Stand In Your Truth with Heart and Soul

Barn Owl in flight at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Truth is that which resonates deep within your heart center and within your Soul. It is about integrity with who you are. It is about having the courage to know what is real for you and what is not.

Are you aware of what your truth, your Inner-Spirit Truth is? In part it is all things, thoughts and emotions that, blended all together reflect the Spark of Divinity within your inner core, your Inner-Spirit.

It is that part of you that keeps you moving forward no matter how many times you want to say enough, I don’t want to play anymore.

This is not about giving in or giving up because the path becomes challenging at times.

This is not about feeling sorry for yourself or wishing your life was different.

It is about knowing the difference between having a moment of feeling overwhelmed or having doubt than simply refusing to take the one step you know you have to take because in reality there truly is no other choice except to move forward.

It is about knowing that you are walking your Spiritual Truth with passion, compassion and unconditional love for yourself and every other living, breathing creature.

Standing in your truth with heart and Soul means understanding and accepting you just as you are in this moment with all the dings, scrapes, all the bruises and all of the scars that tend to rise to the surface just in case you forgot how difficult it can be to simply keep stretching and stretching beyond everything you have ever known.

It means being able to reach out to someone when you have once again come up against another wall that threatens to block you from your dreams, from healing and even from fulfilling your Life’s Purpose.

Be willing to get up again and again rising to the next challenge, the next hurdle that attempts to distract you from all that you came to do in this lifetime, in this place and in this time.

Take a step back, remember to breathe and know you are supported and loved beyond measure.

Use your gift of discernment to realize what is being manifested and what is a time of rest. Be willing to see beyond the moment, practicing gratitude for what is, while you always keep looking to the horizon for the next rainbow filled moment worthy of celebration.

Stand in your truth means accepting who you are and having the courage to speak your truth to yourself. It means having the courage to keep silent when you know your truth and your energy are unwelcome.

It means accepting that some cannot see you because the light that radiates from within is too bright causing you to be invisible.

Allow all you are to begin resonating with your Soul Vibration. Be willing to rise to the next level and the next and the next. Be willing to flow with Divine Energy instead of against it.

Offer non-resistance to those who would cause you harm. Hold firm to your truth from your heart center knowing that no matter what you are walking your Spiritual Path with integrity, passion, compassion and unconditional love and acceptance.

Standing in your truth with heart and Soul requires strength and courage to be true to you and all that resonates within you.

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Angels – Angel Zagzagel Will Help You Create Freedom through Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge

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In every thought, emotion and action there is truth and there is that which is a non-truth. What is a non-truth? It is a thought or an action created from fear based emotion, it lacks integrity. There is little to no energy behind that which is not from the heart.

Angel Zagzagel will assist you, when asked, to release all that is not based in love and harmony. He will help you create your freedom through truth. Truth for you, for all who walk the land, is about being in integrity with your Inner-Self, that which is your inner core essence of love and light.

The Angel of Wisdom and Knowledge, Zagzagel, is ready in the moment you seek his guidance, his clarity of knowing, clearing the path before you with grace and ease.

Truth is not about accepting another’s set of rules or ideas about what is right for you. You and you alone know what is for your highest and best good, that of your Higher-Self. Your truth is yours. The truth of another is not your truth any more than your truth is the same truth for someone else.

A Message from Angel Zagzagel*

Peace is found within this day. Seeking knowledge is the way of Spiritual expansion, seeing people and experiences from another point of view. This is not to say you must then accept another’s truth; this is not the teaching. The teaching is to become aware, being open to seeing, to feeling differently than you have before. Your truth simply is. Another’s truth simply is. In the same way you wish to travel the path before you in peace, so do all around you. Accepting another’s truth as they see it for themselves creates a freedom for all. Truth creates freedom to choose, freedom to express, freedom to accept your truth as your own. Give you the gift of total acceptance of who you are and where you are this day. Gift yourself with the knowledge that all is as it should be in this moment. In the next moment all things, great and small, change. In choosing freedom, you set you and others free to choose differently. Change not others; create change within you for your betterment, freeing you to shine more brightly. In what ways shall you choose freedom this day? *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

As you travel the path before you, be willing to see differently than you have in the past. Be willing to speak differently to others and to yourself. Be willing to entertain the idea that not all things are as they seem.

