3 Levels of Belief: Core or Divinely Inspired Belief – Part Four

In Part Three, the 2nd Level of Belief, Centered or Heart-Felt Belief was revealed as the next step in believing in yourself, your dreams and goals.

Here’s a review of this incredibly powerful next step in believing, keeping everything you hold in your heart space sacred. From this heart-centered space within, we get to breathe into and through our Heart-Space and exhale deeply knowing that we believe in what we are doing and in who we are.

It is so much easier to be centered, feeling a sense of relief and balance when we’re able to assimilate and integrate everything in ways that the rational mind, Ego-Chitter chatter simply can’t.

We also talked about the Mystical Junction of the 3 lower, physical Chakra Energy Centers and 3 higher or Spiritual Chakra Energy Centers, being in the Heart Chakra, interweaving one with the other, bridging the gap between material and Spiritual planes of existence.

The third level of belief, Core or Divinely-Inspired Belief is the very essence of Soul Fulfillment at the deepest and highest levels of vibration possible, while still in human form.

There is within all humans, at the Soul level, an inner knowing of peace and contentment, a sense of pure bliss.

It is not possible to connect with Divinely-Inspired Belief solely at the intellectual level because human Ego-Chitter chatter is filled with doubt and fear of the unknown.

At this deepest level of belief, it is all about total trust and faith, surrendering all concerns and worries, emotionally and mentally.

There’s a sense of utter peace knowing that all your needs and met easily and consistently, under grace.

The Third Level f Belief is felt and experienced as an unwavering sense of faith that all things are simply falling into place regardless of surface appearances.

Soul fulfillment is being in complete alignment with your life-purpose and who you truly are.

Being in alignment is the absolute absence of fear and doubt in any form. All levels of belief –– mentally and emotionally — are interwoven with and through unconditional love.

Belief is another form of unconditional love. We could reference the Universal Law of of Polarity to further explain this incredible phenomenon of Core or Divinely-Inspired Belief.

At one extreme of the polarity pole, there is only fear, a fear of everything and everyone. There is also the fear of failure. There is even a fear of success because of all the responsibility that accompanies success.

As long as fear in any form, no matter how great or how small, you’ll be unable to reach or experience this very deepest level of belief.

At the other extreme of the polarity pole, there is only unconditional love, trust and faith that is in Divine Order, flowing easily within and around you.

As with all things, it requires practice to release and let go of fear and doubt. Once you are able to go within, surrendering again and again, you will, in time, experience this most Soul level fulfillment of Divinely-Inspired Belief.

It is an absolutely incredible feeling unlike any other you have or will ever experience.

It will be easier to re-connect with your core belief in yourself the more you’re able to simply let go, surrendering into full trust and faith in all that you are, all that you do that you are completely supported in all ways.

Actually, it is so much more than merely believing in yourself at the deepest and highest levels of vibration possible.

It is also about believing in your purpose, dreams and being supported in every way imaginable.

It is about being in alignment in ways known and unknown, seen and unseen, in ways you are not yet able to imagine or visualize.

It is a state of being that few achieve simply because it literally requires you to shed, dissolve and eliminate fear on all levels in directions of time and space.

It almost feels you are breathing through your Soul and heart center simultaneously.

Words are truly inadequate in expressing something that is elusive because Ego-Chitter chatter is often an incessant tirade of why you can’t or shouldn’t trust in something you can’t see, hear, taste or touch.

The more you surrender in trust and faith, the more you will be able to reach this elusive Inner-Nirvana.

It has taken my entire life to reach this point of Core or Divinely-Inspired Belief. There are moments when my human self is physically tired mentally and emotionally.

It’s during those moments of fatigue that Ego-Chitter chatter attempts to distract me with fear and doubt, trying to convince me to focus solely on surface appearances.

Surface appearances are deceiving. Trust what your Angel Guides and Divine Source support you in every way possible. You need only surrender into faith, believing at the deepest and highest levels of Soul fulfillment.

This is the clearest Core or Divinely-Inspired Belief can be expressed given the limitation of words to express something so pure a concept.



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Angels – Angel Asariel Will Help You Trust Unconditionally

Splendor of Mother Nature

What is trust? And what does it mean to trust unconditionally? It is developing a sense of conscious awareness of you. It is expansion beyond the realm of dense physical matter. It is expanding beyond all you have experienced bringing you to this moment.

Trust is another word for having faith in that which is both seen and unseen. It is a feeling, a knowing that all is well regardless of what has been manifesting or not manifesting into physical form within you, around you and in your life.

How do you learn to trust unconditionally when there are so many conditions, so many barriers and limitations by those who assume power over others?

In spite of surface appearances, in spite of words or energy projected by others, it is for you to discern what is truth and that which is not truth. It is for you to choose to trust guidance and messages received from Spirit, from Angels.

In truth there are no limitations, there is only that which is light and love. Meaning, as you grow and expand along the path before you, there will be moments of uncertainty as you conscious awareness enables you to see, feel and sense beyond all you have ever known.

A Message from Asariel*

Trust is the key to your expansion; expansion in Spirit; expansion within your heart center; expansion in your awareness; expansion in all relationships; expansion in accepting your true Self, your inner core essence. You may ask how is that possible, to trust unconditionally? Discernment is the key unlocking a magical journey before you. Trust is a gift freely given. Trust is first given to yourself. Do you trust your intuition, messages given to you? Do you trust your own judgment? In whom do you place your deepest sense of trust? Trust you. As there are layers of soil covering Mother Earth, there are layers of trust. There are many who are trustworthy. There are many in whom you confide. There are few you entrust with your life. There are fewer still you in whom you trust your innermost feelings, your deepest desires, your fears. Expressing unconditional trust is an exercise in discernment, faith in the unseen. Trust is knowing when and in whom to open yourself completely. Trust your sense of knowing, trust your sense of sight, trust your sense of hearing, trust your entire Be-ing. Should there be doubt, wait, for there is good reason. Your inner Self, your true Self is a most sacred gift. Gift you with trust wholly and completely, without reservation, accepting that which is your truth. The truth of others does not serve you unconditionally; accept you with an open heart, mind, an open Soul unconditionally. You cannot first trust others and then trust yourself. You must first trust you unconditionally, all else flows freely for the asking, for giving. * channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

If you are willing, truly willing to walk your own talk, traveling the path before you with integrity, releasing all that no longer resonate within your heart center, you will trust all that you are and all that you receive.

As with all things, trusting requires practice and patience. With practice all unfolds in perfect harmony one with the other. Unconditional trust is a gift from you to you and ultimately with others.

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Prayer Request – Patience During Times of Transition

Angels we ask for patience during times of transition from where we are to where are to be

Angels we ask for guidance and support

Angels we ask you teach us to trust in ways we may not completely understand

Angels we ask you lead us to the edge of all we have ever known with complete faith that the way is being revealed to us with every step

Thank you for understanding the ways of being Human and for your unconditonal love