Law of Attraction and Your Aura

Your point of attraction matches your current level of vibration, positive or negative.

If you are afraid or unsure of what is or isn’t going to happen if you dare to step out of your comfort zone, you’ll attract people and experiences to you that will “appear” to validate your indecision of staying where you are.

When you do make a decision — one that stretches you even though you know you are following guidance — you change your point of attraction to match your decision every time without fail.

Here’s a short story … in January, I was offered an opportunity to be a guest-host for an established Blog Talk Radio Show.

After first checking-in with my beloved Angel Guides, I jumped at the chance and was very excited. It was an opportunity to be of service in what I believed to be a bigger way, and to support a friend and colleague.

After four months of guest-hosting once-a-month, it became clear that this wasn’t the right “fit” for me or my purpose long-term.

I LOVE being a guest speaker just not a guest-host. Part of it was all the “techie stuff” while channeling …. Once I came to terms with my new decision, I received 4 guest speaker invitations within 14 days all because I felt “free.”

In this area of energy within my Aura, the decision to discontinue being a guest-host, created space for something I really do enjoy because I let go and raise my point of attraction.

You can’t say one thing and feel another way without it adversely affecting your inner-vibration, point of attraction and ultimately your Aura.

Next we’ll “talk” about Aura Angels and your vibration.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Angels, Crystals and Your Aura