There is so much that is not apparent if you look only at surface appearances of what is being said. Truth lay in action and emotion. Truth lay in energy. Truth lay in the heart center and in the sincerity of all things combined.

Truth is Wisdom. Truth is Knowledge. Truth simply is.

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What Are Mystical Gods and Goddesses?

Goddess Maat

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There are numerous legends of how the Earth and civilization were created. Each and every culture has its own Gods and Goddesses, many of whom seem to cross cultural lines in Ancient Mythology. The names of the Gods, Goddesses and Deities are different, yet legends are passed down from one generation to another.

As with all things, legends of Creation have stood the test of time. Meaning, there are stories that reveal the lives of Mystical Gods and Goddesses as having once walked the same lands people walk today.

In my way of understanding, for a story or legend to have survived so many thousands and thousands of years, there must be more to them than it would first appear.

The word Mystic refers to one who brings or shares new Spiritual Truths of knowledge and wisdom. It is also a truth that the sharing of these truths may not be new in the sense that they are newly discovered, but in the way they are being presented.

A Mystic, is someone who utilizes all of his or her Psychic Senses, interweaving all they have learned and all they are, through eyes of loving kindness and purity without judgment. It is someone who chooses to expand their own sense of awareness, raising their consciousness so that they experience their Higher-Self. Ego-chatter not only becomes manageable, it begins to disappear for greater and greater lengths of linear time.

It is about seeking the inner-Self, the truth of who you truly are and accepting all facets of being in physical form as you strive to align yourself with Divine Source.

Being Mystical is the perception of all experiences and situations through higher levels of consciousness or higher vibrations of mental energy.

Ancient Gods and Goddesses descended from the Etheric Dimension into physical form. Here they remained until their purpose was completed. The Greek Gods and Goddesses retired to Mount Olympus. The Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses as with many others, reside in the space in between the Realm of Spirit and that of dense physical matter, the Ethereal Dimension of non-form.

In my perception, there is form in the Ethereal Dimension, it is vastly different from what we understand form to be. Like the Ethereal energy body which surrounds your physical body, it has form and yet it does not.

Mystical Gods and Goddesses are revered Deities from the days of the beginning. Divinity is a way of life; it is the way in which they reached through physical form transcending into the Ethereal Dimension.

To invoke the help of an Ancient Mystical God or Goddess, quiet your mind, open your heart and be willing to hear sense and see all they have to offer you. Call upon the Mystical God or Goddess which resonates with you the strongest, place your request in their open, waiting hands and surrender the time, and the outcome of all you desire knowing you will receive the guidance you have asked for.

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Angels – Archangel Ambriel Will Help You Gain Clarity

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What is clarity? Clarity is defined as being able to see clearly. It is about clearing away confusion, doubt, disbelief and fear. It is clearing away the debris, the fog that appears when you have doubts about the next step or set of steps along the path before you.

As you are willing to see through the fog of doubt and confusion, you clear the way to seeing, sensing and knowing the truth. It is about being willing to see, to discern that which is for your highest and best good, that of your Higher-Self.

Archangel Ambriel, when asked, will assist all who seek clarity of mind, emotion and an awareness of the path before them. The gift of sight clears the way for all that is before you. Call upon the Angel of Clarity and Truth revealing unlimited possibilities which await you.

What does clarity really have to do with following your path, expanding your conscious awareness? Seeing clearly means being willing and able to see past surface appearances, past the mask of perception that someone may be attempting to hide behind.

It is important to understand or to be aware that being willing to see beyond surface appearances does not mean you are then required to continue to travel the path with someone. It is about total acceptance which includes your choice of traveling companions along the journey in physical form.

