7 Keys to Connect with Your Angel Guides

As promised, here are the 7 Keys to Connect with Your Angel Guides …

#1 – identify what’s really stopping you from hearing guidance and messages

#2 – raise your inner-vibration to the next highest level

#3 – become consciously aware of what’s happening within and around you

#4 – ask your Angel Guides for healing from the inside out

#5 – be open to receiving what you ask for

#6 – be willing to let go of negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions that cause lack and delay to fulfilling your Life Purpose

#7 – trust what you’re receiving to take that Leap of Faith to where you want to be

We’ll be going into depth with each one of the 7 Keys during Day One of Project Angel Connect 2-Day Virtual Retreat.

Most us have one core issue that has been buried under layers and years of “negative sub-conscious programming” from family, past relationships and our own negative self-talk.

Once we know what that “one thing” is that has been disguising itself as so many outside or external reasons, we can truly begin to unscramble the truth from illusion, replacing or re-programming our conscious and sub-conscious minds with positive thoughts and beliefs.

Just imagine what it could be like to finally figure out how to tap into your inner-intuitive self, raising your inner-vibration and connect with your Angel Guides.

Knowing you are on the right path for you and your dreams is truly magical and priceless!

Project Angel Connect 2-Day Virtual Retreat

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If you’ve been “waiting for the right and perfect time: to work together … this is one of those times.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


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