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Crystals – Black Tourmaline Stone of Protection


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Tourmaline is a unique crystalline form, sometimes opaque and other times it is translucent. You may be familiar with the many colors of Tourmaline; blue, green, pink and black. Black Tourmaline is also known as Schorl.

Known as the stone of protection, it will dispel, reflect and assist you in dissolving negative energy around you. It will also absorb any negative energy within you assisting you in dissolving internal, mental and emotional energy blockages.

There are so many changes, so many transitions occurring all around us it is important to surround you and your Auric energy field with protection allowing you to maintain your focus and sense of balance. Balance is being able to integrate or assimilate all that is happening as you travel the path before you. Maintaining balance is essential to repelling negativity.

Black Tourmaline resonates primarily with the Root Chakra located at the base of your spine. The Root Chakra energy center aids in drawing energy from Earth Mother into the physical body, balancing male and female energies and detoxing negative all your Chakra energy centers.

It will create a shield, a protective energy shield assisting you in repelling negatively charged energy neutralizing the effects of Psychic Attack. Psychic Attack is defined as negative thoughts such as jealousy, anger and hate being directed towards you from others and from you about yourself.

*Angelic Realm Association: Archangel Michael, whose name means, He Who Is Like God, will assist you in clearing all negative and dirty energy from around you and within you.

*Ascended Master: Lord Kuthumi will assist you with wisdom, love and understanding. Understanding how to release fear from within releases you from attracting negatively charged energy from others.

*Healing Properties: grounding excess nervous energy, detox energy, balances energy within and around you; releases stress and tension

*Vibrational Frequency: dense energy frequency, integrating Mother Earth’s energy into the physical body for balance

*Spiritual Properties: encourages faith and strength; grounds Spiritual energy

During times of stress, uncomfortable situations or experiences, Schorl will encourage you to have faith, find strength within to release fear of the unknown, release self-doubt and anger.

Place Black Tourmaline on your desk, near the front door of your home, on your bedside table or carry it with you. As you become more consciously aware of who you are and what you want, Black
Tourmaline can become a trusted friend and ally during times of transition from what is now behind you as you travel the path before you experiencing balance within your energy centers, your mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual energy bodies.

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Green Crystals and Gemstones – Healing Properties of Green Tourmaline (Green Crystals and Stones)

Fireworks in Vinci, FI, Italy.

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Green Tourmaline is a healer’s stone not to be taken lightly. In addition to resonating with the Heart Chakra, it also resonates or assists in aligning the entire physical Be-ing, capable of balancing all Chakra’s simultaneously. This is a very powerful, vibrant stone, to be respected and worked with gradually so as not to over-stimulate your physical body.

It is our physical body which aligns or re-aligns itself with that of Green Tourmaline rather than the stone’s energy aligning with our own. It is possible to experience an energetic shift beginning with your core essence, radiating outward into your Auric and Ethereal Energy bodies.

Tourmaline The color ranges from the deepest, dark green to very light green. Tourmaline gifts us with many colors to include pink, yellow, black and blue. The crystalline formations are intricate and complex, corresponding to the complexity of its vibrational frequency on many levels. It is possible to find clusters or smaller strands which appear to cling together vertically in various sizes from very small to larger specimens the size of your palm.

*Angelic Realm Association:  Archangel Metatron whose name means “He Who Walks with God” will assist in aligning your Chakra energy centers; healing perception, opening your Heart to loving more fully.

*Healing Properties:  intestinal tract, balancing the nervous system, relieves chronic fatigue

*Vibrational Frequency: churning, vibrant, subtle, intense, far reaching, radiating outward in all directions; casting a healthy glow

*Spiritual Properties: resonating with the most subtle of Spiritual Expansion at a very deep, profound level of understanding and healing

I was gifted with a delicately wrapped specimen of Green Tourmaline whose double terminated points are blue. It is very powerful and yet subtle in the same moment. It has helped me heal my Throat Chakra, aligning that which resonates within my heart in speaking my truth with loving kindness and compassion.

It can worn as a pendant, be placed beneath your pillow, on your bedside table or on your desk casting a green light around you. Whichever way you choose to work with this green crystalline stone, be patient, do not force results. As with all things, experiences vary from person to person.

How have you resonated with this incredible crystalline form?  Be willing to share your experiences with the rest of us, we all learn from each other by posting comments or questions.

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