A Message from Archangel Ambriel*

What is it you seek beloved child of light? Do you seek to speak your truth more clearly? Do you seek new opportunities in job or career? Do you know what it is you seek this day? Take a few moments, light a candle of red or silver. Declare your intentions for that which you desire most. Be truthful with yourself, what is it you truly desire? Perhaps you seek a love relationship, a harmonious working environment. Perhaps you seek a deeper connection with Divine Source Energy. Focus your thoughts, your emotions upon what you desire rather than not having what you desire. Focusing upon what you do not want brings more of what you do not want, to include negative emotions and thoughts of lack. Turn your thoughts to giving thanks for all you desire; open your heart, mind, your Soul. Clear your inner space; create space for all you desire and more. Speak your truth with clarity. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Seeing clearly reveals the truth about a situation, an experience and even about someone. Being able to see clearly gives you the gift of knowledge and wisdom.

Seeing clearly enables you to reach through the fear of the unknown. It creates a sense of confidence and reassurance that all is occurring in Divine Order and arriving in Divine Time.

Speaking your truth is an excellent way to see with clarity. As you accept who you are with each step, with each experience, you are able to clear the path before you with grace and ease, trusting all you sense, know, see and hear.

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Angels – Gazardiel Will Help You Illuminate Your Soul

In  Another World In Another Time

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There is within your core essence a knowing that all is whole, complete and perfect. There is nothing you need to do or be when you accept your truth of wholeness. When you accept your truth, the truth that is of light and love, you experience connection with Divine Source at a much deeper level than ever before.

Are you ready to acknowledge the perfection that is your Soul? There is only light and love. There are only two emotions that of love and fear.  Emotions are positive or negative. Love is all inclusive. Fear is exclusive, creating doubt, confusion and limitation.

Angel Gazardiel, whose name means, The Illuminated One, will assist you with releasing self-doubt and confusion caused by thoughts of limitation. If you have thoughts of not being worthy or doubt your value, you will experience blockages in your energy and in your connection with Spirit. In truth there is no separation for we are always connected with Spirit, that which is Divine Source.

Allow you, your heart and Soul to bathe in the Light of the Creator illuminating your entire physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual energy bodies. As you accept the truth that you are whole, complete and perfect you radiate light at higher vibrations.

A Message from Gazardiel*

In the rays of the Sun there are no shadows all is bathed in warm energizing light. In the night, moonbeams illuminate the Soul. Whether it is day or night find your way focusing upon the light of the Moon, the bright yellow-orange rays of the Sun, your own inner guidance. Listen not to the small voice within your mind which seeks to cast doubt, to cast shadow. Are you willing to listen to your inner Self, the part of you which is free from distraction, free from doubt or fear? Take a moment breathe in the light of the Moon, feel the warmth of the Sun upon your skin. Face that which is before you this day. Be willing to see past surface appearances. Be aware of all that is before you. Be willing to acknowledge all that no longer serves your highest and best good. Be willing to see, to hear, to feel, to sense all that is truth your truth, allowing no other to include you to distract you from your path. Your path is not the path of another. In the accepting of another without condition, you also accept your Self without condition. Is it not possible there are others who also accept you as you are without condition? Go now, walk  the path before you in trust and in faith, knowing all is unfolding before you without condition.

There is no such thing as limitation or self-imposed conditions by which you are restricted from being whole and complete. There is only perfection from the viewpoint of Source Energy within each of us.

Be willing to open your heart, mind and Soul to your truth of a life without condition, without limitation.

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Angels – Archangel Haniel Assists You in Expanding Beyond Your Comfort Zone

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Many people say they want to improve their life, releasing pain and sorrow. Others say they want to be able to follow their passion. Many people are very unhappy with the way their life is and yet they choose to do absolutely nothing.

