re all noticing just how much is really happening in the world around.

It doesn’t stop there either.

There’s sooooo much happening inside … our thoughts, feelings, energy and even on our path.

If you are an Empath, someone who is really sensitive to energy … any energy, especially what you feel when you’re out in there, in public.

It can be very overwhelming everything like is starting to crowd you and for some, they feel like they are drowning from soooo much energy!

That’s where Crystals come in. Crystals are more than just pretty, shiny things to look at. They are powerful tools to help you clear your energy, balance your Chakra’s and even open your channels of receiving guidance, answers, messages and bring your goals, dreams and your vision of fulfilling your purpose.

*Know How to Select the Right Crystals Online OR In-Person

*How to Take Care of Your Crystals so They Keep Working for You

*Perform a Crystal Energy Transfusion© to Raise Vibration from the Inside Out

*Which Crystals Work Best to Clear, Balance and Align Your Chakra’s


Happening today … Thursday, April 26th  2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern

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The more you work with Crystals, the more they can help you. Find out how you can tap into, genuinely tap in and connect to Crystals with proven tips and strategies from decades of study and daily practice.

As you take a deeper dive into Crystals and put these tools into practice, the magical, mystical world of Crystals will open up to you, raise your vibration and your energy will balance out more, dissolving that awful feeling of being overwhelmed.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Much Love, Light, Peace and Purpose,

The Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.