Transition can be messy

Archangel Jehudiel (lit. "Praise of God&q...

Archangel Jehudiel (lit. “Praise of God”). One of 7 archangels in Orthodox tradition. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Transition can be messy energetically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually. It’s all about being consciously aware of all the signs, messages and guidance you are receiving to make changes in your life.

Changes include but are not limited to the kinds of food you eat, what you drink and the people with whom you surround yourself. Perhaps the biggest or most profound change occurs within, affecting your energy vibration, your inner frequency on multiple levels.

Today, I want to share with you part of my own journey during what is for me a time of great transition and ultimate transformation.

During the past several weeks, I have been experiencing a profound transformation raising my energy vibration to higher and higher levels of frequency. There have been moments of doubt as to the next step or set of steps that I needed to take forward along my own journey of continued self-discovery.

One morning last week, I woke feeling quite dizzy which is a typical reaction for me when I have eaten something that my physical body is no longer able to process because it’s out of alignment with my new higher vibration.

Very quickly, I mentally assessed all that I had eaten the previous day. After identifying what caused the physical reaction of dizziness, I rested for the next 3 days as my physical, mental and emotional energy were once again in alignment with my new higher energy frequency.

Raising your vibration is a continual process; at least it is for me. The higher my vibration, the more connected I am with Source more often, which in turn enables me to be of better service to you and our Global Community.

As you walk your path, which is as unique as you are, you will from time-to-time need to have all your energy bodies and your physical body re-aligned with your current vibration enabling you to flow with the transition process.

Transition is one of the magic words that tends to conjure all sorts of doubt, fear and possibly confusion especially when “ego-chatter” attempts to keep you where you are, or keep you stuck in an energy vibration that no longer “fits” you or the vision for your life.

This is the perfect time for an Angel Makeover Ritual which detoxes all your energy bodies, aligning your Chakra Energy Centers and connects you with Angel Energy at the highest possible vibration easing your transition, creating a catalyst for your personal breakthrough.

I want to help you raise your inner vibration, your inner wealth frequency, detox your energy bodies so that your transition flows easily, with as much harmony and balance as possible.

Remember to nurture and indulge yourself during times of transition. Be open to receiving all that your Angels want for you. Experience your before-and-after with a Private Virtual Angel Makeover Ritual (click here) raising your energy frequency so that you manifest more of what you want and so much less of what you don’t.

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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