For many it is easier, because it requires no effort, no change and certainly no courage to go beyond their current circumstances, their comfort zone. Does this describe you? Be honest with yourself, really reach beyond the I’m fine I have no problems, no issues. That is ego chatter holding you where you are. Or perhaps you listen to someone around you who says they want you to succeed yet their actions reflect the exact opposite.

If you are truly believe you are reaching through your fear, reaching beyond all you have ever known what is holding you back? Could it be that beneath the surface, you really have doubt? Are you afraid of what others might think, do or say behind your back? Do you focus on the lack of physical manifestation of your Soul Mate relationship or financial abundance to follow your heart’s desires?

As long as you are in physical form, you will at some point experience moments, hours or perhaps even a few days or doubt and uncertainty. The difference is being to reach through the ego chatter, the negative thoughts and emotions which surface from time to time.

Yes, I have been there and at times I still work with some of these issues. Having said that I am grateful to no longer be influenced by what others might say or do. Whatever unkind thoughts they have are not my issue unless I accept their truth as my own. I accept only my truth for me.  Like so many Spiritual Seekers, Light-Workers and Healers, I have wasted too many years and too many tears attempting to please others at the cost of my truth, my inner-Self.

A Message from Archangel Haniel*

All that has come before this moment brings you to the edge of all you have known. There is much growth, much expansion before you.  There are a few around you who would see you stand your ground, expanding no further. We say this to you, place one foot before the other, step into the light, come out of the shadows for there is only love and light, compassion, strength, harmony and balance, abundance and prosperity, seeing beyond physical realm limitations.  There is much which attempts to distract you from your path. Give yourself the gift of reaching out to another to assist you in your Spiritual growth. Choose wisely seeking the Soul light of another whose gift of light is unconditional. Trusting the path before you may at times be fraught with the appearance of deceit. This we say to you, all that is not of love and light shall be made known to you.  Give thanks, for the light shines upon all things in all places great and small.  All is illuminated in the Light of the Lord. There is only light.  There is only love.  All else shall fall from you. Be not afraid this day. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

As you become willing to step beyond your current circumstances, your comfort zone, take a deep breath and exhale all that would keep you where you are. Breathe in white light, exhale all shadow of what is now behind you. You have the choice to move forward regardless of the criticism or judgments of others. Some will express a concern that you have changed. What this really means is you are no longer the same or that you are no longer controlled by others. Good for you! This is cause to celebrate!

Each time you reach for something that is new to you, you will feel a certain level of discomfort. Allowing you to become vulnerable requires courage. Courage is being able to expand your sense of knowing, following your passion, connecting with Angels and Spirit. It is also about accepting the truth of who you truly are.

You are whole and complete. Believe in you. Connect with your inner-Self.

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Spiritual Expansion – A Journey of Self-Acceptance

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All that you are is a result of what is now behind you. Yes, you have heard and read these words many, many times before. Have you been able to discern exactly how to accept who you are?

This is an issue that many attempt to resolve within themselves. My intention is to share with you my understanding of how to reconcile what no longer is and being able to assimilate your physical energy with your Spiritual energy.

Self-Acceptance is part of the journey. It is a large part of being able to discover and then being able move forward towards fulfilling your Life’s Purpose.  If you are not able to truly accept you as you are it will indeed be a challenge to face all that is before you.

It would of course be much easier to simply stay where you are. What does this mean, stay where you are? It means exactly what the words and the energy imply. There are several choices, go backwards, stay where you are or move forward.

Staying where you are is surrendering all you desire to accomplish, to heal and giving-up on figuring out your sense of worth and ultimately fulfilling your Life’s Purpose.

So how do you accept you? How do you reconcile the gap between where you have been and where you want to go? It is simple, yet it is not always easy. It requires Soul searching, releasing excuses, releasing pain and sorrow. It requires you to reach through and beyond everything you have ever known. It requires that you not listen to ego chatter which only seeks to dis-empower you.

Self-acceptance requires you to absolute let go of everything you have come to know and accepted as truth along the way.  Surrender, total surrender is placing
all faith, trust and knowing you are Divinely supported in all ways.  It requires healing. It requires you to take action.

