Angels and Crystals are perfect together

Imagine pairing Angels and Crystals to raise your vibration to the next highest frequency. That’s exactly what happens when you bring together high-energy crystals and Angels.

This is a project the Angels and I have been working with for 8 months. Channeling the Angels and Archangels who wanted very much to be with you in more than energy and to work with specific crystals to help you become a mover and shaker of your current reality.

Here’s what I mean beautiful Soul  …

*Manifest Your Desires – Archangel Uriel, Garnet and Yellow Agate activate your Solar Plexus, the power center for manifesting and attracting more of what you want into your life (tap here)

*Protection and Clear Your Path – Archangel Michael, Blue Apatite and Hemimorphite crystals clear your path and protect you from negative energy (tap here)

*Love and Relationships – Archangel Jophiel, Rhodonite and Hemimorphite help you heal your heart with unconditional love (tap here)

*Prosperity and Abundance – Angel Barakiel, Malachite and Chrysoprase tap into the flow of prosperity and abundance (tap here)

*Dream the Dream – Archangel Haziel, Iolite, Hemimorphite, Chaorite, Chrysocolla and Moonstone help you tap into that undeniable belief in the power of your dreams, trust and faith (tap here)

*Chakra Balance – Archangel Metatron and 7 Crystals help you balance all 7 major Chakras, clearing blockages and increasing the flow of energy (tap here)

*Intuitive Gifts – Archangel Jeremiel, Chaorite, Iolite, Blue Apatite and Moonstone help you tap into your natural gifts of knowing, seeing, hearing and sensing (tap here)

*Spiritual Path and Life Purpose – Archangel Chamuel, Chaorite, Hemimorphite and Black Tourmaline protect you on your Spiritual Path to fulfilling your Life Purpose (tap here)

These beautiful mini-sphere Crystal Bead Bracelets are blessed and charged with Angel Energy. There are Angels and Archangels for each bracelet to help magnetize, align, attract, manifest, raise your vibe and tap into your deepest heart’s desires to live your life the way you choose to live it!

Much Love, Light, Peace and Purpose,

The Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Crystals and Minerals – Selenite Stone of Clarity and the Higher-Self

Selenite - two-phase inclusion

Selenite is one of only two minerals which regenerates its own energy and does not require cleansing. It is capable of healing the user at the cellular level, clearing past-life issues enabling you to move forward along your journey. It will assist you in detaching from the past.

Detachment is sometimes necessary to move forward.  Detachment is not about releasing all your friends, family or your partner. It is about releasing and removing you from thoughts, emotions, experiences which create dense, lower energy vibrations causing you to lose sight of your chosen path.

Selenite Blades are excellent tools for cutting negatively charged energy cords, clearing mental confusion, providing clarity in any situation. A blade will also assist you in removing blocked or stagnant energy from within. As stagnant energy is removed, a vacuum is created allowing positive White Light to enter your physical body, Aura and Ethereal energy fields.

The Crown Chakra is most associated with this incredible mineral specimen as it allows discernment, cutting through illusion deepening your meditation experiences, encouraging the opening of your higher Chakra energy centers, connecting you more lucidly with the Realm of Spirit.

Healers may benefit in reaching through time and space during distance healing. A Selenite Wand or Blade may be utilized to direct healing energy to a specific location in the physical body and into a past life, healing and then sealing any tears in the Aura.

*Angelic Realm Association: Archangel Michael, whose name means, He Who Is Like God, is the protector of all from lower, negative energy. He will, when asked, assist you in cutting negative energy cords, releasing you from being attached to all that no longer serves your highest and best good.

*Element Angel:  Ophaniel, Element Angel of the Moon, will assist you with cycles of clearing and dissolving outdated patterns of behavior, unwanted thoughts and emotions.

*Ascended Master: Ganesh assists you in removing obstacles, clearing the path before you.

*Healing Properties: restores balance, heals at the cellular level, past life issues

*Vibrational Frequency: fine, subtle, pure vibration, clear powerful energy

*Spiritual Properties: discernment, mental clarity, intensifies meditation

Selenite may be used to create a protective grid around your home by placing a blade or wand on each of the outside corners. Place the mineral into the ground several inches below the surface with the point facing up. You have a choice of burying the Selenite totally or allowing it to be only partially buried. Either method is perfect; choose the method which resonates with you.

As you become more open to the Realm of Spirit, you connect in a more profound way or level with your Spirit Guides and Angels.

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Crystals – Metaphysical Healing Properties of Apophyllite

Apophyllite blanche 1 (Inde)

Image via Wikipedia

There are many crystals and crystalline formations which are part of the Quartz family structurally. There are many shapes, colors and sizes. Apophyllite is a special crystalline tool for all who seek to expand their sense of awareness, innate healing skills and to connect more purely with thee Angelic Realm and with the Realm of Spirit.

This beautiful crystal forms natural pyramid shapes within its overall outer and inner structure. While it is most often clear, it also manifests in tones of soft green.  There is a sparkle, a soft shimmer which first catches the eye then the vibrational tones begin to merge with your own vibration, interconnecting on a deeper Spiritual level.

Apophyllite will aid the user during meditation to calm the mind in ways yet experienced. It is wise to begin slowly or for short periods of time, gradually building a “tolerance” for its unique vibrational frequency. As you work with this incredibly powerful crystal, you may experience lucid dreaming, psychic visions, and even increased levels of clairvoyance.

Apophyllite resonates with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, cleansing, bringing into balance, clearing the inner pathways for an expanded sense of conscious awareness and heightened states of Spiritual expansion.

In addition to resonating with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, Green Apophyllite also resonates with the Heart Chakra, stimulating and activating energies which correspond with Universal Love and unconditional acceptance of the inner Self and all who join you along your journey.

It assists healers in attuning to their highest vibration, allowing pure Divine White Light from the Realm of Spirit to flow through them, using the physical body as a conduit of healing energy into the recipient, the client. All forms or colors of Apophyllite will assist the healer within all of us to seek inner healing at the cellular, Ethereal and Spiritual levels of consciousness.

As a result of its high water content, Apophyllite is a very powerful energy transmitter. It aids distance healing, out-of-body journeys providing a clear pathway back into the physical body; astral travel for the initiate; contains the key to accessing your Akashic Records. Known as the Stone of Truth, it enables the user to resolve past-life issues, release blockages or stagnant energies and promotes enhanced metaphysical abilities.

*Angelic Realm Association: Archangel Taharial, whose name means, “Purity of God”, will assist all who are willing to welcome Apophyllite’s unique vibration into their own, integrating, becoming one, attaining higher levels of vibration.

*Healing Properties: mental clarity; clears stagnant energies; aids in releasing negative energy patterns; Universal Love; unconditional acceptance

*Vibrational Frequency: very high vibration; powerful transmitter of pure white light

*Spiritual Properties: lifts the veil between physical and Spiritual Realms; expands consciousness; enhances intuition

If you are interested in expanding your natural gifts, your skills of intuition, healing your Spirit, working more closely with your Angels or the Realm of Spirit, this stone is a must have!

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