Responsibility for where you are and where you are not rests solely with you. If you are not able to trust that all is unfolding for you in ways beyond your knowing, to include your Soul Mate relationship, health and finances then you will have a much more difficult path to travel.

The key to self-acceptance is truly allowing you to fall into the hands of Spirit knowing you will be caught. Trust is a key ingredient to accept you are on the path for which you were intended, the path of discovering and fulfilling your Life’s Purpose.

It is about releasing fear, emotions and thoughts having anything to do with negativity or lack. It is about being responsible for success, for being a conduit of healing, a channel for the Divine to flow into, through and within in you. It is about being comfortable with being uncomfortable. It is about allowing your Divinity to radiate from within you regardless of what others may think, say or do.

Do not allow someone else’s negativity, disapproval or their self-limiting thoughts of lack dictate how you travel your path. Your path is yours, it is unique to you. You are unlike any other Human in this realm and yet you are the same. You are light. You are love. You are One with Source.

In truth you are whole, complete and perfect. In truth there is no separation from Spirit. In truth you are priceless. In truth you light reflected from Divine Source. In truth you are all these things and more than words are able to adequately express.

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Spiritual Expansion – Remember Who You Are


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Your truth of who you are is as unique as you are and it is Universal. In truth you are a Spiritual Being experiencing life in physical form. What does this mean? In my understanding, it means we are all light and love. To shed more clarity, allow me to share with you my thoughts, what I sense as truth for many Spiritual Seekers and Light-Workers to include myself.

Whether this is your first incarnation into physical form or you have chosen to incarnate many, many times, at your very core you are unconditional love radiating light. Being or expressing all that you are without condition is indeed a challenge as you walk in this realm of dense physical matter.

At times you experience unkindness from others. You see, feel, hear and sense things on a different level than anyone who chooses to remain awakened. Meaning there are two choices, to awaken to your truth and expand your sense of conscious awareness or you choose to sleep-walk through this journey.

There have been many lessons in how to behave, what not to say and how to express your emotions. In other words, it is highly possible you have been taught to dishonor what you brought with you. You have been taught to deny yourself, to question what you hear, feel, sense and see.  You have been taught to fit in at all costs.

You have gifts, intuitive gifts. In reality, every living human person has the same innate gifts of sight, sound, emotion, taste and smell. In effort to be like others, many Light-Workers have attempted to block their gifts and in some instances turn-off all they are.

For many years I attempted to be like others. It did not work well for me. What does this mean for you? This I cannot say, I can however speak about my experiences. It felt as if no matter what I did or didn’t do, I never quite fit in. I was never quite comfortable in the skin that defines the boundaries of physical matter.  I did not really understand the games people play with words, emotions and actions.

Spirituality is a way of life. It is not something that can be turned on or off. Being Spiritual is something that simply is. I am a Spiritual Being, a Sentient Being experiencing life in
physical form.

As you learn or discover how to speak your truth to yourself, the rest begins to radiate from within your core essence. You need not ever speak your truth out loud. That is not a requirement to travel the path before you. It is essential you become real with you. If you cannot speak your truth to you, then you will find it difficult to travel your path with clarity. You will experience many distractions and disruptions which create energy blockages.

Are you willing to be defined by the limited thoughts and projections of others around you? The only person who can limit you is you. Go within; be willing to go deep within your
inner-Self revealing your truth of who you truly are. You are light. You are love.  You are connected with Divine Source.

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Spiritual Expansion – What Are Spiritual Truths and Spiritual Agreements

It is said by many that agreements and contracts are made before agreeing to experience life in physical form. It is also said that there is a veil of forgetfulness that causes the Soul which inhabits a physical body to “forget” as if the slate is wiped clean. Yet, for many there are distant memories of places, times, relationships and experiences that cannot be explained rationally nor for the most part validated.

What is a Spiritual Truth? It is that which resonates within your heart center, the very core of your inner essence. It is a sense of “knowing” someone whom you have just met in physical form during your current life-time in this realm. It is a distant memory of another place or time. A Spiritual Truth is ancient knowledge. It can be a sense of “not fitting” a feeling which can at times seem a bit overwhelming.

It is a longing to “go home” which is not the same as transitioning from this life through death of the physical body. It can also be a reflection of not understanding why you are in physical form although deep within your Soul you are very aware of the greater good, the light you came to share, raising the vibration within you and others who share the path with you.

What is a Spiritual Agreement? An agreement is a form of contract that you chose to abide by during your experience in this realm as a physical being. An agreement does not mean that all things, all experiences must be difficult or traumatic. There are many choices which in turn create an unlimited supply of choices and opportunities with which to experience all that you agreed to do.

Choices made determine the way in which your chosen path unfolds before you. I do not hold the belief that all things, experiences and situations are pre-determined or pre-destined to occur. How a Spiritual Agreement unfolds as you travel your path is chosen moment by moment.

An agreement to fulfill your Life’s Purpose is not negotiable. The way in which you fulfill the agreement, living your Spiritual Truths are determined through life experiences as you weave through the beliefs of others which are often projected on to you.

There are countless factors, choices, decisions which create the tapestry of your in physical form. When you stop and turn to see where you have been, it often appears to be a tangled web of distraction and misdirection. In truth, you would not have experienced all that has brought you to where you are now. It is also a truth that had you followed your heart, your inner heart center regardless of what others think or thought about you the path would have been smoother.

You have the choice to remain where you are or start now to begin living in your truth, speaking and acting with loving kindness first for you and then with others.  Begin where you are, choosing differently.
Speak differently. Act differently. Reach through the fear of the unknown.

Ask Angels to guide your steps, your thoughts, your actions. Ask Angels to heal you, your body, your emotions, your Spirit.

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Angels – Angel of Power

Song of the Angels by Bouguereau, 1825–1905.

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What is power? Power is managing the Self, both physical and Spirit filled. Power is the attainment of self-empowerment, a sense of confidence in the knowing, sensing, seeing, hearing, believing and trusting in your inner guidance. It is practicing and having faith you are following your path, knowing you are being guided with loving-kindness.

Knowing your truth is the first step or conscious awareness towards power of the Self. How do you know what your truth is? Your truth is that which resonates within bringing clarity, harmony and a sense of fulfillment. Be willing to speak your truth to yourself.

Accepting you as you are now this moment is another step along the path before you in your awareness of who you truly are, a child of light and love, loved beyond measure. Acceptance is essential in learning to speak your truth, to walking in the light along your path, not the path of another.

Power is trusting that which you receive from Divine Source. Trusting and having faith that all is in Divine Order for the highest and best good of all concerned regardless of outward appearances, perceptions of others.

A Message from the Angel of Power*

Breathe deeply, exhale slowly. Breathe deeply, exhale slowly. Calm your mind, still your thoughts.  Feel this moment come to life.  There is only this moment there is no other.  Seek the light and love within you, there is no power greater than the Light of the Lord, Creator.  There is no power greater than the light which shines from within you this moment.  Become a beacon for yourself.  Illuminate all before you; accept all that has come before for it delivered you to where you find yourself now.  Look forward; focus upon where you choose to be.  Seek illumination within. Light the way for yourself, no other can light the way for you.  Look to the light beloved child for all is indeed in Divine Order.  If what you see, hear, feel, does not please you, choose differently.  In the choosing you empower you.  How shall you choose to celebrate, empowering yourself? *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

How would you manage both the physical and Spirit? Allow you to flow with Divine Source as it flows within, around and through you aligning you with Divine Source Energy.

There are as many paths as there are stars in the night skies. There are many twists and turns, things and people that co-incide one with the other. There are no accidents, there are no coincidences. There is only that which aligns you with Divine Source, should you choose to allow it.

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